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  1. BREAKING NEWS: DeAngelo Hall reportedly will go on record to say that Rev_Hall directed hurtful remarks to another member of the Atlanta Falcon's Message Board. Hall was quoted; "It was scary and I almost wet myself". Fortunately, Rev_Hall has started a collection for the impending fine.
  2. You are a FAR braver man than I. My daughter is 8 and I almost had a heart attack when I saw what she wanted to wear for Halloween. I can't imagine my little princess in Hooters shorts serving a bunch of drunken idiots staring at her body. You sir have the patience and understanding of a Buddhist Priest.
  3. Rapture. H3ll will have opened up and fire and brimstone would be belching from the darkness of the underworld.
  4. If Smitty gets fines, that'll be all the "league violation" I will care about.
  5. I'll even toss in an extra $20 for the next time a player decides to come over to our sideline and start $hit.
  6. Im in! I'll toss my money into the pot.