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  1. My expectation floor for 2021 is for the Falcons to be the 2nd best team in the NFCS. The Saints are replacing a HoF QB and the Panthers' best player is coming off an injury-riddled season and they have a new QB who's never had success in the league. If Brady plays next season at the level that TATFers predicted him to play at last season, the Falcons have a chance.
  2. https://nfltraderumors.co/falcons-sign-four-free-agents-including-dt-john-atkins-cut-four/
  3. "Last year's secondary was terrible." "They didn't keep last year's players around, so their secondary will be terrible." Not guaranteeing the secondary will be better, but it's not like the argument above is flawless in its logic.
  4. I see multiple posts in this thread criticizing the author for statements made by sources being quoted, not the author himself. TATF gonna TATF
  5. The line about not thinking of it "like fantasy football, 12 personnel and 11 personnel" is actually more revelatory than his comments about Julio, and more "Belichickian" than the one Schultz references. It's about match ups.
  6. That's actually the team the latest article from ESPN indicates would end up being the trade partner. I'm working in Rwanda currently, so my feed is espnAfrica, and some folks seem incapable of accessing the article but it's on the American version as well if you search. Here's the link I have - https://africa.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31509054/trade-offers-julio-jones-accepted-deal-where-wr-land-potential-return-more
  7. I have a slightly different take. I've been at my current place of employment for 26 years, all of which have included me having direct reports. Achieving objectives for success have never been affected by whether I was "friends at work" with direct reports- my ability to hire competent people was. The ones who were good at their job? It didn't matter how friendly we were toward each other - the organization was successful. The times when I made mistakes and hired the wrong person? Didn't matter how "tough" I was or how "focused on the job" we all were- the organization failed to reach
  8. Shea Dixon obviously didn't see the Carolina game...
  9. Here's Barnwell's take on feasible trade options. Disgruntled Falcons fans should love it - Julio stuck in JAX https://africa.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/31468244/predicting-15-post-june-1-deadline-nfl-deals-including-julio-jones-trade-richard-sherman-signing-more
  10. Losing record will disappoint me. Making the playoffs will be a successful season. Will be cheering from my seats in MBS regardless. 2022 is when I have real expectations.
  11. He's not Reggie White (few are), but he's on par with Atkins.
  12. Claude Humphrey (1st Falcons jersey I had) Bartkowski Andrews Kuykendall White Shoes Deion Vick Ryan Julio Mazetti (greatest bartender to ever play in the NFL) Never saw Nobis live, but he's clearly better than nearly everyone mentioned above. Limited it to players I saw play.
  13. Voted for 9-11, would've chosen 8-10 above all other combinations. Barring major injuries, less than 7 wins will concern me - competent coaching would've secured a 7-9 record last season. And until proven otherwise, I'm assuming the new staff is competent. Being in the running to make the playoffs in week 17 will satisfy me. Making the playoffs would be a VERY successful season. Need another offseason (FA & Draft) to make this team a legit contender.
  14. Nice stat, didn't realize that. Getting back to the playoffs next season would generate some positive vibes and strengthen confidence in the new regime.
  15. Sorry if I misunderstood what you typed. I inferred from the phrasing- "we can take five things from it" - that the following were your thoughts on what King reported, not continued quotations from King himself. And so when it later said all but #5 were predicated on fact, not opinion, I was misreading that line as coming from you, not King. The difference between "the coaches believe he can play another 3-5 years" and "he can play another 3-5 years and the coaches believe in him" only mattered due to the punctuation of 'and that's not opinion, that's fact' (which seemed odd). Since I h
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