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  1. I agree, but he didn’t start it, just correcting the BS narrative about saintly Native American being ‘harassed’. The Native American was the instigator.
  2. Time to head over to the Saints board. Should be fun!
  3. So how many draft spots did we lose with this worthless win?
  4. Listen here bucko. You don’t come to our board throwing your trash talk around. Falcons got their eye on the prize - top five pick baby. We are a juggernaut and you cheese-heads aren’t stopping this train. Whoo, whoo! Heck, the Pack is going to look so you good, you’ll be thinking playoffs again. I will relish your tears.
  5. We are clearly not winning another game this season.
  6. No, it does matter. Maybe we can pass the Cardinals for draft order.
  7. Even as a big-time pessimist, I still believe we have another few years in our ‘window’. Draft defense, get some FA Oline help and we can hang with anybody. The only thing I worry about is the teams psyche - will the 28-3 disaster linger for years and years? Such a dark cloud to get out from. Beating the Saints would give me some glimmer of hope that this franchise still has some grit to compete for a championship next year....
  8. A tiny glimmer of hope - clearly two teams that COULD stop the Saints this year.
  9. You sir are a glutton for punishment ( but as a Falcons fan, I guess you already know that).
  10. I expect the Falcons to get embarrassed, but I will be watching anyway. The Saints are deservedly confident the way they have been dominanting the last few weeks. I respect Brees, but ****, I have nothing but 100% hatred for Sean Payton.
  11. The only thing Falcons fans have to look forward to the rest of season is Saints losing, so yes. Best case scenario is a miracle win against the Saints, then losing out for draft position.
  12. Sad, but true. If the Falcons ever make it back to the Super Bowl, I won't be watching. I just could not go through roller coaster of pain again. If they make it back in my lifetime, I will just DVR it, get drunk on a good bottle of Scotch and watch a movie.
  13. That’s what I’m thinking too, but I still think the Saints would be favored. Trust me, I hate thinking about it. I thought the football karma gods would grant relief from our Super Bowl disaster by having the Falcons win it all in their home stadium. Looks like the exact opposite could happen.
  14. Name a team that would be favored over the Saints? They are the best team in the NFL. You might want to prepare yourself.
  15. Losing that winnable game against the Saints hurts bad. We should be 5-3, Saints 6-2.... World of difference between 4-4 and 7-1. Sigh.