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  1. Uh, what? Why do you think this bothers me? Just pointing out why someone might care what G makes - it effects what the Falcons are going to have to pony up for Ryan.
  2. Because his contract probably sets the floor for Ryan’s next contract. That’s why we are concerned.
  3. Well, it looks like the Pats will get their 900 hundredths SuperBowl win, and while a Saints/Pats SuperBowl game would be horrible, if they could have crushed the Saints, it would be mildly better to know the Saints would be devastated by a humiliating loss.
  4. Actually the Saints really want the Eagles to win...
  5. I don’t want a team full of ‘these’ guys, but I’m **** happy to have one.
  6. I agree. Away games at Green Bay, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. That’s rough.
  7. Man, since the Falcons are out, I will be rooting hard for the Jags. But, if the Vikings winning it all makes the Saints even more depressed, I can dig that. That will make the Minnesota Miracle even more unforgettable. Long live the Minnesota Miracle!
  8. True, but the Saints winning would have made the pain even that much worse. I was mentally prepping for a Saints/Pats Superbowl. Thank God we don't have to deal with that.
  9. With the Falcons out, I'm jumping on the Jags bandwagon. Rather have them win the SuperBowl vs any team left...
  10. I wish I had your optimism. Still not writing off the Falcons, but if it comes down to Saints/Eagles, I’m putting my money on the team with the HOF quarterback.