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  1. Especially for a HC/GM that are under pressure to turn things around THIS year. Throw in that this player isn't Warren Sapp talent, and it's easy to get why the Falcons War Room would go a different direction with the 16th pick.
  2. If Swift is falling that far, then other solid RBs will be available in the 3rd and 4th. Too much need at LB and DB for one of the 1st two picks to not be one of these.
  3. Ryan is older than he is better (i.e., he's a better QB overall than Watson right now, but his age difference is even greater). Throw in the added PR positivity of having a QB who won a state high school championship less than an hour away and a national championship in college only two hours away and the answer is a strong YES.
  4. The Falcons need LB, CB, and DT (in that order, iyam). A top-3 LB, CB, or DT will be available when the Falcons pick at #16, and a very good chance of a top-2 player being available. Perfect opportunity for BPA at position of need.
  5. So glad learned how to cook and clean for myself so i can date the hot girls and not have to worry about whether they know how to do maid work.
  6. Serie A suspended its season. Soccer in Italy is as big as the NFL is in the US. This is a lot bigger than sports. Who knows whether it'll still be a problem of this magnitude in August, but it's definitely gonna wreak havoc this spring.
  7. Two flaws in TD's statement: 1) a team is more likely to find "gamewreckers" with more, not fewer, picks. The key to drafting is to give your team as many opportunities as possible to find talent. Regularly sacrificing the number of picks to gain when you pick only works if you're brilliant at identifying talent. TD is not. 2) DQ's defensive scheme is built around keeping everything in front of you, fundamentally sound players are more important and "gamewreckers" are either underutilized or out of position.
  8. My seats are in sec 312, so my PSL was only $500 per, and i paid it off like the fee it was the year MBS opened. This season, i attended 3 home games and gave away tix to family and friends for the rest. I was sad to lose the Dome, which was a better atmosphere. But unless the team is winning, there's no venue that will attract enough fans. Hopefully TD doesn't trade away picks chasing a silver bullet. 3 of the top 60 players in the draft should net 3 new starters.
  9. Simmons would be a good fit - athletic, can cover, and comes from a winning culture.
  10. And Vick had worse individual stats and was less successful in terms of Wins and Losses, so how exactly does this help your argument?
  11. i was there 90 mins before kickoff, had to get my free t-shirts, lol. Stadium was roughly 60% full by the 1st quarter, though Aints fans were almost 33% of those in attendance. We are all just going through the motions, team and fans.
  12. The Falcons won't give Kingsbury & Murray their first NFL win... thanks Cincy.
  13. The problem is Indy and Tennessee weren't bad matchups for Atlanta. The Falcons Offense crapped the bed against mediocre defenses and the Defense allowed meh QBs to look like All-Pros. Houston's pass rush at home will be a big problem for ATL. And unlike the Falcons, the Texans will probably be motivated to play better after last week's loss.
  14. 2-3 seems way more likely than 4-1. Anything better than 2-3 will be tremendous given the injuries and how the team is playing.
  15. In the 2 losses this season, the Offense has scored 3 points and the Falcons have been outscored 41-3 in first halves. So far, the blueprint has been simple - Falcons get dominated and fall behind too far to catch up. Ryan has been particularly crappy in the first halves, when he's thrown 3 INTs and 0 TDs.