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  1. If Beasley was our "worst" pick then its obvious that we did pretty **** good.
  2. Back after a long hiatus…Who's ready for the draft!?!?!?!

  3. A dream come true would be him falling to 8….but as of right now thats what it is, a dream. Good odds though!
  4. Our oline was decimated by injuries last year. Look how well the offense played before losing over half of our starters on the line. SMH. Also, our defense wasn't 32nd last year, OUR PASS DEFENSE WAS. Run D was middle of the pack, get your facts straight OP.
  5. Majority is #2 and its sad. People need to understand that this team is in rebuild mode. The whole culture is changing and most are whining because their sacred cows are leaving in droves.
  6. I used to live in RVA. Have a handful of good friends up there that are DIEHARD! PM me for info playa.
  7. Downtown Atlanta across from Piedmont Park. Originally from Asheville NC though. My grandad lived down here so pre Panthers organization we would always come down and go to games. When the Panthers came the whole fam switched but me. Been reppin the Falcons ever since the early 90's!!
  8. Talk about needing to grow up, I don't see anyone else here altering words to get away with using profanity. "Mitch Made" "Lame Fux". You sound like a twelve year old using text speak in order to get your one sided, Miko loving point across. Be gone.
  9. Enjoy retirement Mud Duck. Thanks for your loyalty to the organization...Class act!
  10. Top 5 in NFL deep ball completion percentage.......NEXT....Watching haters fail amuses me.
  11. As soon as I read the thread title this idea popped up in my head as well....KUDOS....LOL
  12. Yeah I know Dharma, dudes from all over the country move here for that station that know little to nothing about Atlanta sports.
  13. Been locked up working for the last 5 days up north. No time to check lol!! Figured this would happen, FO is shaking things up like crazy.
  14. Don't know if it has been posted, but I heard on 92.9 the game today that we will not franchise tag William Moore, but let his contact expire and try and sign him to a new deal.
  15. You can tell in his voice he wants to work out a deal to come back........I'd be willing to bet on it. Balls in his court, and you can tell from that interview that he wants to stay in ATL so bad he can't stand it. Work it out Predator....
  16. Yep, i just personally hope we don't go for Jackson and blow our cap space to smitherines. Not for a player that has 1 maybe 2 years left.
  17. Lol, pullin that trigger early! Peace to ya J.......Now lets hope that the FO has it all figured out.
  18. AH YES, which means he was a free agent....smh. MASHBURN! How ya doin jabroni?
  19. Could have swore we did. I smell a splash with Osi then resigning ABE for less $.
  20. DIdn't we release Abe in the offseason last year, only to resign him when we didn't pick up a DE in FA??? Looks like a replay of last year. Abe is a part time player making full time player $.
  21. And the worst part is Willie McGinest was struggling for the name and that other hack helped him out with bunk information! Even in the offseason our players names fly under the radar LMAO.
  22. He said we need help "outside" of Curtis Lofton, thread title is a bit misleading but STiLL!!!! WOW
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