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  1. Matt Ryan WILL NEVER be an Elite Quarterback due to plays like today. Throw a game losing Pick-2 to the #1 Interceptor in the world! FAIL MATT RYAN
  2. Many thanks! You are a big person to congratulate us on the win. The O-Line was amazing tonight! Freeman also had an incredible night. Always a MUST WIN for me and we are 1/2 way done. Good luck to your team against the others!
  3. I expected more from him. Hope he comes around, but he should be better at this point.
  4. We had a clock management problem with the previous regime and it appears to be an issue again. I am frustrated with the throwing away 14 seconds to give them the ball back in the 2nd half. This is a coaching issue. Did Shanahan make this call?
  5. Am I the only one bothered by taking a knee with 14 seconds on the clock in the 1st half? You are losing and TB will get the ball 1st in the 2nd half, why not throw one down field for Julio or Sanu to go up and make a play? We had lost momentum so a Hail Mary would at least give us a slim chance of scoring when taking a knee gave us ZERO. We are content with losing?
  6. Thanks birdzi4 but I have been against TD for many years and will remain a staunch supporter of his exit stage right. Thanks for checking up on me.
  7. Please remember we have ZERO talent in the front office. It is not easy to FAIL at 9 NFL drafts in a row. Thanks TD.
  8. This team is not disciplined. Stupid penalties make us look like a High School team. This is frustrating to watch. I honestly expected more from Quinn.
  9. Word is Bestie wants to trade up to the #2 spot to draft a non-disclosed Punter. Bestie Brilliance keepin it real yo.
  10. Given the past record, excluding the 'obvious' Jones and Ryan, do you see ANY skill in picking talent that makes you hopeful for the 2016 draft? NO ONE remains in the NFL from his 2012 brilliance. What record can ANYONE including Besties Blank use to believe this Besties Dummytroff deserves more than a security escort off the property?
  11. Exactly. Now enjoy the Genius that is Tommy Besties Dummytroff. After the 2016 draft he will rank #52 of 32.
  12. Guys look, the BFF will find another Sam Baker at #17. He is a Genius at finding those hidden Gems that every other team will miss. There is a reason he is ranked #44 in the NFL GMs. He is pure gold. When you can be Besties with an NFL Owner you can ruin dozens of drafts and never answer to anyone.
  13. "You don't quit on your BFF-EVER!" growled Arthur Blank. "I don't care of we go 3 and 13 in 2016 Tommy will be my Wingman through it all! You cannot dump your Best Friend just because he is well below League Averages in detecting real talent! Do you think Sam Bakers just fall out of trees? As long as I am owner we ride my Best Buddy into the cellar! Now BACK OFF and become a Saints fan if you don't like it!"
  14. Not a Hater, but would rather see his talent based solely on a Bicycle and Breakfast shop in Aspen. Let's find another GM to spot those Sam Bakers in the talent pool.
  15. When he was hired he asked for 3 years. It's been way over 3 years and we have ZERO Superbowls. His good picks are too few and his BAD decisions are TOO MANY! The emperor has no clothes. Time to let him start a cycling school for cheaters and move on. Arthur can always find a new Best Friend.
  16. This would make me far more excited if we had someone other than Thomas pulling the strings. Glad Arthur's best Friend isn't Alfred E. Newman.
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