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  1. This team isn't sweeping the last 3. Carolina nosediving does make that game interesting, but Green Bay was too at the time and was up by 20 in the 3rd.
  2. Definitely disproves that MBS is a bad venue for sports and a raucous crowd.
  3. The pics actually prove why the issue isn't the stadium. Fans who want to watch the game and influence the outcome as much as any fan can will be in their seats and appropriately loud. Teams that want to play in front of seats filled by such fans will have a quality product on the field. All other explanations are rationalized excuses.
  4. Which one could play both ways and replace Schraeder at RT?
  5. I'm a Falcons STH, paying for the PSL even though it's a scam. I was at the Atlanta United match yesterday and was at the semis 2nd leg before that. The atmosphere is a lot different because: - the ATL-UTD fans get in their seats and watch the game (partly explained because soccer is nonstop, not stop and go like football); - ATL-UTD has a sizable section of fans who are focused on getting the crowd into it, bringing flags and leading singing and chants. Unlike Falcons games, where the stadium PA is trying to get fans to cheer, ATL-UTD fans do that themselves; - the team is really good, making the playoffs in their first two years and playing in conference finals now. They are fresh and successful; - the crowd is composed of three large segments: hardcore futbol fans that are only there to watch the match, fans that love the pageantry and are focused on making noise and cheering, and families bringing kids who play soccer. You don't see many, if any, of the 'corporate' or 'casual' fans who loiter around the bar areas. The concourse areas during the match are MUCH less crowded than at Falcons games even though roughly the same number of fans are there. It's night and day in terms the atmosphere. People who blame everything on the setup of MBS are wrong - the fans determine the atmosphere.
  6. Beasley is terrible in this system. Perhaps he could do something better in a different D where the scheme put him in different situations. That's debatable. What's not debatable is that in this system he's not good at anything. He doesn't consistently pressure the QB. He doesn't get sacks. He doesn't tackle well. I don't need PFF to tell me that. Anyone who is at the game can watch him and see how bad he is.
  7. Yes. Currently, the Falcons own the following records in the series: - overall series record - consecutive wins - largest margin of victory - most points scored in a game They can't change the first two tonight, but they can rewrite the other two. Payton is definitely thinking about it.
  8. The fact that the term "legacy" keeps getting used in a thread comparing a HC who coached for decades vs a HC in his 4th year shows just how dumb this thread is.
  9. My biggest concerns: 1) OL is a weakness (even accounting for injuries) and Dmitroff has only drafted 1 starting-quality OL in his decade as GM. ONE. There is no empirical evidence that should give anyone confidence that ATL will be able to address its biggest weakness in the draft, which is the preferred method of roster construction for sustained success. 2) I'm not a "fire Quinn" advocate, but i do believe he has a low ceiling in terms of in-game decision making. Too often, bad decisions in terms of clock management, situational awareness, and playcalling have either cost the Falcons games or transformed what were big leads into nailbiters. It's been too frequent to dismiss as just bad luck. Which means that ATL has a smaller margin for error (like injuries, or bad bounces) because "great coaching" is never going to pull a W out of a likely L situation. The OL has been subpar under two different coaching regimes. That is a bad sign.
  10. Whatever they want to whatever the refs allow ATL to get in mop up time?
  11. Bonus point for Rick & Morty reference
  12. What really stings is if the Falcons coaching was better and its healthy players better at playing well in clutch situations, this season could be salvageable. Just like last season, home losses to meh teams (Miami and Buffalo last year, Cincy and Dallas this year) are going to knock ATL down lower than they should be. Last season, it meant having to win 3 road playoff games instead of hosting playoff games; this year will mean 7-9 instead of 9-7. The star players on this team are really good, but not elite enough to overcome the other holes on the roster. The coaching staff isn't good enough to overcome injuries or win close games with intelligent in-game decisions. Until this team figures out how to get a legit OL, the Offense will be inconsistent - great some games and woefully inadequate others. The D Quinn wants to play requires ELITE secondary and LB play and the current roster has only one player (Jones) who is capable of that level of play.
  13. Very difficult position to be in... Falcons need to draft OL that can be quality NFL starters, yet the biggest weakness of the front office is the complete inability to draft OL that can be quality NFL starters (only one in TD's decade with Atlanta, Matthews).
  14. I agree that 9-7 will make the playoffs. The Falcons, sadly, won't get to 8 wins, let alone 9. There are no injured starters returning to the Offense, which has scored 12 points vs a 4-6 team (L) 16 points vs a 3-6-1 team (L) 19 points at home vs a 5-5 team (L) This schizophrenic Offense has at least one more game where it will wet itself and underperform vs a mediocre team. And of course the D is what it is. Road games vs Brees and Rodgers (given how ATL creatively loses games, they'll lose 9-6 in Green Bay, lol). Some opponent other than New Orleans will score 30+. Arizona is a likely W. The next best opportunities are at home vs Baltimore (although Jackson makes that team a LOT less predictable and we've seen how Quinn struggled against CLE's new twists on O), and the road closer vs Tampa. 7-9 is going to be difficult to reach. Not impossible, but hard to reach.
  15. Huh? The Offense couldn't crack 20 points AT HOME. Why do people keep blaming the D?? Even before the season, the Offense was supposed to be the strength of this team - that's where the $$$$ is. And then the D loses 3 key starters by game 2. The reasonable expectation for the D should be pretty much what we got today - holding the opponent under 24 should be considered sufficient, especially at home. The last two weeks, the Offense has crapped the bed. Can't get to 20 against TWO teams each under .500 at the time ATL played them?! The D is not good, but lacks talent. The Offense has no excuse for 19 points at home.