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  1. How can he still be on the roster Monday?? There's gotta be more value the Falcons could get from his roster spot - heck, keeping only 52 would be addition by subtraction. He's been horrible. Rooting for a playoff spot just so he can cause the team to lose with dreadful ST play perfectly sums up what being a Falcons fan is like.
  2. Beating Seattle may make 10-6 good enough. Like you noted, Falcons would have h2h tiebreaker over DAL, DET, SEA, and GB - pretty much every other NFC wild card contender. Of course, a win on MNF and 11-5 will guarantee a playoff spot - no way any of the teams listed above will win out.
  3. The folks who tried rationalizing the losses to Miami and Buffalo look more foolish with every passing week. Neither team will finish with a winning record. Falcons can recover and make the playoffs, but they should be tied for 1st in the division right now at 7-2. The Falcons and Panthers are actually pretty even, as the 1st meeting showed. The difference is Carolina didn't crap the bed against bad AFCE teams.
  4. Funny how people are responding in this thread. Check the timing of my original message. It was made at the start of the last drive, not complaining afterward. Yes, my post was "emotional" (much like the ones using "vomit" and ironically claiming to be 'rational', lol). i was trying to make a positive post - rooting for a Ryan comeback like he has achieved before. Having our team's leader - last year's MVP - overcome adversity and lead the team to a key victory. Was really hoping he could do it, bummed out that he and the team came up short. Unlike a lot of you armchair QBs, i actually put my money where my mouth is and invest in this team. And unlike a lot of you who come and go as fans depending on which way the wind is blowing, I'll be in my same seats the remainder of the season regardless of whether the Falcons are winning or losing. So for those who want to talk about the intricacies of playcalling and roster management in person, please don't hesitate to come to Sec 314 and do so in person. I'm not shy.
  5. yes, Julio has to catch it. but Ryan has to make it happen. That's the point of having an MVP on your roster - they win games when everything else is going wrong. Do your thing Matt Ryan!
  6. The line "beating yourself" is an explanation for 1 or 2 bad performances. But it can't explain more than that. At some point, "mistakes" = "habits."
  7. I know that's a lot of money, but at least you get the option. i am also a PSL owner and was told from the start my PSL would not have this possibility. So my PSL is a user fee, not an actual personal seat license.
  8. i understand why Carolina fans wouldn't want to acknowledge it, but the evidence is pretty clear that 2015 was a significant outlier for the Panthers. If you look at all other Cam years for Carolina (5 seasons), the average record is under .500 and the Panthers only reached double-digit wins 20% of the time (1 in 5). Using the same criteria to measure Atlanta (Ryan years minus the SB season), the Falcons average record is 2.5 games over .500 and they've reached double-digit wins half the time (4 of 8 seasons). The Falcons having postseason success to reach the Super Bowl was actually progression to the mean, given their overall record during this time period. That's not the case for Carolina.
  9. at least had the excuse of Jam getting injured and being out. No excuses for this pathetic display.
  10. Faith in the Falcons to return to the Super Bowl? No, they haven't shown anything to suggest that. Faith in the Falcons to return to the playoffs? Haven't given up on that possibility yet, mainly because of how other teams have looked. The NFCE is bad outside of Philadelphia and the NFCS and NFCN are just bad. 9-7 may be enough to win the division. Waiting for the team leaders to show they're embarrassed by their performance so far and hold themselves accountable. The concern is MBS is such a terrible "home field," I'm not sure ATL can win enough to get to 10-6.
  11. the current optimistic perspective is that none of these AFCE losses matter because Atlanta is 3-0 in the NFC. Technically speaking, losing to NYJ won't change that. (of course, conference record only matters as a tie-breaker, so it mayml mean nothing)
  12. Win the next two and the Falcons finish the first half of the season 5-3, 4-0 in the NFC and 1-0 in the NFCS. It all starts with beating the Jets, which many considered the worst team in the NFL as the season started. They are better than that, but they are still not very good. It's time for the leaders in the ATL lockerroom to step up and demand accountability from his teammates.
  13. The cited article is odd. The only evidence fot the reduced role is... 4 catches? (14 this season vs 18 last season) That is not significant and easily accounted for by the Offense being less productive overall. Fewer Offensive drives for fewer yards = fewer opportunities for TeCo. I'm not saying the general idea is wrong - TeCo is a unique weapon and needs to be used more effectively, but this article doesn't provide supporting evidence for the claim that his role has been significantly reduced.
  14. the NFC does not have any great teams, the NFCS is even more mediocre. Winning the division and securing a home game in the playoffs is still very possible. There is still not a better WR than Julio or RB tandem than Free/Teco.
  15. Impossible to predict based on what we've seen so far - do the Falcons have to play the Carolina team that beat New England on the road or the one that lost 17-3 to Chicago? the NFCS is not good, but some team has to win it.