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  1. great sounds like we have a Clay Matthews in the making.....but i also remember all the praise we gave Bear Woods a few years back so we shall see.
  2. Man the 2007 draft.....so much talent and we missed on all of it! had the most picks too
  3. Good Stuff! Thanks for taking the time to write it up!
  4. got some friends that are Panther fans that i will probably annoy for a few days, but really just get a big smile that Blank, Smitty, TD and the rest finally got us there
  5. could he possibly be a dual threat? that is if he even makes it onto the roster
  6. "Its wasn't me it was The Kraken!!"- Greg Hardy
  7. good stuff! from what i heard Smallwood was a steal for us. i don't watch much college, but hope its true
  8. Whats that thing where he wraps his arms around the ball carrier and forces him to the ground? anybody know?
  9. TD may have drafted him, but i bet not until Mike Nolan gave him the thumbs up. I'm excited to see how he gets used in the Def
  10. Bring him in and lets go! Hageman up front and speedy Southward on the back end.
  11. lol after the pick I said "who?" and went to bed because I knew the board was going to blow up. I figured by today someone would have info on him
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