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  1. Good thing is neither are a lot of teams in the NFC right now. You just need to get in to make a run. The Falcons have the talent and if they cut down on turnovers and execution failures, then they can string some wins together.
  2. What kills me is even with the Panties loss, if the Falcons just took care of business against the Bills and Dolphins, they would be 7-2.
  3. Take care of Seattle and the Falcons are in the driver seat. They are currently tied with the Cowboys, Lions and Packers at 5-4 but hold the tie breaker on all of them. Beating Seattle puts Atlanta in the playoffs if the season were to end next Tuesday. Seattle has a tough 4 game stretch of Eagles, Jaguars, Rams and Cowboys. Green Bay will likely fade away, the Lions are up and down and the Cowboys will be without Ezekiel. Looking ahead at the Falcons after Seattle is 3 straight home games- Bucs, Vikings, Saints. Bucs are very winnable, Vikings will be tough but Falcons can take it and then the prove it game against the Saints.
  4. Sadly doesn't give me hope. Panthers were without olsen and Benjamin and the falcons still lost. Like someone said if the falcons stop hurting themselves, they can win.
  5. All depends on how the game is going. If the falcons are hitting him, he will get frustrated. If the falcons get a two td lead he will become mopey. However if Carolina offense is having success you will get the Superman celebrations with dancing.
  6. Agreed. He completely overlooked your specific failures in execution and spoke in broad generalizations. At some point as an employee I have to perform.
  7. It is really simple- corporate fans vs actual fans. Tickets are much cheaper to go to Atlanta United and I do not think you need to buy a PSL to be a season ticket holder. The Falcons sell a lot of their tickets to corporations who then pass off the tickets to their clients or executives. Like a lot of people have said,that Atlanta falcons fans are priced out. Therefore ATL United gets fans in the seats while falcons get a mix.
  8. Matt Ryan has been off target a little bit this year. Not going to worry yet though. If it continues with a healthy o line a receiving group, then I will worry.
  9. Can someone pull a photo with the time on the clock? I have a friend who is a Lions fan that brought up a good point. He said when he was touched down the clock was at 11 seconds. He is not disputing the call just that the refs should have adjusted the time back to 11 second when he was down.
  10. It was a very slight hold but he definitely got jersey. My only problem is when he held Stafford had already thrown the ball away from trufant. The hold did not affect the play in any way.
  11. Tru played well. I think he had a scoop and score against the Texans two years ago.
  12. I did not think Sims was practice squad eligible. I believe we will have to find someone else.
  13. I agree. I watched it on TV and it was the first thing I noticed. It was very bright.
  14. I will not be upset if the Falcons lose all four games but come out healthy. However, I think winning in the preseason does speak to the depth of your team. Are our seconds and thirds, better then other teams? I remember in the Mike Smith era, the Falcons would be leading with starters only to get waxed with back ups in. As we all know the Falcons were not developing talent nor depth. I do think this is the deepest I have ever seen the Falcons. Therefore I see them doing very well in the preseason.
  15. Awesome! Now he can buy Julio a new earring.