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  1. Hopefully this isn't one of those "trap" games. The Colts are a very solid team and shouldn't be taken lightly. With that being said, we have the better QB and better skill players. They have the edge in the trenches. This will be a hard fought game, my guess it comes down to the wire 21-20 ATL.
  2. Just another spot to tighten up. Control the edges. This should've been a focus at half and I believe it was.
  3. Turnovers were the real issue on Sunday. Tighten those up and don't put the defense in precarious positions. Protect the football, get the run game going, and we should be able to win a tough fought game.
  4. Good thing we play 16 games lol
  5. A lot of Vikes fans live in this area and non of them are talking trash. They know it's going to be a tough game for both sides.
  6. F**K THE SWAMP RATS! Imagine being a Vikings fan... 1998 ehem..
  7. The linebacker grouping is fast and physical. Dan Quinn's priority. You could see 2 linebackers on the field.. or 4.. or 5. Can't wait to see what he dials up this season.
  8. I live in South Dakota.. lots of Vikings fans and talk around here.. if anything the competition will do good for both of them
  9. Walsh is a career 80+ % kicker.. he's missed some clutch kicks but give the guy a break..
  10. His address to that so called line was offensive to the film session the next day.
  11. Cominsky looking like a Savage on those bags!!
  12. Sammy Watkins making 16 mil per year just blows my mind.
  13. Very friendly team contract great job all around! This guy obviously gets it!
  14. I like how rivals does it. Pay to be a member.. makes a difference in the posts you read.. Good luck Monoxide thanks for your contributions!
  15. My first live game as a Falcon fan was the OT game in Minneapolis. Once he took off I stood up with my arms in the air as all the disappointed Vikes fans sat down in disbelief looking at each other like WTF did we just witness.. it was a glorious moment.