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  1. That about sums it up! Going to look thru your posts to see what else I've missed. Hope you and yours are doing well, man.
  2. Not much voting going on in here, fellas. Supes, aren't we supposed to vote up our faves? Just an observation...
  3. But can we do it 2x? That is the question. I like our chances in the Dome!
  4. Octo is not a Taints fan... -_- Just sayin'...
  5. FIRST! Excellent work, Mark, on capturing both essence of Elvis, and essence of GB! LOVE this one! And Happy of Happiest Birthdays to you Gritz! I hope you get your present a little late... sometime in February, would be nice!
  6. Color me stunned that you posted this. I owe you an apology, and since you know not "what for", let's leave it at that, and I'll just say, "I apologize." Nice post, Rev. And btw, I didn't get it, and don't get it either.
  7. Hick'ry stick has been around since before Payton ever decided to paint a baseball bat for a Football team. You're not a Falcons fan, so you wouldn't understand, and on top of that you're a Taint fan, so even if I explained it to you.... you wouldn't understand.
  8. I voted for Grimes. It is just SICK how great a job you have done with doing all these write-ups all year, Lindsay. (And if I still don't know how to spell your name properly, I will take my lickin's and just refer to you as BC from now on.) Seriously, I do appreciate all the work and your hardcore fandom! :wub:
  9. You don't even try to hide your troll-dom any longer do you? Get behind the team, or get in front of a speeding bus, will ya?
  10. I agree. If your coaches developed more disciplined players, perhaps their record would be better.
  11. How about one of my other favorite Chris Farley Characters? MS: Hey Arthur.... you remember that time you interviewed Thomas Dimitroff over the Internet via video conference? AB: Yeah. What about it? MS: THAT WAS AWESOME!!
  12. PERFECT!! And another bump for the burger. He must be travelling or something. Or maybe he found him a cute little honey to.... nah, he's probably travelling. :P
  13. *Crying* when I saw this! (ya'll see what I did there? ^^) and there too? ^^^
  14. I don't remember the rain incident. A tornado that blew out windows in skyscrapers and flattened at least one pretty tall building, merely blew one little flap in the ceiling of the Dome open. I saw the whole thing go down live (well, live on TV) and it really wasn't much to speak of considering all the other damage around that area.
  15. Actually, you should never "hate to say" things that are that well said. +1 And Merry Christmas.
  16. My ex is an Eagles fan, and now ergo, a Vick fan. Oddly enough, she hated him when he was a Falcon. But I can see the attraction to his narcissistic sociopath-ism. I too, initially thought he was more of a "changed man" and held no real grudges towards him near the beginning of the season. Indifference describes it best. But has anyone else noticed, as the year has progressed, even though he will credit his supporting staff, a lot of the language is still, "I", "me", "mine" type stuff? Everyone loves a good redemption story. I just don't see him as a "victim" of anything except his own stupidity.
  17. I do know, and thank you. I'm hanging tough. Gotta break stuff down into days sometimes, and this is a special day in terms of remembrance. Today - I am warm, dry, got furry four legged company, some PTO time from work next week to look forward to, and one helluva MNF matchup to boot! More than all that, too, in terms of the intangibles, and we all should be remembering to be grateful for that kind of stuff this time of year. That's about as non-secular as I can type about the Holiday today, but suffice it to say.... we are all loved.
  18. REALLY!??!? That's FANTASTIC! And Supes, truly.... this is beautiful, hilarious, well done, SO creative w/the boots! I LOVE it!!! Hadn't been over here today, so sry it took me a while to comment, but again... Merry Christmas and best wishes for a blessed New Year to you and the whole Falco roost! :wub:
  19. That is true, and quite the honor to sport my avatar! Well, my other avatar. I guess I could change it back over here now? I can't believe you did that, it is SOOO freakin' hilarious!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rose colored glasses!!!! Supes, haven't had the chance yet, but Merry Christmas to you and Lynn. I hope you are having a wonderful Christmas holiday in the Falco's nest!
  20. Really nice post, bro. Good stuff. Man, Bryant has been $ all year - I woulda thought that ranking would have been a little higher. Same on the rushing TDs and rush yards. Same as always, the stats don't tell the whole story. This team is still just finding ways to win when the clock hits 00:00.
  21. Noob! Welcome back, Emmitt! You know you good at your craft, when you can just take all the time off you want, and still come back so well-received to your job! No loafin' down the stretch, dude!
  22. I hear you, man. I'm just too superstitious to pick against my Falcons, now. Not this year, with this season. I almost did for the Baltimore game, and considered it again for GB. But in the end, didn't do it. This game is too big to start that now. I may go back and swap the Bucs/Hawks game, but that's prob the only chance-taking that would do any good this week.
  23. Not a STH, and this is where I am as well. It sucks, man. Wish life was better enough for me that I could find a way to go, but even if it was here @ the Dome, there's no way I could afford to go to the game. *sigh* Maybe we'll get a Pats like run going here, and I'll have more opportunities in the years to come, when life is hopefully better.
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