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  1. And the great thing about that is OG is not a position that goes very high in the draft (compared to other positions), so the top guards should be available where we all expect the Falcons to be.
  2. The person who declares a future outcome (like your buddy did declaring ATL misses the playoffs) should be GIVING odds, not GETTING odds. At best, $100 for both of you. Gambling-wise, you made a bad bet. We're all rooting for you to win the bet of course.
  3. Expectations for Takk need to be lowered. He's a rookie who hasn't been able to fully participate in the offseason. This isn't a 3-13 Falcons team desperate to have a 1st round pick make headlines. Glad they are bringing him along slowly. It'll be great to have his energy making a contribution on the back half of the season, when the rest of the front 7 is dealing with not having a BYE since week 5.
  4. That Ricardo Allen stat at the end may explain why TATF hasn't yet convinced Quinn to play someone else.
  5. "working to get better is what I love to do." ^^That's my D.AMN Quarterback!" Love the last quote too - even with 4 rings, they'll always be p.issed about the one that got away. I'm so ready to yell loud for this team and watch them tcb over the next few years.
  6. Same. I usually take MARTA, but when i drive, i park for $5 w/in a 7-10min walk to Falcons Landing.
  7. Agree on division records being tough. Anything better than 4-2 is domination. @NE, @SEA, @DET - record in these 3 road games will be the difference between 10-6 and 13-3. I could see this team repeating the 11-5 record, but being a lot better over the course of the regular season. Home games vs Green Bay and Dallas + the 3 road games above + NFCS schedule is a tough path.
  8. I can't help with access, but given how nearly everyone is overrating Oakland, it won't surprise me if they are ranked higher.
  9. Which means Buffalo will know all tje Falcons' offensive plays...we're doomed. /purp
  10. The return for a TD vs Tampa deserves a mention - key play in a close W vs a division rival. But yeah, it's been time for a replacement for a few years.
  11. After already having an amazing value in Schraeder, getting athletic depth at OT from UDFA would terrific - roster management like that is what can allow a franchise to sustain elite success.
  12. Hopefully the D takes the next step as many expect...lack of OL depth could cause issues for the Offense if the starters have to miss any time.
  13. I think he can, but i think the scenario in which he does is one where the Falcons have strong team success early and finish as the top seed. If Atlanta is 13-3 or better, with a win in Foxboro, i think he has a good shot to repeat.
  14. Falcons roster has reached the point where they don't need to rush a rookie. Let him heal fully and be a factor the second half of the season as a situational pass rusher.