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  1. There's no 'good' version of this. Worst-case scenario, Falcons got played by a malcontent 1st round draft pick and won't get any compensation. Best-case scenario, Falcons struck out (again) on a 1st round draft pick expected to help the pass rush. Either way, the Falcons made a terrible decision with their 1st round pick. Impossible to be a great franchise when you stink at evaluating talent in the most talent-rich round of the draft.
  2. Complaining to Deion Sanders about how bad tackling is in the NFL is the epitome of irony, but I wouldn't wager that Bo knows how to spell either "epitome" or "irony," let alone define them.
  3. Not just the Falcons. What has drafting a special WR with a top 5 pick done for ANY team? Calvin Johnson, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr.... the list goes on. This article from a couple of years ago talks about it... https://arizonasports.com/story/2295499/the-5-last-nfl-drafts-wide-receivers-selected-top-10/
  4. The OP makes a great case for more significant changes than just a coaches revolving door. The difference between coaches and players are tens/hundreds of millions of dollars connected to a salary cap. The budgeting system for team rosters both strongly encourages "getting something in return" for players being let go BUT also strongly limits what players can be let go without doing further financial damage that hamstrings the next regime. The OP's argument about accountability and culture is spot on. If star players/team captains have nothing to do with the team culture or teammate
  5. Seeing Teddy Bridgewater- QB of another 0-2 team - on this list should be a sign that perhaps total passing yards isn't all that important of a stat...
  6. If you made a list of the players who are "considered in any best WR in football discussion" there's no doubt he's at the top in terms of "number of dropped passes that would've been a definite TD and hit him in both hands" It's the weirdest thing - he'll make the impossible catches possible and yet botch the easiest of catches.
  7. My guess is the coaches were saying something like "it has to go 10 yards!" and the players got mindf#cked into thinking that applied to them too. smdh
  8. No addition will suffice unless there is some subtraction.
  9. I posted on Friday that neither a W nor an L would surprise me. I explained that WOULD surprise me is Quinn making good in-game coaching decisions. As wacky as that ending was... unsurprised.
  10. Crenshaw is correct. Do the players need to execute better? Absolutely, they're not blameless. But any reasonable assessment of the Quinn regime would acknowledge the coaching on game days leaves a LOT to be desired.
  11. Neither a W nor an L would surprise me. Seeing smart in-game decisions by Quinn that maximized the team's opportunity for victory would. Proper use of timeouts, challenges, 4th downs, and clock management - it would great to see, but not expected.
  12. My assumption in 2016 was that the Tampa team that won game 1 was not a playoff team. (They were 9-7 and missed the playoffs) My assumption is the 2020 Seattle team that won game 1 is a playoff contender. TBD So, for now, it seems like the 2016 L was worse based on strength of competition.
  13. Posted it in another thread. Lost the 1st quarter 14-3. Lost the 3rd quarter 14-0. Teams that get regularly get beat in the 1st and 3rd quarters rarely have much success over the course of a season. And like the OP described it, both are signs of being unprepared.
  14. Seattle won the 1st qtr 14-3 and the 3rd qtr 14-0. Teams that consistently get blown out in the 1st and 3rd quarters: a) do not win very much. NO team is "built to play from behind," it makes everything harder. And b) are a sign of bad coaching. Not being ready to play at the start and losing the halftime adjustments battle are evidence of poorly coached teams. Folks who think all quarters are created equal don't actually watch or understand the game. Every losing team yesterday except the Browns can play the "saw some good things, just gotta fix the miscues" card. The dif
  15. In the "magical" year of 2016, were losing by a similar score at a similar point in the game playing Bucs at home.
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