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  1. Kirk Cousins is a winner, while Roethlisberger is decent at best? These comments are supposed to make me think Ramsey is smart?? lol
  2. https://www.theringer.com/2018/8/8/17662462/ranking-nfl-players-2008-2018
  3. iirc, Bridgwater didn't start for the Jets.
  4. Very good analogy. My season tix are in 309, which is roughly the 46yd line on the home side. I've always preferred the upper levels because, as you say, it's the same sight line/ viewing angle as watching on tv. What makes it better than watching from home is i get to see the entire field or any particular part of it, rather than being limited to what the tv camera tech chooses to focus on. My first year of season tix in the Dome were in sec 132 (around the 20yd line), which was nice when teams were on my end of the field but not very nice when the action was in the red zone at the other end.
  5. The formula is fairly obvious at this point... Jones, Campbell, Riley, Oluokun... the draft approach is to select elite athletic measurables, usually speed, regardless of proven college production. Quinn feels confident his staff can develop talent. So far, Riley has not proven to be capable of filling the position ATL needs him to play. Whether he can improve enough and quickly enough remains to be seen. If the 2018 Offense is closer to 2016 production than 2017 production, Quinn & Co have more margin for error with their decision to start him, and he may get better. If Ryan & Co have another year of struggling to reach 20 vs the better teams on the schedule, the Falcons can't afford to suffer through Riley's growing pains.
  6. Eh, "knowing what they're doing" isn't a yes/no issue, it's more of a spectrum. They can know what they're doing about a lot of things (talent evaluation on players like Jarrett) and still be wrong about others. Quinn and Marquand originally thought Riley was good enough to start last season, but that turned out not to be a good judgment. It doesn't make them bad coaches, no one is infallible. As for "the other 9 players," bad play in the middle of a D (safety, LB, NT) can ruin otherwise solid defensive play because it makes all those other good players have to do more than what their original task called for.
  7. Depends on who is their starting QB - my guess is Foles. imo, there gameplan will be to scheme ways to get DeBo covering in one direction and attack the area where Riley is. If they can figure out how to isolate him on a RB or TE, they'll keep throwing to that player until Marquand yanks him. I was impressed with Senat - he's definitely stout and athletic enough to complement Grady. That should help with run D. Just gotta find another LB that has the instincts Riley doesn't. Duke is fast on a track, he just looks alow because he has no idea what's going on.
  8. I would PAY to eat crow about Riley. The expectations of having a top 5 D depend on having more than just DeBo playing lights out while Riley plays like he doesn't know how to turn a light on.
  9. If Duke Riley is starting at LB for rhe Eagles game, there won't be any spanking of Philly, and likely just a flat L for the Falcons. Doug Pederson will exploit that liability all game long. Ryan & Co will need to outscore them.
  10. Preseason is preseason. But none of the questions anyone has about Riley and Sark and Special Teams being better this year can be answered in a positive way. I thought Senat showed he can contribute. That was a plus.
  11. "I'm in favor of it."
  12. This D is built to play with a lead, the strengths being fast LBs, deep secondary, and ends that can rush the QB. IF the Offense can get back on track, the D should look great. DL depth and being able to stop a team committed to running between the tackles are the question marks for me. The ceiling vs floor for the trio of Crawford-McClain-Senat is significant. If ATL gets solid play from 2 of the 3, this will be a top 5 D.
  13. Haven't received mine yet, haven't heard what we might get. The 'fancy' box we got last year was... underwhelming. Lots of packaging for 2 credit card-sized season tickets.
  14. It appears the Falcons will rework his contract next offseason. That would explain why Julio would be satisfied with just moving money from his 2019 to his 2018 salary. Smart move by TD.
  15. Kudos to TD. He got a disgruntled superstar to report to camp without affecting the salary cap. Falcons have a REALLY GOOD front office.