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  1. feeling pretty good, like what the Falcons did overall. i think the Eagles DL reinforcements have strengthened them in an area that requires the Falcons' Offense to step up even further. the schedule is tough. Road games @PHI, @PIT, and @GB means ATL can't afford schizo play at home like last season vs Miami and Buffalo. Gotta win the games vs inferior teams if there are gonna be playoff games hosted in MBS. The chances that the only postseason game the Falcons play in MBS is the Super Bowl are very, very small.
  2. The "he kneeled" excuse is asinine - lots of players did that (btw, folks who think the national anthem isn't political but kneeling is, i don't know how to correct for that level of ignorance...). i do think it's an exaggeration to call Rico "Mr. Average." His 6 INTs in 46 games are statistically better than Vaccarro's 8 in 68 games (and Vaccarro played SS for the Saints all but one of his years in New Orleans, so it's not clear he'd even be an upgrade in other ways).
  3. for a 7th? absolutely! my guess is they'd ask for more than that.
  4. 'Will Ryan play for another HC before he retires' is a legit question - Quinn being the HC in 5 years would make him the longest-serving Falcons HC ever (8 seasons). Will this be the last contract Ryan signs or does he play last 38yo?
  5. agreed on FB, although the 2 UDFAs brought in help. last year's experiment failed. disagree on TE. ATL has invested 2 draft picks on TEs in the last 3 years. Got to see if Hooper can continue to improve and if Saubert can be an NFL player. @falconidae is correct, Ridley being a legit #3 WR will help a lot.
  6. If the Falcons can find a decent FB and be willing to run out of the I-formation in short yardage, a lot of the need for the "power RB" some are clamoring for will be substantially addressed.
  7. Biggest takeaway for me is that Dan Quinn is a LOT more satisfied with the DL and OL than TATFers are. 1 draft pick devoted to the LOS, whereas most mocks done by TATFers had at least 2, if not 3, picks being used on linemen. That's a stark difference. Whether such confidence will be proven correct remains to be seen. But it's clear that the Falcons do not perceive the LOS to be an area of concern to the same degree as many fans.
  8. a 4 page thread and no one who is whining about needing a "power RB" even attempts to address actual facts. smdh.
  9. hiv sop dap
  10. B+ Great value with 1st two picks. Senat is an athletic high-motor guy at a position of need. Smith and Gage were likely picked earlier than they needed to be. IF there end up being 3 starters out of this draft, it automatically jumps to an A.
  11. PRAK-tiss SKWAHD
  12. 1st pick that doesn't make sense. Maybe he ends up being another 4th round RB to be a probowler for ATL. But he would have almost certainly been there in the 6th.