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  1. 1978 season, i was 7yo, was when i was mature enough to understand what i was watching.
  2. It's nice to see the Falcons considered contenders on a consistent basis. Those of us who were fans in the 70s and 80s always wanted to root for this kind of team. i realize they still need to win a SB, but being in the running every year is a HUGE upgrade.
  3. Eagles O won that game - 41 points, that's TWENTY more than the 7th best Offense in NFL history could muster last year. Eagles D gave up 33 points in regulation, more than the Falcons D did last year, and unlike the Falcons D, the Eagles D didn't score any points. The Eagles O made the clutch play - game winning TD drive after falling behind 33-32.
  4. I've been surprised by how many pundits are picking PHI. If the Eagles win a SB with a backup QB, they are gonna be heavy favorites next year with Wentz returning.
  5. haven't watched any coverage today and not watching the game - going to the movies instead. Don't want either team to win, won't enjoy watching either team celebrate. Yeah, it stings. Worse than the 1999 SB because i never thought ATL was the better team that night.
  6. If only my life were so easy that writing a letter to the NFL was "one of the hardest things I've ever done."
  7. agree with all of this
  8. the short answer is 1998 was an outlier. Nothing close the seasons before or after it. The 2017 team, otoh, occurred within a stretch of the greatest era in Falcons franchise history: 6 playoff appearances 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2016, 2017; 4 playoff wins; twice the #1 seed, two appearances in the NFCCG, 1 SB appearance. 1998 was a fluke, a team of veterans + others (e.g., Jam) having career years.
  9. My guess is he won't last until the 3rd round. Part of the reason he has been under the radar is because he never stayed at one position. Played Center, Guard, and Tackle at various times. Once NFL staffs get to focus their attention on him, his skill level will jump out. And his versatility is even more valuable in the pros.
  10. The Falcons are 1-9 in Philadelphia since 2000, including 0-2 the last two seasons as favorites in which the Offense has averaged 12.5 points. So that would seem to be one place ATL would want to avoid having to travel.
  11. My point was too subtle for you so I'll be more explicit - the problem in 2017 wasn't the Defense, it was the Offense. The Falcons D surrendered more than 23 points only twice all season, half the number (2) of games in which the Offense scored less than 14 (4 times). The Falcons didn't lose shootouts because the D got gashed, they lost slugfests because the O got shutdown. So yes, your original post was on the mark - the Falcons D was very good this year. The Offense, on the other hand, was not.
  12. Makes it that much more frustrating watching Nick Foles score 31 on the Vikes D when the reigning MVP couldn't score a TD or crack double digits. Today was a reminder of just how bad the Falcons Offense was this season.
  13. The Falcons Offense only scored 9 points hosting the Vikings, Nick Foles & Co scored 31...
  14. Eagles gotta be feeling really good right now. Imagine Ryan going down in the last third of the regular season and Matt Shaub leading the Falcons to the SB. Regardless of what happens in two weeks, they will be a tough out next year with Wentz.
  15. The streak of Matt Ryan Falcons teams losing to the NFC champion continues. The only time he made the playoffs and didn't is when ATL was the NFC champion.