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  1. Sample size is the key for determining the worth of this stat. How many plays have all four been on the field together? vs how many plays of the other combos?
  2. That's what Pittsburgh did to the Falcons. Take risks, bring pressure.
  3. The Offense is going to have to prove it can score points on the road. 6 of the remaining 10 games are away from MBS, and so far ATL has averaged 14.5 points on the road. BUT, i agree with the overall optimism. Win next Monday night and heal up during the bye week.
  4. Yep. I'm not gonna be surprised if ATL wins next 2 and goes into the bye week 3-4. The optimists will misinterpret it as as the start of a comeback.
  5. Last time the Falcons scored 30 away from MBS...? Folks that were looking at the 3 home games and ignoring the game @PHI had delusions of grandeur regarding this Offense.
  6. I fully expect Antonio Brown to have his 2018 coming out party this week. Falcons may continue to score points, but will also give up points. Until I see this Falcons Offense look good on the road, I'll safely assume being indoors at home is a factor in their potency. But the Bucs have fallen back to earth and NYG is nothing special. So 3-4 heading into the bye week is possible. ATL will lose at least one of the next two road games after the bye, WAS and CLE. Not sure why folks are dismissing the Browns, they have been losing close games just like the Falcons, so if that means Atlanta is close to turning it around, the same must be true of them. Neal and Allen are lost for the season. And expecting Debo to be at 100% his first game back is wildly optimistic. But at 4-5, the Falcons will have a chance. The bad news is they'll have road games vs all three NFCS teams. The good news is winning a road game vs a familiar opponent is not out of the question. Not gonna go 3-0, though. Somewhere between 7-9 and (maybe) 9-7, with the usual "what ifs" for the offseason.
  7. ^^THIS^^ Ryan and the Offense are historically good...until they need to be. Squandering the field position after the blocked punt was as bad, performance-wise, as the D giving up the game-winning TD at the end. Similar to how one of the top-10 scoring offenses in NFL history managed to score only 21 in the Super Bowl, and giving up a sack and fumble exactly when that's exactly what the opponent needed. GREAT...except at key moments, and then comically tragic. At least it's an improvement over the 40+ years before Ryan arrived, when it was just comically bad.
  8. I don't expect the Offense to play as well on the road as it has in the friendly confines of MBS. Not sure why people would. And 7 of the remaining 12 are road games. The inability to win these games at home will end up haunting any late season effort at a comeback, IF it happens at all. Somewhere between 5-11 and 7-9, depending on whether the team is motivated by playing the spoiler role the last third of the season.
  9. Takk is a beast. He gets sacks on bullrush moves, consistently.
  10. Dalton tried to be Dalton, but Trufant wouldn't let him. Heck. He not only missed a ball that hit him in the hands and chest, but it slipped right through him and could've been caught by the WR.
  11. Falcons ran 13 more plays and had TOP advantage and were down 28-21. I get the theory of 'ball control', but when the D is this bad, I'm not sure you can control it enough.
  12. Nice try, but more slobber than knocker. He asked a question that included info about the move from safety to LB and the first answers mocked him for not knowing about the move to LB. Fail.
  13. The questions were... Why isn't he playing SS? Why isn't he playing LB? So far, the repeated answer is "Duh, because he was moved from safety to LB?" Reading comprehension...not a requirement to TATF...
  14. No wonder TATF overreacts to every little thing, most people on here gave wildly unrealistic expectations. It's going to take a monumental effort and a few breaks for this roster to do better than 8-5 the rest of the way. Which = 9-7 for the season. Yes, the Offense looked awesome again...yet still managed to get outscored 10-0 in the last 2 minutes of each half, combined. When it mattered most, the coaching staff once again mishandled clock management and the players couldn't execute. It's Year 4 of the DQ regime, those mistakes are baked into the pie. For every tcb like the W vs Carolina last week, there will be a wtf game like vs Miami or Buffalo last season. Already one L at home. @PIT and @GB are still going to be tough, and now @WAS and @CLE look a lot tougher. Split opening home slate vs NFCS, which means CAR and NOLA get homecooking the next time. Sweeping Tampa seems like a tall order at this point, but will be necesary for any hopes of winning the division. I'll be there cheering regardless, but unless the front office acts completely out of character with mid-season trades, the 2018 Falcons will not go farther than the 2017 team did, and that's being optimistic.
  15. Falcons lack the in-game coaching acumen to make up for injuries and terrible tackling fundamentals. Since Quinn's coaching of tackling technique has been a failure, he's got to be smart enough to recognize greater aggression on Offense is a necessary counterbalance to the D injuries. Yes, 37 points SHOULD be enough, but when it's clear that it won't be, you have to be able to score more - 0 points in the last 2 mins of each half for the Falcons, 10 points in those same time period for the Saints, ballgame. Losing 18-12 in Week 1 and 43-37 in Week 2 is a bad kind of "versatility," lol.