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  1. I don't get why everyone's complaining so much about the run and worried about Martin. Passing wins games unless you are trying to pound it out to seal a game. We just need to get a lead and force them to pass. That is unless he gets 250 yards like against the Raiders (which WILL NOT happen I assure you) Plus, I like our Defense so much better this year because we're significantly better against the pass, while last year we stopped the run but got torched through the air...
  2. It will be a great game. I feel like the Saints are backed up against the wall in a must win situation the rest of the way, but the 49ers are probably one of IF not the best team in the NFC. It will all come down to whether or not Brees can exploit the holes the 49ers defense does have and put up points, cause while the Saints Defense is much improved, its going to give up plays...
  3. I agree Dem. It's amazing how quickly we can go from never having back to back seasons to now that not even being a big deal, which is a testament to this coaching staff. Five Winning Seasons is definitely something to celebrate, seeing as how we have never had a consistent franchise, yet I love how the current regime has completely changed the culture and made the expectations playoffs wins or bust. I think that we finally pull through this year and at least win in the Divisional year. As far as the NFC CG, there's no telling, but I honestly believe we have the coaches and talent to make it to the Super Bowl. We will be doubted until it finally happens, but it just seems like this team is hungry and ready to prove everyone wrong, yet it can only be talked about until we have the ability to go out and do it.
  4. I agree with a majority of posts here... passing wins games. Freeman has been spot on this year as has their running game and they have a slight statistical lead at 28.7 PPG to 27.0. Yet as far as defense goes, they give up 23 PPG while we only give up 19.3... So while I do believe they pose a threat and could beat us, I really like our chances to get the W in a close game. Our defense, while vulnerable against the run, has been solid against the pass, and our Rush YPG is skewed because we give up a lot of big runs, yet they then go on to hold the opposition to Field goals and what not. My only worry is our Red Zone production/how we fail to convert 3rd and shorts, but thats definitely a focal point over the next month, and I believe we will get that all figured out and improved upon by the end of the season.
  5. While there is room for concern, statistics show that we're a complete team: Offensive Rankings: YDS/G - 382.1 (7th) P YDS/G - 292.9 Per game (3rd) PPG - 27.0 (6th) Defensive Rankings: PPG - 19.3 (6th) Total YDS/G - 346.8 (18th) Pass YDS/G - 216 (11th) Turnovers Forced - 19 (6th in NFC) Give Aways - 14 (6th in NFC) Thus, by looking statistically, we are getting it done in all facets of the game, being a top 10 ranked team on both sides of the ball, which is much different than years past. We have a much more complete team. Yes, we have holes on both sides of the ball (offensively we can't rush and defensively we get gashed by the run)...but, this is a passing league, as you can see by the statistics...and passing/stopping the pass are what lead to success and are why we are 9-1 and a top the NFC.... We Should (key word) get the 1st overall seed, and then we will have to face the worst seed left, which could potentially be a Wild Card Team (The Bears/Saints/Bucs) or a team from the NFC East (most likely the Giants/Cowboys). And I like our chances against any balanced team. The teams I fear most are the Saints/Packers due to their offensive explosion....but hopefully the Saints lose to the 49ers/us and any chance of seeing them in the playoffs are lost. Stats based off ESPN team statistics if you wish to confirm those: http://espn.go.com/nfl/statistics/team/_/stat/total
  6. I mean whys it such a big deal? I'm kind of glad we've won close games not playing our best football...that leaves room for improvement. I'd much rather be 6-0 and know we have things to work on, then think we're the best team in the league and get cocky/falter down the stretch. Because of our close games we're staying hungry. I like it.
  7. 100 % agree. anyone who disagrees is an armchair message board hero who knows EVERYTHING.
  8. Pretty unfortunate, but a concussion > a messed up ankle/knee. He may be out a few weeks, but luckily its the first week of the preseason. He'll be alright. It just sucks hes going to miss time that is much needed in his development.
  9. Yes, he is. But he's in with other players who can't cover as much field/it changes things. If you stick a stud MLB in with a lot of inferrior players, then his production/play is going to drop. Not staying Dent is a stud, but i'm just saying in general.
