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  1. Hope he has a bounce back year!
  2. You really think so? Just watching film the guy looks like an absolute beast but I could be wrong.
  3. If we are going to trade up, it looks like it would be more worth it to go for Williams and not Oliver.
  4. I'm more concerned about winning the division at this point. If we can do that, we have a very good chance at making it back to the dance. The division is looking very close again this year.
  5. What exactly am I clueless about? Sorry you're missing my point..
  6. So you wanna list 3 out of 32 QBs? 2 of which haven't done Jack in the pros. Again do your research bud if you wanna have an educated discussion. The fact is power 5 schools put the best players in the pros because they get the best recruits. Bottom line.
  7. Oh really? How many starting NFL QBs came from non power 5 conferences?? Know your facts bud.
  8. I wasn't insinuating that he won't be a talented player or even make an NFL roster. I was simply stating the facts. East Carolina plays inferior talent it's just the way it is. Most of the time these guys go undrafted and have a chip on their shoulder with something to prove. That's what usually gets them moderate success.
  9. Same school as Hardy. Inflated numbers against inferior talent.
  10. I honestly think it's stupid to spend absurd amounts of money on free agents. You don't know if they will fit your scheme, or fit the locker room, or even fulfill their contractual obligations. The honest to goodness best way to build your team, is through the draft. Save your cap space to resign your star draft picks, and sign a rotational player here and there to fill holes. I don't remember a team getting crazy good after having a huge free agency. In fact, usually free agency has the same big players (Buffalo, Jets, Redskins). When have these teams done anything?? My point exactly.
  11. He signed with the Ravens. I don't see the issue with depth here. Bethel was a 6th round pick. Poole was undrafted. Don't think that DQ can't find DB talent in the draft or late in FA. We will be just fine.
  12. As I have said before, we need some beef on the offensive line. These guys bring that to the table. As far as the analysis is concerned.. he gave us a C+ rating which is pretty good for his scale. I don't think he understands Mack's ability to set the blocking schemes either. Does he realize the cap is around 200 million and teams are having to bid high on players in order to get them? Obviously not.
  13. This has been a pretty wild signing period so far, but it blows my mind the amount of stupid deals being made by these teams with excess of cash laying around.
  14. If Lawrence is there in the 2nd we need to jump all over that pick. Possibly even move up a few spots if needed.