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  1. I wish I had your optimism. Still not writing off the Falcons, but if it comes down to Saints/Eagles, I’m putting my money on the team with the HOF quarterback.
  2. Man, the Saints are making things look soooo freakin’ easy on both sides of the ball. Sickening...
  3. Actually laughing hard at this. Julio is a multi-bazillionaire athlete, paid a bazillion bucks to catch a football. I love Julio, but he deserves the ridicule. Get angry Julio.
  4. Sigh... Let's reminiscence about that fleeting, microscopically small window of time when we thought this was going to the dawn of the Falcons golden era. Can we rewind back to August so I can remember what it feels like to like this team again?
  5. I’m in a Falcons 2014/2015 frame-of-mind again. Zero expectations for this team. I’m going to dvr this game. If we win, I might watch it afterwards. Otherwise, I will laugh it off at same old Falcons, delete it, and be happy that I didn’t watch.
  6. How does it feel? Pretty normal. This is Falcons football.
  7. Yep. The Falcons are a delicate team, easily broken and weak. They missed their only shot. Here’s to a top 10 draft pick!
  8. Not to mention we are the only NFC South team to lose this week.
  9. A player kneeling (or sitting) during the anthem doesn't bother me, it's the constant blather from the sports media about the kneeling that drives me nuts. They are making this a non-stop story. And I agree with other posters, either axe the anthem (expect for really special games) or don't bring the players out until after its done.
  10. Photobucket recently started charging $39 bucks a month if you want to post pictures to '3rd party' sites. Major ripoff. Time to find a new image hosting site.
  11. The Pats don't play the Steelers next year, so goes that theory out the door...
  12. Based on your avatar, you appear to be a fairly young guy, correct? Well imagine being a 35+ year fan, well past the age when you know that there are a lot less years in front of you than behind you, it gets harder to be happy. Yes, I am happy with my life, and am really excited about the next few years, but man, the Falcon blew the **** out of it. They will never be up by 25 points, late in the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl again. I am near 50, my Dad is near 80, and the one 'sporting event' we have wanted to see for decades is a Super Bowl victory. Life goes on. I'm good. But at least 10 times a day I can't stop thinking about how the Falcons blew it.
  13. Yep, spot on. This is why I hope the Falcons to play the Pats week 1. The Falcon players / coaches need to watch the Pats raise their world championship banner first hand.
  14. Only the Falcons can turn their best season in history into a national joke. Even the one Browns fan I know is giving me ****....
  15. Yep. I clearly remember how I felt when the Falcons lost the 98' Super Bowl. I knew by half-time they would lose. I was over the loss in a day. The good thing is that Super Bowl was completely forgettable. This one, on the other hand, will be memorialized and 'never forgotten' due to the greatest comeback Super Bowl in history. This kick in the nuts will be relived over and over again....