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  1. Sooooo... this is our GM now? Why pay Money Matt when you can save $ & have a worse K? Everyone wins, except for the team in actual games.
  2. He said Takk underrated facts. He's referring to the debate the two had over the shape of the earth. Get a clue
  3. A Canadian kicker huh. You must've been popular in your locker room
  4. No he looked awful at LG against the Jets starting D in the first drive. Keep him at T
  5. the only thing consistent is how often the word is misused for threads like these
  6. Y'all dumb. Great advice OP. I'm bout to make some kids quit at Madden today. Is Kroy on the Ultimate Falcons team so I can start him at S?
  7. insert not sure if serious or just stupid pic here. not worth me finding it
  8. Good thread. I'm no fan of Sombrero at all but I prefer him, in theory, to the expectation that we have 2 rookies starting next to each other. I expect that to look like this preseason game because neither have enough experience. Ppl like to use last yrs Colts as a best case scenario for our OL this year, but their rookies played next to vets not one another. That's a big difference I haven't seen anyone mention. I'm not sure how bad Sombrero was in protection considering how lost the entire OL was. I counted at least 4 plays in which Lindstrom didn't block anyone. He was looking like a young Will Robinson on most of his passing snaps. What I do know is that Sombrero is an awful run blocker. Awful. Brown wasn't as bad as he seemed to be. I believe Gono started at LG that first drive, which was much worse. Brown, like many of the OL in that game, suffered from having poor splits and timing. This led to a lot of ppl stepping on each other's toes. Much of what we saw will be cleaned up early. But I won't be convinced that McGary, a rookie with no playing experience, should be starting week 1 next to another rookie until I see it. Sombrero shouldn't start either. IDK if he'll get Ryan killed but he'll def kill our run game. BTW Lindstrom is impressive as a run blocker.
  9. You have to cut him to put him on the practice squad.
  10. that purple was a few shades too dark
  11. Lady Speedstick?
  12. Interesting thanks for sharing that. What did Foye play in HS?
  13. I'll take that bet. He got an 85 this game considering he played well, just got beat on one play by Kerrigan. And even that was more him being outsmarted than physically beaten.