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  1. This quote from Quinn - "We’re hopeful that he’s going to play this year" - about Freeney implies the Falcons wanting him for this season predates Beasley's injury. Interesting.
  2. Said before the season that the difference betwee. 10-6 and 13-3 were the three road games: DET, NE, SEA. Seahawks offense looks putrid, which helps. But with starting RT and the league leader in sacks out due to injury, this Detroit game looks more precarious now then prior to the season.
  3. 80-90 home games, including 5 playoff games (2004 vs Rams, 2010 and 2016 vs Packers, 2012 and 2016 vs Seahawks), and including the final game at both AFCS and the Dome. 3 road games (but never Charlotte, although it's the closest) 2009 was my first year as STH.
  4. Being discussed for the last hour...
  5. Takk actually showed better bullrush power than VB has, ever. He's going to be a force and a great bookend to Beasley.
  6. Championship contenders feel confident enough to be extra careful with injuries - i expect Beasley will not play until they are as certain as they possibly can be that he won't risk re-injury.
  7. This is going to continue to be an issue. While i get why folks in the nosebleeds are hanging out at the cityscape endzone area (better view for them), that doesn't explain why the 100s sections behind the benches weren't full. The 830pm start definitely affected the 2nd half crowd. Lots of people around my section (312) left at 11pm. I've heard it much louder, but only for playoff games or late season games vs NFCS rivals. I can't properly express how many bars there are. Not just beverage carts. Actual bar areas to get a drink and hang out. Serious drinkers may just stay there and watch game on the numerous TV screens. I have no idea why anyone would want to play shuffleboard while inside an NFL stadium.
  8. Julio being on the field accomplishes what Deion is talking about. In a very basic sense, his observation is valid. The notion that the 1st play has to be a pass to Julio in order for the run called on 2nd play to be effective is incorrect.
  9. And ATL plays the Pats this season, so the strength of schedule isn't affected by the NE-NO outcome.
  10. He'll need to be there at #64. The Falcons 1st round pick will be an offensive player, unless a great D player falls in their laps.
  11. Pump the brakes on that idea
  12. I expect a fair number of GB fans. They travel well and this is their first road game, in a new stadium (novelty attracts fans). That last point may keep their numbers down somewhat because ATL fans want to be there for the debut of the MBS for regular season. It'll be interesting to see how the ticket-selling structure of MBS with PSLs affects the spatial distribution of opposing fans. At the Dome, there were a relatively large number of opposing fans in the lower level on the visitor side, i recall the Packers and Chiefs having folks on the first row along the redzone seats.
  13. At the risk of drawing a "that's what he said" reply, the hole isn't that big. No one in the 300s is going to be able to see much/if any of the sky.
  14. Falcons averaged 38.5 points vs GB last year. I'm not expecting that this Sunday. One possession game with both teams >21 points seems about right. If ATL puts a 31-17 beatdown on them, I'll be ecstatic.
  15. Green Bay had numerous injuries going into the NFCCG (yes, I'm aware Atlanta was missing key pieces as well). They've also added new starters. I expect Sunday to resemble last season's regular season matchup than the massacre of last January. Close game. Both offenses will move the ball. Turnovers and redzone defense will determine the outcome. Can't afford to have 5 scores for only 23 points this weekend. Need 7s, not 3s.