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  1. I agree, but I’m sure we would find a way to be down 24-3 by halftime if we played them. It would be Josh Rosens coming out party.
  2. This is freakin awesome!
  3. Man, this Packers team looking like what I thought the Falcons would be this season.
  4. I agree, but he didn’t start it, just correcting the BS narrative about saintly Native American being ‘harassed’. The Native American was the instigator.
  5. Time to head over to the Saints board. Should be fun!
  6. So how many draft spots did we lose with this worthless win?
  7. Listen here bucko. You don’t come to our board throwing your trash talk around. Falcons got their eye on the prize - top five pick baby. We are a juggernaut and you cheese-heads aren’t stopping this train. Whoo, whoo! Heck, the Pack is going to look so you good, you’ll be thinking playoffs again. I will relish your tears.