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  1. Well we have had 3 off seasons in a row and have only upgraded one position as far as I can tell in those 3 years. I would have thought Quinn would have made that a top priority coming in seeing how bad the OL has been.
  2. Does anyone here actually like the Falcons anymore or has this become a board full of crybaby Nancies that whine and complain about every little thing? This place is insane. Yes we looked really bad Sunday. However, Matt Ryan is an elite QB in this league regardless of what some morons here have to say. Duanta Robinson is a really good corner in this league. Our OL needs work and our secondary needs some work but this is overall a really, really good team. Its amazing how many people want to jump off of bridges after a loss. Its the NFL. We are not going to win 13 games every year. Co
  3. to come out and play with their @$$e$ on fire ticked off after the embarassing performance last Sunday. Defense comes to play, running game comes to play and we stretch the field with Rowdy and Jones. We have targets on our backs from last season and all of the off-season media hype. Time to play like the big dogs everyone has pumped us up to be. I'm over Sunday. I say the Dome is rocking and we are going to kick the Eagle's @$$.
  4. and we didn't do a friggin thing. We gave up all of those picks for a WR which I agree we needed another deep threat opposite 84 to a degree, however, we had several holes that needed addressing on the OL and instead of upgrading that position, I think we may have actually gotten worse. No phase or unit has looked good today I admit, but the OL has been getting pushed around, run through and run by from the first whistle today. Very disappointing.
  5. Are you sniffing glue or are you just a bandwagoner that has never watched a Falcon's game before? You need to actually watch a few games before you start handing out personnel advice, IMO.
  6. so I tried to stay away until the the mass suicides wound down. I haven't posted on the board for several months so many/most of you don't even remember me. This is a tough loss for me to swallow as its very hard to win on the road in this league but this is a game that we could have and should have won. I think from what i saw today, I think we are a better overall team than the Steelers, Ben or no Ben. That is encouraging for me. The defense was much better today regardless of the outcome. That last 50 yard run was, of course, a back-breaker and what most will remember about the game an
  7. Snead? As in Jevan Snead? That dude is an interception machine. He couldn't read a defensive coverage to save his life and if he did actually read a defense by mistake, he'd still make the wrong read and throw into coverage. One of the most over-rated, over-hyped QB's ever to step onto an SEC football field. I'd rather stick with Redman and Wilson.
  8. And I was disappointed to see us pass him by. I think Spoon is a very talented player at a position of relative need but I also thought that there would be comparable players at OLB available in the 3rd. I've read a lot of stuff about Bulaga over the last few months and many felt that he might be the most talented OT in the draft. I got flames a little in the past by saying we should take him if he was available because others made fun saying he'd be gone by 10. That was cool cause I doubted he'd be there either. To my surprise, there he sat. I just think when you get the chance to take an e
  9. Osi trade rumors intensify 10:13 AM ET Osi Umenyiora | Giants | Interested: Panthers?, Dolphins?, Rams? Top Email During the past season and into this offseason, Osi Umenyiora has been upset about his role for the New York Giants' D in 2009. At one point he threatened to retire if he was going to be used in the same way this upcoming season, although that was viewed as hyperbole. Then there was a report that Osi was back to being a happy camper as the team convened for voluntary workouts, but a lot of doubt has been cast on that report. We probably won't get the whole story unless and until Os
  10. I don't see Trent Williams, Baluga or Okung being there but its possible and a lot of Big Boards have Iupiti hovering between that 15-20 position. If any are available, dare we pass them by for a DE or OLB? Most experts believe that any of the 4 could be immediate starters at their respective positions and be impact starters in 2010. Thoughts? I am one of the few in the "improve the OL now" camp.
  11. Maybe. I posted what the ESPN INsiders had as the biggest draft needs for the NFC South last week. I got a P.M. asking me to post the same articles for the other Divisions. That is what I did today. Sorry if it cluttered the board in the wrong forum. Just trying to help a guy out that requested the info. If it needs moving then that's fine too.
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