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  1. If he needed to see tonight's game to figure that out, then the Falcons are doomed.
  2. Highs in the upper 50s, partly cloudy with a slight chance of intermittent showers, but no Brees.
  3. "It was needs driven." - Dmitroff That's the crux of the controversy. Folks that prefer a BPA approach to drafting have strong evidence that Gurley is the better player. Folks that believe you have to draft for need have a solid case that Beasley made more sense at the time.
  4. Anyone on here make plans for this week back when you had dreams of the Falcons playing at home? Back in July and August, when i was planning my calendar for the work year, i cleared my schedule for this week, so i could attend events during SB week. Anyone, like me, who has more free time this week than they hoped they would?
  5. Pretty sure no one would be talking about Ryan. TATF would be citing the blown PI call as absolute proof of an anti-Falcons conspiracy.
  6. My concern is that the greatest DBs cant't cover even average NFL WRs if the QB is given enough time and a clean pocket to throw from. That reality should inform ATL picks on both sides of the ball.
  7. No, but when Holyfield gets picked by someone else in the 4th round and breaks off a long TD run against the Falcons while Freeman is in the concussion protocol, I'm gonna grimace a little bit.
  8. Looks like Luck will need several 4th qtr TDs today.
  9. If Ryan had a lot of influence in these hires, then I'm okay with it as i think he needs to be the one "in charge" of the Offense. Otherwise, this is reminiscent of when Marion Campbell was brought back as Falcons HC.
  10. Move him to a 3-4 D, it's his best chance for success. i.e., somewhere else
  11. This team isn't sweeping the last 3. Carolina nosediving does make that game interesting, but Green Bay was too at the time and was up by 20 in the 3rd.
  12. Definitely disproves that MBS is a bad venue for sports and a raucous crowd.
  13. The pics actually prove why the issue isn't the stadium. Fans who want to watch the game and influence the outcome as much as any fan can will be in their seats and appropriately loud. Teams that want to play in front of seats filled by such fans will have a quality product on the field. All other explanations are rationalized excuses.
  14. Which one could play both ways and replace Schraeder at RT?