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  1. Do you mean tight end Graham? If so, he has been on the IR since early August I believe.
  2. It is. Too early make a list, but Brian Poole and Brent Grimes immediately standout as UDFAs who played.
  3. Rossum was good. Had a heck of a playoff game against the rams.
  4. Thank you! Everyone crushed dimitroff for some missed picks but they only looked in falcons bubble. GM's miss all the time.
  5. Youtube would be the best bet. Don't know if the nfl will try to block it but that is how I share clips.
  6. It didn't take them that long. He was active for eight games last year and every game this year. Players have to develop sometimes.
  7. Ball underthrown by 15 yards. And that's deion on a wide receiver. Solid coverage
  8. Deion jones is a big reason why. He can cover him coming out of the back field and I am pretty sure he or neal knocked Kamara out of a game early once.
  9. That was the second game. The first one the bucs beat the falcons soundly. Godwin went off that day.
  10. Inside the 5 makes sense since gurley is 2nd in the league with tds.
  11. Less than stellar Competition helps boost the d but you can see improvement. Good thing is I haven't seen many receivers open by 10 yards like the beginning of the season and ulbrich is sending foye and jones.
  12. Sam baker was solid in 2012 and his injury derailed it. Peter konz was the number one center prospect in the draft. He didn't pan out and it happens. Not sure if chester the molester is chris chester but if so, he was a big part of the falcons offensive success in 2016. Great run blocker and helped schraeder be a good right tackle during those years. Some of the guys like stone are udfa or late round picks. TD did have some early misses with olinemen but once again that happens. I think a lot of falcons fans are in a bubble and don't realize how many picks don't pan out for other gms. There is a reason the average nfl life span is like 3 years. The game is physical and some guys show it in college but it doesn't translate to the NFL
  13. Also gave up 21 points. Yes the offense can help the d by eating out the clock but the d needs to man up.
  14. What you are saying is correct but at some point the defense has to make a stop. Luckily they did on the last drive. Also koetter changed his play calling to short and what should be high percentage passes. Hill dropped the third down pass that would have ran another 40 seconds. He ran a high percentage tight end screen. If anything the offense needs to figure out how to run the ball successfully. This is where koetter can get creative. Don't let the broncos stack the box. Try a jet sweep or something. Instead he insists on running it up the middle in a stacked box
  15. Some people just don't like him and want to blame him. 34 points should win you most games. The problem is the falcons defense does not have an edge rusher who can close a game with a big sack or forced fumble. The debo blitz on the last drive that forced the near fumble needs to happen more often when the falcons have a big lead.
  16. And Matt ryan has had bad defenses and questionable o line play most years. Kansas city was already a playoff team with alex smith.
  17. Yep. I question a second very hard. Also he needs to be in the bench. He should be used to it since his spends most of his time there and the training room.
  18. His last game was very good and that is what we hope to see moving forward.
  19. Pretty sure bridgewater was hit as he threw.
  20. That is what I said above as well. Packers, Dallas and Seattle were in those first five games.
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