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  1. My fandom has geographical roots. So my experience is more like being tied to the wagon - jumping off isn't an option, just hoping to be surprised by a happy ending one season.
  2. As a Falcons fan, isn't the obvious answer 1998 (or, even better, 1980)? Winning it in those years would mean: - having enjoyed being the fan of a Super Bowl champion for longer (22 and 40 years, respectively) - winning it before either the Bucs or Saints, and being able to taunt their fans Why would anyone want to wait longer to have your team be champions??
  3. 3 of the top 4 LBs played in the NFCS? This division is so much tougher than many give it credit for.
  4. In a cost-saving measure that will undoubtedly not result in savings to fans, the Falcons will rely exclusively on mobile entry, no more season ticket cards. From Alexandria Holt, of ambse: Our commitment to creating a world-class experience is our top priority, that includes finding innovative ways to keep you safe while creating a seamless entry experience. Therefore, starting this season, we are transitioning away from the option to use season ticket cards and fans will enter Mercedes-Benz Stadium through their mobile device exclusively. This transition will also provide a more personal experience to our members that are attending Falcons games.
  5. My season tix are paid for, but I haven't received them yet. Would've been nice to see ATL play in Vegas. Usually do road trip to NOLA + another cool town. Last time I saw the Falcons in Los Angeles was the playoff road win. The Rose Bowl is the only stadium in that area that isn't a dump.
  6. He's better right now than any OG on the Falcons roster. But unfortunately ATL isn't in a good position to add him.
  7. I was a junior in college, great memories. Best part: the Falcons are 1-0 vs the Saints in the playoffs - and it was in their stadium
  8. Looks really good to me: Seattle at home vs playing them there. BYE week 10 is ideal, a break at just the right time. No long stretches on the road. I will predict, right now, that the Falcons will NOT face Brady-Mahomes-Brady to end the season- one of them will be injured by then. Wish Dallas was a home game, but at least the Raiders are and near the end. As a STH, if the team is stinking it up, I'll be able to make $$$$ selling my tix to Raiders fans
  9. As a STH, it will be interesting to see how teams handle it. I'm not naive enough to expect a refund, my guess is we get a credit for future seasons (akin to what airlines are doing). If they use a PPV model for a season without fans in stadiums, i could see them trying to count my STs toward that (but a STH who has 4 tix would be getting only the same deal as a STH who only has 1).
  10. Given how the draft works, this idea is false. 32 teams are picking, in a particular order. That means there are opportunity costs. Each selection takes a player off the board (and thus prevents other teams from picking that player) AND ALSO leaves everyone else available to be picked by other teams until you select again. When a team chooses a player, they are - by definition- preventing their selection of every other player that is chosen before their next pick. It's also true that choosing a player that no other team would have selected before your next pick becomes a "reach" in that there was no competition for that player in that round or the subsequent round up until that pick. Since players are not all created equally, the evaluation of "he is good" is not very helpful. Corey Peters was a good DL, played multiple years in the NFL, but if he had been picked in the 1st round by the Falcons (instead of the 3rd), it would have been a reach because no other team was picking him before Atlanta's 2nd round pick (or even 3rd, as it turns out) Grady Jarrett is really, really good. But part of that is because he only cost the Falcons a 5th round pick (and his rookie contract was that of a 5th rounder, not a top 10 selection). That's part of his "value." Saying "if he can play, it's not a reach" inaccurately oversimplifies how drafting works. The better argument is that because we don't have enough information about whether the teams picking afterward would have chosen the player, we can't know who is and isn't a reach. But there are definitely "reaches" every year.
  11. And does that justify his salary as a backup? 1 game played. A Loss.
  12. Would be a cheaper backup than Schaub, and attract a few fans to the game. Schaub has been a wasted use of the salary cap for years.
  13. Hennessy may be the Center of the future, but Solomon Kindley would be a better backup OG now and may be available in the 5th.
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