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  1. Going into the season, the optimistic view was that Smith was a brilliant play caller and Ryan was still capable of playing at the same level he did when was 31yo. After 3 games, the results show that the Falcons didn't hire the next Bill Walsh and Matt Ryan is a QB on the downside of his career. This was a rebuild the moment TD and DQ were fired. TATFers who believed Fontenot when he said otherwise (because that's all you can say in public as the new GM) were naive then and hopefully for their sake have woken up. Nice win yesterday by a team in the bottom half of the league over a team in the bottom quarter of the league. 2021 - a new HC learns how to be a HC, and the off-season is used to construct a legit NFL roster 2022 - a young team figures out how to win and play meaningful games in December/January 2023 - gaining valuable playoff experience (i.e., winning a playoff game) 2024 - legit contender
  2. Historically, the NFL trade market doesn't really offer much mid-season. There will better offers in the off-season.
  3. 100% agree with this, except that it's not likely (8-8-1). But yes, 9 wins would be a very good start to the Arthur Smith era.
  4. Here's Arthur Smith's explanation https://www.sportstalkatl.com/falcons-arthur-smith-gives-explanation-for-kyle-pittss-absence-during-first-red-zone-trip/
  5. I thought the Falcons needed to win 3 of the first 5 to have hopes of contending for a playoff spot. This week's game will show me how the new staff responds to failure. Don't have to beat TB, but do have to look like a professional football team. I expect a much better performance.
  6. Falcons will score more than 6 and lose by less than 26
  7. Nail. Head. Too many TATFers misread AS/TF comments about this not being a rebuild literally - they were saying the only thing they could say in their jobs. This roster requires at least two significant offseasons (draft + FA) to become a legitimate team. Especially if Arthur's not going to be the magician that some portrayed him to be.
  8. I was there in person for both. The Carolina loss was more humiliating, and had a bigger impact because technically the division was on the line. Sunday's loss was only worse in the sense that Arthur Smith had not yet given us reason to question whether he has what it takes. By 2015, Falcons fans had good reasons to believe Mike Snith wasn't the right guy. (I am thinking of the 34-3 loss in the last game of 2014)
  9. Wasn't equating the losses as much as recognizing season openers are not season-defining.
  10. Fact: it was only the first game and this is a new regime, it doesn't have to define the season (the opening home loss in 2016 to TB didn't) Fact: this loss was more complete than any loss in 2020, and to a team that EVERYONE on TATF said prior to the game that the Falcons were better than. Prediction: the Falcons will play better this week and will not lose as badly to TB as they did to PHI
  11. Eh, the "Hurts had forever" line is being overplayed on TATF. He wasn't pressured as much as Ryan, but he also performed a lot better than Ryan when he was pressured - his ability to scramble away from the blitz over and over again got them multiple first downs. No one on TATF was talking last week about this Eagles' DL the way they're being touted today (maybe I'm wrong, but I didn't see any posts calling them a top-2 DL). They're not even the best DL in their state or their division. Good? Yes. Better than Atlanta's? lol, absolutely.
  12. STH, my seats are in Section 312. In that section, it was 55% Falcons fans 15% Eagles fans 30% empty seats The problem wasn't how many Philly fans were there, it's that they were the only fans that had anything to cheer.
  13. "facing arguably the best DL in football"? Not even the best DL the Falcons will face in their first 2 games, lol. I do agree fans need to temper expectations. The ceiling this year was never the Super Bowl. Hopefully the floor won't be the toilet bowl, which it was yesterday.
  14. When AS/TF were hired, I pointed to 2023 as being the earliest year fans could expect a legit contender (not just make the playoffs, but make noise). That's why I questioned whether Ryan was the right QB (whether he can be as good at 38 as he was at 31 is doubtful). The roster needs, at a minimum, another off-season of acquiring legit talent, and even then it's asking a lot for rookie LOS players (which is what the Falcons need most) to be ready to immediately contribute (see Mayfield). Didn't see anything yesterday that makes me think AS has some magical coaching abilities that can overcome talent deficiencies (which isn't surprising, most NFL coaches are only able to maximize the talent they have, not make it better than it is).
  15. Remember all the talk before, during, and after the draft about it was crazy to think the Falcons needed a rebuild? Many of the same people mocking anyone who suggested a major rebuild was necessary are the same folks now saying this roster lacks talent and it's unreasonable to expect more than what we witnessed today. That they don't recognize the contradiction tells you all you need to know about TATF.
  16. Having watched the game live, I can confirm multiple people were indeed sucking.
  17. As a Falcons fan, I'm hoping that it's just rust. Ryan was very inaccurate today. I didn't expect much from the D, but was hoping I'd at least get to enjoy entertaining Offense. Painful to be there today.
  18. Terrible penalty by Ridley but he was WIDE open running down the field on the 3rd down play. Ryan missed that, dumping it off to Hurst instead.
  19. Philadelphia has a :23 TOP advantage, people in this thread saying the D has been out there the whole game, lol. It's just so bad that it seems like they've been out there so long.
  20. 1st half thoughts: 1. Patterson hits the hole on the off-tackle runs better than any RB we've had in awhile. 2. The dumbazz PA team keeps playing music over the officials announcing penalties, even the MBS team is sloppy. 3. Arthur Smith has not looked like the offensive mastermind he has been touted to be (and no, it's not just bad OL play). 4. Most of the explanation for why the Eagles would be terrible were based on Hurts not being good. He's been far and away the better QB on the field so far. (his OL hasn't been perfect either, he's just made plays anyway) 5. Still have a half to correct course- the Eagles are going to be a sub-.500 team this season. Ryan & Ridley had a rhythm in the 1st qtr, need the team's stars to step up and make plays.
  21. Yes. Here live and that was an unnecessarily high risk play call.
  22. 1st qtr thoughts... 1. OL & run game looking good 2. Lack of reps may be the cause, but Ryan has not been accurate 3. On Offense, Philly just wearing out the edges on Falcons D. 4. 4th down play call was underwhelming.
  23. Or the 2017 Week 1 power rankings that had Atlanta #2 with "Geared up for another run" as the prediction. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2017/9/5/16227680/2017-nfl-power-rankings-week-1 Or the 2018 week 1 power ratings that had the Falcons #8 https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-power-rankings-week-1-khalil-mack-trade-boosts-bears-0ap3000000958070 Preseason predictions are fun to read, that's about it.
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