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  1. Well, it’s time to turn that around. Playing the Falcons tends to cure what ails you. Look for 3 rushing TDs by the Bucs.
  2. If we are going to suck, might as well really suck to get that top pick. I would like to beat the Saints in their house though.
  3. I agree. Just bummed that I’m already thinking about draft position the first week of October.
  4. Kind of wanted the Broncos to win as to not hear a week of Mahomes worship, but he deserves it. He balled out like crazy.
  5. If we lose next week, I’m hoping on the tank train with you.
  6. Today was that day I stopped caring and started laughing. It happens most years, but just started much earlier this time. The Falcons are a joke.
  7. IF, they make the playoffs? Who in their division is going to knock them off? They are a lock.
  8. The Bears are pulling a Falcons...
  9. Man, how can you not be mad at all after watching that putrid offense last night? I mean, just a little?
  10. I’m done believing the Falcons can ever get close to bringing back that 2016 chemistry. The Falcons are who they have always been - soft, inconsistent and frustrating. We’ve got plenty of talent, so I won’t be surprised if we win 10 or 11 games, but won’t be shocked if we are a 7-9, 8-8 team either.
  11. Man I hope the Falcons are in the locker room changing their cleats. Don’t want to see them slipping and sliding all over the place.
  12. Uh, what? Why do you think this bothers me? Just pointing out why someone might care what G makes - it effects what the Falcons are going to have to pony up for Ryan.
  13. Because his contract probably sets the floor for Ryan’s next contract. That’s why we are concerned.
  14. Well, it looks like the Pats will get their 900 hundredths SuperBowl win, and while a Saints/Pats SuperBowl game would be horrible, if they could have crushed the Saints, it would be mildly better to know the Saints would be devastated by a humiliating loss.
  15. Actually the Saints really want the Eagles to win...