  10. Its the NFL bro. Nobody runs different routes than anyone else. It's a matter of how they use players and the fact that he's attacking the defense and being unpredictable, along with the fact that the route combos are different. But in any NFL offense and in most college or even high school offenses, the routes don't change. Idc who your coordinator is, they aren't going to come up with any type of successful route that has never been used before.
  11. The Line started to mesh and block a lot better when Jaquiz came in the game. Turner didn't look great, but just due to the fear of turner, Matty was able to make some great throws on PA attempts. With that being said, Jaquiz did look solid. I just don't get anyone who says he should start over Turner...get out of here with that.
  12. I know some of you may not like the fact that we're running Turner a lot, but it's setting up the Play action nicely, and Matt is looking great on PA throws.
  13. The D is looking great, and other than that one throw, Matt has looked on point. I'd like to see him in one more drive here and see what he can do. We've had 3 consecutive 3-and-outs on D though...Not sure when the last time a falcons defense has been able to do that. Regardless of preseason, that's still impressive...
  14. If only we were playing on Rookie mode Sunday and the computer players on our team were studs, then maybe it would translate to the field. I still think we will win, but a 6 year old kid can win 59-17 on easy mode.
  15. lol calm down man..its the first quarter...we haven't had that easy of a schedule..the Panthers are NOT a bad team, despite their record...
  16. I mean I'm not assuming they would have. Your very right, there is a chance they would not have...but why take that chance? 1/3 of a yard is nothing. the offense should have EASILY gotten it. Then they would keep the ball and possibly drive down and finish the saints off, you know? I guess you could call it desperate, but I like the aggressiveness. Why give them back the ball and take that chance when you believe the offense can get it and keep the ball out of a very good offenses hands I mean the end result sucks horribly, but at the time, Smith honestly believed the Offense would pick it up and then would drive down and score...and if you have faith in this team, I hope you thought the same exact thing too...
  17. I think you go for the same call again in the future and they convert it...Throw your *** on the line for the players. You did it once, do it again, and next time they will be ready and will get it...that's just my opinion though. I'm in complete favor of the call. Playing by the odds is good, and in no way am I in favor of a coach treating the game like it's madden, but ****, it was 1/3 of a yard in a game in which we could have easily gotten it and taken it down the field for a score and win.
  18. Had they turned over the ball the entire game? No. We had held them in check the end of the 4th quarter after the horrible onside kick call (I agree that was bad play calling) and an overtime drive, and you can only hold Brees and NO in check for so long. Getting the first down would have fired up the team and then I absolutely believe we would have marched down the field and gotten a field goal. If it was 4th and 3 from our 29 and it wasn't OT, then that's a horrible play call...but it was like 3 inches....I mean that should have been almost automatic..don't blame the call, blame the execution...
  19. Nicely said Sir....I wish more people on this board grasped the concept you speak of.
  20. If he gets it, and we go on to drive down the field and win the game, its a brilliant call.... Yet since we didn't get it, people view him as an idiot... Was it the right call? Probably not...but it was a divisional game with huge implications, and you can only hold Brees and the NO offense down for so long...plus, we needed 3 inches, which he had confidence our offense could get...
  21. Argument over. Stats tell it all...it could happen.
  22. I understand your upset, but it wasn't the scheme that lost it for us. We were number 1 seed for a reason...we won 13 games with that same scheme...you play to YOUR players strengths...obviously you've never even coached a little league team...you don't abandon what got you there. We beat the packers in the reg season, it just happened that in the playoffs we played our worst football....is has nothing to do with the scheme. The same game plan got us a W against them earlier. You don't abandon what works my friend...do you add a few things? Yes and we did but the coaches can't go out there and tackle cover and throw....
  23. It worked all season man! It led us to 13 wins...we beat NO, GB (reg season), baltimore, and others....we just had a bad game and played very uncharacteristic with the turnovers and penalties....were not built to come from behind but had the defense actually made a stop we could of played our football instead of trying to do to much..the OP is correct.
  24. How is this proof seeds mean nothing? Seattle is seeded ahead of NO...maybe record means nothing but it doesn't show anything about seeding...
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