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  1. I think it's okay to understand Ryan is the best QB in Falcons history while still acknowledging he's not as good as some of his peers. When people start claiming that "Brady would have done worse," the line is crossed over into homerism. I do think Ryan could have been as successful as Roethlisberger. I'm not convinced Philip Rivers could have.
  2. So, the stats show Brees would have done better, not worse.
  3. and this projection includes Atlanta trading with Carolina, which is probably less likely than Atlanta taking a TE in the 1st round
  4. He's going to need better than an average OL. Even in his prime, Ryan was not going to avoid a lot of sacks. Anyone who thinks a 37yo Ryan is going to be more nimble than he was at 32yo is sniffing glue. His need for a quality OL, like any aging QB, is only going to increase. Thus the crux of the NFL balancing act- how to invest resources in a D and an OL and skill players and a QB that isn't on a rookie contract....Hopefully Fontenot brought that salary cap voodoo with him.
  5. The problem is that when a team is 18-30 over the last three seasons, the "good lockerroom guys" weren't really good enough to keep the team from averaging 6-10 seasons. Hopefully the new coaching staff can give this team a leadership makeover.
  6. Gotta love the "but he played bad in three games against good competition." Mind you, not the *only* good teams he played against, just the only ones where he played poorly (5 INTs being the key evidence against him). Matt Ryan senior year at BC, 3 L's against Florida State, Maryland, and Va Tech. 5 TDs, 7 INTs. He turned out okay. Ah, TATF. So many "brilliant" talent evaluators. They may not ever be GMs, but if they can catch a break at their jobs, they may get that promotion that allows them to buy season tickets next year..
  7. Agree with the title of the thread, but not the conclusion. Any players snagged in FA likely means that position won't be prioritized in the first two rounds. But getting a vet to play OG could easily mean help protecting Ryan, rather than QB at #4.
  8. 16 teams will be there. Glad to see Falcons are smart enough to be one of them.
  9. I've been on the "if staying at #4 take Sewell" train from the start. But I do think this article kinda glosses over the issue of the right side. Unfortunately, even though it has two 1st round picks, it's not clear at all that the right side of the OL is "taken care of." McGary has not proven himself to be an NFL-caliber OT yet. It would be frustrating to have four 1st round OL (two taken in the top 6) and not be one of, if not THE, best OL in the league.
  10. I'm not advocating they pick a QB, but what you've criticized is not actually how BPA works. A team's draft board may have 3 players at the same position all ranked ahead of the top players at several other positions. Choosing the 3rd best of those who they have ranked ahead of everyone else at other positions would still be BPA.
  11. Perfectly reasonable to assume that Ryan's best year- four seasons ago - is proof of what he would do in 2020 in Tampa? We will have to agree to disagree on what "perfectly reasonable" means. What was you prediction for the Falcons record in 2020?
  12. I'm a Falcons fan. Rather than thinking about what the team can do for a player, I tend to think about what a player can do for the team. No one outside of TATF argues or believes that switching Ryan and Brady this year would have resulted in Tampa winning the SB. In fact, many, if not most, of TATF was declaring before the season that Brady wouldn't make it through the season and few, if any, were picking them to reach the NFCCG, let alone win the SB. Can Ryan win a SB? Sure, he came close before and Manning won one playing terrible because his D was awesome. But anyone who t
  13. Haven't listened yet, does he indicate when the Falcons will stop sucking? 🤔
  14. Isn't that true of literally every position? History proves you don't need a top 10 pick to get a great: RB, WR, OT, CB, FS, SS, LB, DE, DT, etc. There are examples of All-Pro and HoF players at every position that weren't top 10 picks.
  15. Seems like a lot longer than four years ago, Italy. 3 consecutive seasons of not making the playoffs and a craptastic 4-12 season that earned a #4 pick in the one gotdam draft that doesn't have an edge rusher worthy of a top-5 pick will do that, I guess.
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