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  1. He is. See my post above. This is the inactive list vs Minnesota.
  2. I think this is an old thread. It says inactives for the Minnesota game.
  3. Brown is starting this week at right guard after the Lindstrom injury. Hopefully he does well!
  4. Nope. Definitely helps to have all the talent but he schemed so well.
  5. Unless Blank has a say in this and is interested in retaining Koetter as HC if Quinn is fired. Offense would not change. However I do not think Blank is looking past Quinn and will give him an opportunity to pick the OC and turn this team around.
  6. Why out of curiosity? Cowboys need to win the division and outright. If the saints lose, they no longer have home field advantage through the playoffs and will have to keep up with the Rams, which means they will have to try against Carolina and other teams.
  7. A list of the players on the IR is a better measure because Jones and Neal are on rookie deals. There contract value does not represent what we lose in value.
  8. I don't know what game some of y'all were watching. It was not the Julio show. Ryan hit tons of receivers.
  9. Yes, the 8 game IR. However if the falcons are out of playoffs contention, my thoughts are the falcons sit him for the rest of the year. If they come out now and say he is on track for Dallas game, then the fans will have an expectation for return. However if they keep quiet, they can say he is not doing well and sitting out for the rest of they year.
  10. I think they are intentionally holding back his status because the team is 1-4. Would not be surprised if the falcons fall to 2-6 or something, they IR him for the rest of the year.
  11. Mixon is out today. Their back will have some catches but keep in mind the past two weeks have been against McCaffrey and Kamara. Those two will get their touches against any team.