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  1. I think there are two reasons for the bias against Atlanta. (1) The recent past. This has already been discussed, and it is a flawed argument. (2) The Falcons win with a finesse offense that dominates the defense. But there are already teams that fit this mold, most notably the Patriots. Your competition in the media is Tom Brady and the Patriots. That's why no one believes the Falcons are any good.
  2. Totally different scenario. Those Vikings were, by all appearances, the unquestioned best team in the NFC. There is no such team this year, which is all the more reason to feel disrespected if you're a Falcon fan. Truthfully, I'm kind of surprised myself. The Falcons are a championship caliber team this season. But 98 was a totally different animal. The better team lost that year.
  3. So many threads on this topic... Look, Kaepernick is more physically gifted than Wilson, and has a year of experience on him, but the fact is that Wilson is MORE EXPERIENCED. If you compare numbers for their respective first 5 starts or so, Kaepernick is clearly the better quarterback. But Wilson played the entire season. He has twice as much starting experience, and after the first half of the season, things started to click for him. As of right now, I think Wilson is, if not better, he is more consistent. I think by next year, however, that Kaepernick will be in MVP discussions and Wilson won't.
  4. I'm not. I'm just pointing out that I've seen a lot of relatively uninformed fans here, which would make sense in that the Falcons have been really good for only a few years (and many of the "old" fans became fans when Mike Vick got there, oh so long ago). It's the same thing with many new 49er fans (and god are they annoying), but then we had 5 championships over 14 years starting in the 80s, which means the biggest portion of our bandwagon jumpers have been fans for several decades by now.
  5. Falcons fans are generally nice guys, but I've noticed a lot of this sort of thing. I wonder how many of their fans are old fans and how many are just getting into the sport over the last few years. Not that that is a bad thing! No, the NFL could always use new fans. But there seems to be a lot of fans with this team that remind me of the new 49er fans (you know, the snobby wine drinkers who are so stupid they cheer loudly when the 49ers are on offense and are silent when the 49ers are on defense).
  6. The 49er.com forums are heavily moderated. To a fault, to the point that the forums aren't any fun.
  7. Wilson is more elusive. Kaepernick has faster straight line speed and a stronger arm.
  8. 2008. 2nd to last game of the season. Titans 31, Steelers 14. Steelers win the Super Bowl. 2009. Saints lose last three games of the year. Win the Super Bowl. 2010. Packers lose 2 of their last 4 games, barely make the playoffs. Win the Super Bowl. 2011. Giants lose 23-10 at home to the Redskins in the third to last game of the year. Barely make the playoffs. Win the Super Bowl. Doesn't really matter much at this point. I mean, did it matter much last week?
  9. And we beat the Shecocks in San Francisco. Your post does nothing but support my point. Congrats.
  10. No, he won as a second year player. His rookie season the Steelers were 15-1, hosted the AFC Championship game against New England, and lost. The Patriots went on the beat the Eagles in the Super Bowl. Of course, Kaepernick isn't a rookie, either.
  11. The NFL is about match-ups. The Rams and Seahawks (and Vikings and Giants) present match-up problems for the 49ers that the Falcons simply do not (same with the Saints, Packers, Patriots, all teams that lost to the 49ers). You lost to the Saints and we beat them. This entire A beat B, B lost to C, therefore A is better than C argument is ********. The transitive property does not apply in the NFL. The 49ers struggle against PHYSICAL teams, because that negates their greatest strength (their physical advantage they usually have). That the 49ers lost to Seattle and St. Louis has ZERO bearing on this game.
  12. I don't know about that, man. God and Colin Kaepernick seem to be gay lovers. Kaepernick has his name/words tattooed all over his body.
  13. nfl.com/rewind Recap: Atlanta at times looked really strong, but Seattle's offense was pretty dominant. Atlanta was able to more or less neutralize Seattle's defense for most of the game with quick passes that set up a couple of big ones down the field. The game seemed kind of fast, which is odd considering there was so much passing. Atlanta's d-line did as good as you can do against Wilson, but he made some death defying escapes. The Falcons did poorly defending the intermediate passes over the middle of the field, but they did really well versus the run and defending the deep pass. Offensively, the Falcons could move the ball pretty steadily for much of the game, and had a few big plays, but in the fourth quarter they kind of collapsed on both sides of the ball, until the final minutes, when Ryan had two outstanding passes that set up the winning field goal.
  14. If you're going to add the Seattle win, you should add the second Green Bay win for SF => 5-3, not 4-3.
  15. I couldn't stomach looking at that. The Falcons uniform is so much better with red. The years of looking at that black on silver crap still burns my retinas.
  16. Vegas odds aren't about which team has a better chance to win. It's about making money, and team popularity and popular opinion plays as much a roll in that as recent team history does.
  17. You can't just compare common opponents. The NFL is about match-ups. The Rams give the 49ers trouble because of the type of big, physical players they have. It would be like me saying that because the Falcons lost at New Orleans and the 49ers won at New Orleans that therefore the 49ers are a better team. No, the reason the 49ers beat the Saints is because the Saints are mostly a finesse, mostly one dimensional team, and the 49ers tend to beat those kinds of teams. All of the 49er losses have been against running, defensive, PHYSICAL teams. Now, I would have classified the Falcons as one of the types of teams that the 49ers do well against, but looking closer at their offensive scheme, it is more balanced and ball control oriented than you might think. The Falcons passing game is probably the most diverse in football this year, and they use the short pass like a running game (ala the old West Coast Offense). This could give the 49ers trouble. However, defensively the Falcons do not look like the type of team that will shut down the 49er offense. I predict a rather surprisingly high scoring game here.
  18. That's not Vick. It's QB Eagles. The quarterback whose identity was an eternal mystery, until now.
  19. This is what you Atlanta Falcons face when Colin Kaepernick comes to town this Sunday:
  20. Oh, thsilly, you're making me blush! Jayeezus, honey! Don't be thso thserious.
  21. Funny you say that when there are more gay bars per capita in Atlanta than San Francisco now... http://straightfromt...as-gayest-city/ http://news.advocate...in-america-2012 http://www.projectqa...ayest_u.s._city http://www.huffingto...r=San Francisco
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