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  1. They won their last 3 last year to finish 7-9 as well. Didn't turn out so hot this year. I do hope you are right
  2. The Titans did the same thing on a 3rd and long. I believe Sanu made the catch and almost got the first down. This allowed the falcons to try for a fourth down attempt. The thought is to keep everything in front and collapse on the ball. Problem is the falcons have been taking such poor angles and tackling so poorly that it is not working.
  3. He is. See my post above. This is the inactive list vs Minnesota.
  4. I think this is an old thread. It says inactives for the Minnesota game.
  5. Brown is starting this week at right guard after the Lindstrom injury. Hopefully he does well!
  6. Nope. Definitely helps to have all the talent but he schemed so well.