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  1. I actually appreciate that you guys talk trash here and allow it without the mods getting their panties in a wad. If anyone, 49er fan or not, tried that at the 49er message boards they'd be banned with the Quickness. EDIT- in any case, look at these Seahawk fans: http://www.seahawks....php?f=2&t=63897
  2. That's called irony. Think about the topic of this thread...
  3. Well, we may be ***** bags, but I've never seen a less knowledgeable fan base than you Atlanta Falcons fans (Colin Kaepernick is inaccurate on deep passes despite leading the NFL in deep completion percentage, for example). Not to say all of you are so ignorant about the sport you claim to love, but some of the stupid, ignorant, mistaken crap I have read here is shocking for fans of a team that has been to the playoffs for the last few years. Really, it's inexcusable. Maybe if you guys were the Bills or something, but the Falcons? The perennial contender Falcons? It's as if these guys don't even watch NFL games, but just post crap on twitter and facebook that they like the Falcons because it's ATL BABY! SWAG WE GOT SWAG! So, we're ***** bags (like our coach, apparently), and you guys are all bandwagon jumpers who know very little about the sport and statistics outside of your own team. Got to love logical fallacies like generalization.
  4. Pretty sure that some of these guys (the ones saying things like Colin Kaepernick is inaccurate on deep throws despite leading the NFL in completion percentage on deep throws, for example) are new to being football fans over the last few years and aren't really into more careful analysis of football. But regardless of what that guy said, the 49ers have the better statistical offense anyway (11th offense versus 17th offense), without even looking at the more detailed analysis of offensive linemen, let alone pro bowl selections. Can't really blame them. It's not like Atlanta has an extensive history of dominant football, but that just means that the real, true Falcon fans, the ones who have been there for years, deserve much more credit than is given them, and much less derision caused by their various bandwagon jumpers.
  5. This is like the 1992-93 NFC Championship game, and I foresee the same result: the physical, balanced road team beats the team with the incredible finesse offense and sub-par defense.
  6. That game was anomalous. First of all, the 49ers were coming off of an emotionally draining win and an injury to their best player (who has since returned). Second, that game was in Seattle, whose home field advantage is tops in the league by a very big margin. Third, it was a divisional game against a team that had beaten them 4 times in a row. Fourth, it was against the one type of team that has given the 49ers trouble: physical, running teams. Don't hang your hat on that game. It is no more indicative of the quality of the 49ers than the Panther game where you were down 23-0 is of the Falcons.
  7. And I'm hoping with that they get complacent and lose some urgency.
  8. Actually that's one of his biggest strengths. He is extremely accurate with deep passes, and he has an elite arm. His biggest weaknesses are quickly reading defenses and, even more, knowing when to put touch and arch on the ball. I wonder if you've really watched any of his games, because his ability to throw deep accurately has been the major difference that he has brought in place of Alex Smith. He averaged 8.3 yards per attempt during the regular season, which is higher than Matt Ryan's 7.7. Colin Kaepernick can throw the deep ball. I don't know how you come up with him not being able to. That is one of his biggest strengths. Then how do you explain the fact that Kaepernick LED THE NFL in completion percentage of deep passes? http://www.csnbayare...h-or-kaepernick If the most accurate quarterback in the NFL at deep passing is inaccurate, what does that say about the number two most accurate QB at deep passing? What about 10? 11? etc. EDIT- I see that most posters here weren't quite so mistaken about Kaepernick's strengths and weaknesses. I suppose there was no point to this post in that light.
  9. Yes, tears of joy Niner fan here, and I must say, I am hoping for a really good game. You guys can win it, but you have to have good run defense and you're going to need to avoid turning the ball over. You guys think the Falcons can do that?
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