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  1. Definitely happy to see the D play well. "He made the right play on every throw" is a generous evaluation of Ryan. Making the right decision is only half the equation for a QB - making the throw is kinda important too. The throw to Sanu that got picked was a bad throw. Maybe Julio should have been running a post of the INT Ryan threw deep? Otherwise that was a turrible pass. Ryan has played below his standard for two consecutive games. The running game has been non-existent. To be 1-1 right now is a good sign- still safe to assume Ryan will return to form.
  2. 1-1 with no running game and Ryan throwing 5 INTs... the D has actually been the strongest part of the team so far. IF Ryan can start playing up to his standard, the Falcons will be the NFCS favorite.
  3. I try to be very cognizant not to engage in victim-blaming, but this timeline is sketchy... June 2017 - Brown allegedly kisses the trainer without consent July 2017 - Brown allegedly masturbates and ejaculates onto the plaintiff, which she claims had no idea of until he bragged about it via txt messages July 2018 - rape alleged to occur. So someone (who you do not have to be around involuntarily) on two separate occasions engages in what you claim is sexual assault and you choose to be in a private location with him so he can then rape you? Uh... If she has proof of the txt messages, the second incident is supported with evidence, but that still doesn't explain the 3rd allegation.
  4. Ryan has looked horrible. Poor throws and bad decisions. The D has not been as bad as it appears. 2 of the 3 turnovers and a blocked punt have given MIN a short field. i was never counting this as a W, so it doesn't affect my prediction for the season. Only scored 9 against the Vikings last time and will be lucky to get to that in this game. But win next week (and yes, that outcome is possible) and ATL is 1-1 with a game at Indy who is without Luck.
  5. Can the Falcons crack double digits this time? (Only scored 9 vs MIN playing at home last time) i will guess 'yes'. Winning team will score 20, losing team 13. Just not sure which side the good guys end up on.
  6. i am expecting the Falcons to make the playoffs, but will not be shocked if ATL starts 1-2. @ MIN PHI @ IND TEN Anything better than 1-3 for the first four games will be solid.
  7. Because VB has played more than 2 seasons. He WAS loved after his 2nd season. One of the easier questions to answer.
  8. Travel to Jamaica annually, usually for pleasure (Negril) although most recently for business (Kingston). Agree 100% about the food, women, and overall vibe.
  9. Rwanda (9 days) and Kenya (3 days). Loved it. If Falcons' key players stay healthy, i like ATL's chances as well as any team
  10. IHOP training program. Nice to know career services are being offered for rehabilitating offenders.
  11. Just returning from a 2 week trip to east Africa, haven't had much time to browse. I am anxious for the season. Excited at the additions to the OL, concerned about whether the D can get its stars back healthy and find needed reinforcement in the trenches. If having former HCs on the staff counts for anything, Falcons should be in a great position this coming year, lol.
  12. Plenty of contenders to represent the NFC in the SB. Rams and Eagles are the two most recent NFC champs and they still have talented rosters; New Orleans has everything Atlanta has and is the defending NFCS winner; Chicago has to feel great about having a nasty D and a young QB; And one of the following - Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle - will likely win 10+.games and be a factor.
  13. I was going to correct the misspelling of "analyze," but then read the rest of the post and realized "analize" is more appropriate, because the OP pulled this one out of their ***.
  14. Hate to distract good ol' fashion rants with facts, but here's a list of the schools with the most players on 2018 NFL rosters. UGA is tied for 9th, with 28. So either "dawg homers" have infiltrated NFL front offices or maybe TATFers aren't all that insane for thinking UGA players can contribute in the league... https://www.ncaa.com/news/football/article/2018-09-11/colleges-most-represented-2018-nfl-rosters
  15. imo, the 2017 D played better (relative to cost/talent) than the 2017 O, so i can somewhat understand that belief.