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  1. Im in the minority on Tony G. He is still a machine and catches every ball that is thrown to him. He is a top 5 Tight End right now and at his age that is amazing. HOWEVER, the only facet of his game that Im not too big on is his lateral speed. He can make the impossible catch but after that he is going down. I would prefer a Tight end that could stretch the field. Tony G is the perfect 3rd and short Te, but what about the other situations? I would love to have a Gronk type of Tight end that could take it to the house....and yes i know Gronk isn't available
  2. Ray lewis and Ed Reed are shells of their former selves. Ray Lewis can barely shed a blocker these days. The Ravens defense gave up 470 yards. They are NOT the Ravens of 2000-08 that were an elite defense. Ed Reed is almost 35 years old. Suggs had one good game against Denver in the playoffs and had a total of 11 tackles in the rest of the contests. Right now the Ravens defense is still superior to the Falcons but the gap isn't that wide.
  3. Smitty is a good coach but in crunch time its like he goes full ******
  4. Ryan with a top 5 defense with Clay Aiken at Rb, Betty White and Snookie at WR, and the cast of Glee at OL and still lead the team to at least 11 straight titles.
  5. Which further proves my point. The falcons offense lost that game more than defense did. They offense dominated Time of possesion and the D held the 9ers to 373 yards total and still couldn't close the deal. Ryan had 2 costly turnovers, we couldn't run and couldn't get timely stops or 3rd down conversions. Just a perfect storm of ineptitude. I blame the running game, Ryans mental lapses, and Smitty more than i do that defense.
  6. Whats a flaw in my argument that the ravens gave up more yardage?
  7. There is no basis to that theory. The man was a superbowl mvp and now he couldn't come close to what Ryan did as a falcon? He was flawless yesterday on the worlds biggest stage and now he cant beat the Panthers and bucs twice a year?
  8. The vaunted Ravens d gave up more points and yards than the Falcons
  9. I agree. However the Ravens defense gave up considerably more yards (468/ 373 atl) and points to the 9ers and won because of their special teams and flawless offensive execution.
  10. Well you cant frame Ryan and Brady in the same mold because Bradys legacy is in CEMENT. He can crap his pants for the next 3 seasons and still be a first ballot hall of famer and one of the best qbs of all time. Right now historically, Ryan is not deserving of being mentioned with the Eli's, Peytons, Brady's, Rodgers etc etc, because he hasn't had a great post season resume. He coughed up the ball 4 times in contrast to Flacco who elevated his name by not turning over the ball in twice as many contests this post season. The ONLY place where a Ryan-Flacco debate could be had without snickering
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