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  1. I thought the same thing lol.
  2. I love devontae Freeman but in the end of the day it is business. You could not resign him and franchise tag him. Then he would be 27/28 and then decide what you want to do. Ultimately I would love to lock him up until he was thirty but you can play out this season and decided what you want to do.
  3. I didn't make it very far into the song. It was pretty bad.
  4. Thanks for the confirmation. Sorry if I came off wrong. I just wanted to let people know why he didn't have eye brows etc.
  5. He looks like Joshua Dobbs because it looks like he has alopecia. It is a disease where you cannot grow body hair. There are varying degrees to the amount of hair. Charlie Villanueva, former NBA player, has it. I can't say for sure about Jack Crawford having it but it looks like it. I guess I could always Google it.
  6. Not known for his football IQ? Wow. Of all the dumb things I have read, this might be the dumbest.
  7. Agreed. They were missing some key players and one of their best pass rushers in Matthews. Throw out last game as the Packers are playing really well and this falcons team is better now than when they first played. This will be a back and forth game.
  8. I haven't watched the show in a while but I thought Bayless was defending Ryan a lot this year.
  9. You absolutely go for two in that situation. I understand the pick 2 is frustrating but how mad would we have been if falcons went for one and lost on a field goal as time expired? Going for it was the correct call but the execution was poor.
  10. I will be down there by only like two hours before game time.
  11. No calls on blatant holds. NfL wants the packers to win so bad
  12. I don't blame the call at all. I love the aggressiveness and going for the win. it was open and just have to execute.
  13. Absolutely. Loved seeing the aggressiveness. Julio catches the ball and the falcons have another first down. Seattle defense was reeling and got a lucky bounce off Julio hands