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  1. Sooooo...... we're not even consulting the trade value chart anymore, huh?
  2. What kind of hindsight would lead anyone to believe Josh Jacobs is better than Chris Lindstrom? IDK what OP based any of this on, but I do know this post is stupid.
  3. none of u read the op huh. just waltzed right in and started ranting smh
  4. No I'm disappointed for not thinking of Chick fil a. My brain on Falcons
  5. That'd mean we're in even worse shape than I think we're in now. So first action would probably be to cry a little. Then resign
  6. Can we still call him that after Sunday? Cause that was more like The Original House of Pancake hours... except Sunday one of the few days they're open so that might not work either. Maybe McDonald's inside of Walmart
  7. I don't know actually. Coke? Straws? D!cks? Tootsie Roll Pops? More Coke? My mind is adrift in the endless possibilities.
  8. OP when you put the verb before the subject and add a question mark at the end ppl think you're asking a question. The title of the thread should come first, not at the end of your post
  9. smh I know I have no life to be here in the first place but how little has to be going on with you to report posts
  10. Cowboys, Eagles, Packers, Lions, Seahawks, Rams, Patriots, Chargers, Chiefs all think your math is off, maybe a couple more. I said Israel Gutierrez should be bombed a few years ago and received a lifetime ban... That being said I'd be shocked if they even bothered to lock this thread
  11. Was he running from the offense? LOL y'all fools are h3ll in here today
  12. they played the taints. nothing to read too much into here
  13. simple route concepts. other teams watch film. he'll have a chris godwin like breakout next year when he doesn't have to beat his OC along with his defender.
  14. I disagree I'm usually loud af when I watch the game. I'm just usually in someone's living room
  15. This the first one of these threads I've looked at. No disrespect to you vel or what you put in, we just look like a poorly coached & unprepared team in every respect. You not seeing anyone til the offseason cause 7-9 ain't realistic at this point. We are a very bad team. It ruins the start to my week. This thread should get pinned.
  16. Boy this got slept on. Tighten up TATF! Tighten up!
  17. What I took from that article was info from the graphics used for other teams' flaws. We had the 3rd most missed tackles & the 2nd worst team pressure rate on defense. Both of those areas are more concerning to me than converting TO opportunities. That will improve just by regression to the mean. Plus having DeBo & Keanu all season will provide more TO opps. Preseason does have me feeling like they'll improve in the other 2 categories as well. I really like the way the D has looked with Quinn at DC. The energy is diff.
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