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  1. :facepalm: That's the point. The "new" breed is BIG AND HARD TO BRING DOWN, like Big Ben, but FAST AND EXPLOSIVE like Mike Vick. I know it's a little complicated, but come on man... EDITED TO ADD: Culpepper, McNair, and McNabb were slower than Newton and Kaepernick. The NFL has not seen big strong guys that are this fast at the quarterback position. The closest the NFL has seen of these guys is Cunningham, but he was a lot less beefy than these two. That is why EVERYONE in the media is talking about this "new breed." It isn't just 49er fans, or Panther fans. It seems the only people who don't see it are Falcon fans. What a coincidence the Falcons happen to be playing the 49ers this week, and the Panthers twice a year...
  2. If he isn't THE new breed, Cam Newton is, and Kaepernick is OF the new breed. The "new breed" = Ben Rapelessberger + Mike Vick.
  3. 49ers also had a deep passing game those years. Their offense was a lot like... wait for it... this season's Falcon's offense. Anyway, for the people who missed it: Fast quarterbacks have existed before (Young) Fast, tall quarterbacks have existed before (Cunningham) Fast, short quarterbacks have existed in the NFL before (Vick, now Wilson) Fast, tall, and BIG and strong (230-250 lbs) quarterbacks are a NEW thing (Newton, Kaep). That's why they say "the future." It's kind of like Megatron, the first dominant WR who is tall, fast, and big- like a cross between TO and Randy Moss. Oh yeah, Vick has had three 50 yard + rushes in his career as a starter, spanning 10+ years or so. Kaepernick has also had three 50 plus yard rushes spanning his career as a starter... of less than 10 GAMES. Yeah, Vick is the same as Kaep... http://espn.go.com/b...-away-from-pack Regardless of what happens Sunday, this kid is something else, whether you guys admit it or not.
  4. Even if this is a false allegation (something I find more likely), it has still distracted Crabtree, and by extension, the team. Atlanta stands to gain from this.
  5. Regarding the long pass to Davis, against Arizona they ran the exact same routes out of the exact same formation, but the pass went to the left side of the field to Crabtree deep. Against New England, they also ran the exact same routes out of the exact same formation, but the pass went to Delanie Walker (Walker this time was the outside TE) on the outside to the right (after he looked left), with Vernon Davis drawing the corner who was covering a third of the field. So basically, as a 49er fan who has watched every niner game at least twice, most of the time three times, who has seen the exact same play twice in the last few weeks, I would argue that the pump fake was spontaneous because the Packers covered up the primary read (Crabtree). Seems as though they've done this before and the ball went elsewhere. EDIT- in fact, you can see that Kaep wanted to go to Crabtree, and the defender sat on him, and CLEARLY disrupted his route right when Kaep had ended his drop. He then pump faked to Crabtree. This strongly suggests to me that the primary read was Crabtree.
  6. New Breed = BIG and fast and ACCURATE QBs, not fast but small, fragile QBs who are inaccurate. Yet he has a higher passer rating than every one of them except Wilson, and he's barely behind him... (EDIT- and oh yeah, he throws deep more than any of them- while leading the NFL in completion percentage on deep throws, mind you, so his high passer rating isn't because of cheap west coast offense throws, either)
  7. And they're wrong about it. This is David versus David here. Two different, but more or less evenly matched teams.
  8. It's the same way with all the new bandwagon jumper 49er fans. Makes me headdesk until I bleed.
  9. For me, I will probably spank my girlfriend pretty hard that night, and maybe watch zombie flicks until the sun comes up. For the next few weeks I'll avoid all football media. But then, I will remember that by losing the NFCCG the 49ers can't tarnish their perfect Super Bowl record. I will then feel pretty Zen. What will you do if your team loses, Falcons fans? 49er fans?
  10. And out quick them. You're right: if you play to your strengths you have a shot. If you try to play to ours, you probably don't. Not because it isn't a solid tactic, but more because your team simply isn't built for it.
  11. 3 of his last 4 games have had QBRs higher than 80, and 3 of his last 5 have had an NFL rating higher than 100. Completion percentage goes down, effectiveness goes up.
  12. That's true. Their stadium was specifically designed to maximize sound.
  13. It's that Atlanta has a lot of self hate for being gay but not wanting to admit it. Just like all those gay Republican congressmen that get busted for soliciting oral sex in bathrooms and the like.
  14. Semester away from a BA in math, but whatever. The entire premise of the thread is based on a falsehood.
  15. If you think that's funny, look at this: http://www.seahawks.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=64152
  16. On the perfect throw to Davis on Saturday he started looking at the left side of the field, at Crabtree and Moss, and ended throwing to the right side of the field to Davis. He does it every game. This is just one more misconception by ignorant Falcon fans. By the way, if someone says something NEVER happens (he said "every time," but that didn't even occur every time in that single game...), like the OP, it mathematically takes one and only one counter example to disprove the claim.
  17. They gave up most of them with Alex Smith at quarterback, a guy well known for walking into sacks, or taking sacks because he didn't think he could fit the ball into a window. Alex's sack% was 9.9 (would have been worst in the league), Colin's, with the same offensive line, was 6.8% (would have been in the middle of the pack).
  18. Decimal reading... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decibel
  19. There's more to it than the noise with the Seahawks home field advantage. There's a psychological aspect to it (due to recent history), not to mention the dreary, cold, wet Washington weather and the fact that teams have to travel to the northeastern tip of the country.
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