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  1. You don't know that as fact. Perhaps he said something, did something, that caused Kirby or another coach to believe he wasn't currently ready to handle the demands of the QB role as well as they had thought he was. Then he decided to get 'sour' about how he handled it? Did it occur to you, and some others here, that just perhaps Monken and Kirby went with Mathis first because of the advantage he presented as being young and could perhaps hang onto the job for more than a season? But then he lost their faith somehow (see previous above).
  2. We'll likely never know the exact truth but if there is some truth to the SoFl info then 'my two cents' is this: "Compete. For every snap you get, and every additional snap you can earn. Compete. To earn your opportunity; to keep your job, your position, your playing time. Compete. Because that's what you should be doing. All the time. Compete. So your teammate gets better if he/she earns the spot ahead of you. Your team is better for it. You're better for it. As a player yes, but more importantly as a person. A contributor in life." I could go on and on with this one, but I'll stop.
  3. I too believe that building a better than average 3-4 is a little easier than in the 4-3, as well that a 3-4 has more flexibility and overall effectiveness due to that difference in scheme and personnel. It's far more effective to use 3-4 personnel in some 4-3 schemes than use 4-3 personnel in 3-4 schemes, IMO. I like the 3-4. A 4-3 can be great but you need some truly exceptional talent in that DL and those are harder to find in those numbers, and yes, they cost more so another very meaningful reason to use a 3-4. Cheaper to build and maintain. Falcons switching to a 3-4 would be a mess
  4. Let's hope they are going to surprise UF with a completely different QB and offensive style than we saw versus UK. Perhaps ???
  5. Clean House. Reset Leadership. It's the only way to truly go forward.
  6. Truth be told... it's not like Georgia has "Professional" teams in abundance. The Falcons and Hawks are realistically more akin to "Semi-Pro" teams. And that is being generous.
  7. You and me both.... like who couldn't see that TJ Watt was a perfect fit for the "hybrid 4-3 DE/LB" Quinn supposedly wanted?? Oh... and yeah, he actually plays football with constant effort.
  8. 11 Wins in regular season (1-0 so far) plus a Playoff win. Demonstrate good Clock Mngmnt. abilities; same for personnel packages and Game planning/schemes/In-game adjustments that work, situational awareness & preparedness (Coaches AND Players). Players that have "bought in" fully.
  9. Fromm (Mr. Outside) + Bennett (Mr. Inside) mashup would get you one somewhat better QB that throws to all parts of the field and is reasonably capable and competitive.
  10. And so it begins. Death. Taxes. Falcon football seasons.
  11. Hmmmm..., okay I'll play. Not necessarily in order. T. Lawrence, Trey Lance, J. Fields, Mac Jones, Sam Howell, Zach Wilson.
  12. the first player I think of as a quitter as a UGA player is Justin Fields./
  13. These Bama players catching e'ry thing! all the time! Mac just doesn't miss on throws either; dude throwing dime after dime.
  14. Kirby should be playing Dwan or Carson at this point I think. Find a QB that can play in the future at least.
  15. Lots of respect for Stetson but reality is he is our weak link in this game. If he were just a 'good' passer then UGA could outscore even this juggernaut Bama offense.
  16. McKay needs to go also. But he won't. Blank will keep him. He might remove him from personnel and hiring decisions but I don't believe he will. McKay will stay in the loop and there is the first glitch in the machine. If everyone else is replaced there is a chance it might work as long as McKay is just a sounding board for Blank so to speak, but I don't believe Blank has the guts at this point to start over from the floor. Time will tell. The fact Quinn is stillllllllllllllllllllllllllll the HC is a pretty strong indicator of what to expect IMO.
  17. I said basically the same thing in another thread. Arthur needs to quasi-fire himself and enjoy his last years while the GM runs to show. Keep the janitor at the Branch if you must... everyone else must go. MUST!! Time to cut bait and move on.
  18. My last straw with Quinn was in the season opener of 2019 in Minnesota. His 5th year, his Defense as DC, he was going to get Beasley going, etc. What happened? First two trips the defense took the field they were more undisciplined on every snap than a bunch of first time 7 year olds playing Pee Wee football. LITERALLY. Not just figuratively. That IS a Coaching, and Organization Leadership issue. Period.
  19. I didn't say ANYTHING about absolving Ryan. Didn't imply it. He's had some failures at key times. He has also delivered at key times. More of the latter when it was actually up to him. Ryan doesn't play defense, or ST, or run the team or organization or draft, etc. Am I happy with Ryan? Nope. Would I replace him? Yes. But not because he is the "most common denominator" in the ongoing failure of the Falcons team and being 53-63 in that span you have chosen. By your logic method I could argue that Marino was average at best because he never won a Super Bowl. Heck, he only played in on
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