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  1. Good kid, hard worker. Gotta stay healthy and he can be a beast of a running back. Someone will most certainly sign him, hopefully it's us!
  2. I really like Gardner, and for those calling him a game manager, you're dead wrong. This kid is a gunslinger. Put him on the right team and he has playoff QB potential.
  3. Cutting Fowler would be a bad idea in my opinion. He's the most talented and proven pass rusher on our team besides GJ and the defense was an absolute mess last year. I think he's worthy of another shot with a proven DC and a more consistent game plan.
  4. I love seeing my CU guys come up on this board. Davion was thrown into the "STAR" role in Tyson Summers defense and actually performed very well. I would consider him an extremely raw talent with plenty of upside. Played LB, CB, and S and was basically a floater. Struggled in coverage quite a bit, so that's what I would consider his downfall. Overall, I wouldn't be surprised to see him go in the 3rd round and have a decent NFL career.
  5. He has a core injury and having surgery. Still ran a 4.55
  6. He will probably do better at his pro day. I think he is dealing with an injury.
  7. I've brought this up before, being a CU fan, I know a lot about Viska. He had some turf toe issues his senior year, sat some games. He was an absolute difference maker on the field when healthy. Not that we need another WR, but this dude is a man among boys. There was an issue with him lifting with the wideouts, it took too long to remove the plates every time Viska was in there, so they moved him to lift with the lineman.. true story. If healthy, should be a force in the NFL and I wouldn't mind seeing him in the A.
  8. Not being a regular to the stadium, but I did watch a few series from a bar rail there.. fans in my section weren't about that yelling life either. Maybe give it a few years I don't know. Places with hardcore fans don't have amenities like we do because they don't sell. Eventually we will get to the point where sales aren't a deal and watching the team play is.. at least I hope so.
  9. I agree with this outstanding analysis.
  10. Don't get me wrong I don't disagree with you and I'm not complaining.. just was kind of surprised because he literally stepped backwards then stood up and got reset. It was kind of bizarre.
  11. Why is no one mentioning the phantom no call on Kaleb having a false start on Hooper's TD? Don't get me wrong I HATE the gumbo eating swamp rat trash but we got away with one there. Kind of surprising considering how tightly the game was called.
  12. They just don't communicate. It's simple man defense. I don't get it.
  13. You beat Goff by putting pressure on him. He folds like a wet paper bag when you get after him. We don't do that at all, so unless we send the kitchen sink at him we will lose big.
  14. The officiating has been pretty bad across the board for many years now. That’s not an excuse. Get some pressure on the **** QB and stop playing scared. Our offense might of been inconsistent at times, but at the end of the day they performed just fine. This defense is laughable at best, and even more laughable when DQ unfolds his playcall sheet only to fold it back up and call the same defense over and over expecting different results.
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