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  1. Let me just start by saying I love my wife and kids and I wouldn't purposely do anything to hurt them. I have a history of anger problems which forced me to go to anger management and my counselor identified my love of sports as a potential problem. Anyhow, I'm sharing this because I know I am not alone and I know this issue is more prevalent than most would care to admit.

    When Roddy dropped the ball at the end of the game I lost my mind. I picked up my 40 inch flat screen and slammed it on the ground. When I ripped the tv off its stand, the cord you plug into the wall whipped around and hit my 7 year old son in the face. It didn't hit him hard but he started crying. To make it worse, I was so angry that I didn't even notice. My wife said he hid behind the couch and started crying uncontrollably, while I was in the other room slamming my head against the door frame.

    I feel absolutely horrible. My wife won't talk to me and both of my children are scared. Have any of you ever dealt with anything like this? All I know is the Falcons better get their **** together next year because I can't take much more of this.


    I don't have kids but when the Seahawks lost in the final seconds to Atlanta I kind of lost it too throwing everything in sight, I couldnt control my anger! I've never experienced this feeling before, I scared the **** out of my dogs, they hid and I was pretty much inconsolable. Sports brings out the best in people, unfortunately it brings out the worse also. I slept 18 hours that night and couldnt get out of bed Monday and I didnt start feeling better until about Friday (still upset). I know now that when my team is in the playoffs I need to be alone, away from people because I don't trust myself. Like I said, I've never done this before, not being able to control my anger, this is the only good part about this whole thing. Nothing hurts more then to see your team you live through the whole season just to lose in the end. Just some advice, if you are this emotional about games, watch it alone.


    I dropkicked my 94 year old grandma... no need to be ashame

    >no need to be ashame_


  2. it bothers you only because i think you guys expected to see less from him. alot of people viewed him as a one trick pony who could only run, but he won using his arm and his intelligence at the line of scrimmage. What should bother you is the offense putting up 17 points and then the rest of the team allowing us the oppurtunity to get right back into the game.

    If Kap was wearing a falcon jersey, it wouldnt bother you even in the slightest.

    It's this. Too many fans made baseless assumptions about the kid, forgetting that he is the only guy in college football history with 10,000 passing yards and 4000 rushing yards, forgetting that since he began starting, he has been NUMBER ONE in the NFL in Total QBR (that's right, ahead of Brady, Ryan, Rodgers, Brees, and every other elite QB). It is the surprise at seeing that 49er fans were right about him: he is a DIFFERENT kind of animal. Look at the film, and look at the stats. Next season Kaepernick will be discussed among the best.

    What are you going to focus on to stop? He can beat you in every conceivable way physical, and he's also talented between the ears. Mark my words now, next year Kaepernick will step into the "elite" level of quarterbacks, and will be universally recognized as such. Some guys were just completely caught off guard, because they didn't really follow him beyond one game, and simply assumed the one game was a fluke.

  3. This "loss" at the hands of the refs is hard to swallow but Blank is already scheming on his revenge.


    1. This team needs a Nose Tackle. BADLY. The team gets gashed by the run, which means they can't get off the field and get worn down. San Fran, Baltimore and New England all have legit nose tackles, we don't. And it cost us.

    SF, Baltimore and NE all run 34 defenses. The kind of tackles they want would be different from the kind that ATL wants. The 43 that ATL runs wouldn't be as effective with a massive slow guy in the middle as a somewhat big but more agile guy like Jonathan Babineaux. Unless you're talking about changing schemes.

  4. it was close but we shouldnt have let it come down to that. good game. i hope we have been showing you class on this board. you guys played a great game. good luck next week. your team is good.

    edit: good luck in 2 weeks.

    Most of your guys have. I have been very impressed with the sanity of many of the posters here. The fact is, Atlanta is a very good team, and if this game is played 10 times, I think Atlanta wins at least 5. I think you guys all vastly underestimated Colin Kaepernick's ability to throw from the pocket, and I think he was the real difference in this game, but the Falcon's offense looked completely unstoppable. The only thing that stopped the Falcon offense was the Falcons. Even on that last pass: it was BEHIND. Had Ryan led the WR, that's a first down or more.

    The thing is, perfection is hard to keep up for an extended period. For the first quarter and a half, the Falcon's were literally running PERFECT passing offense. What went wrong for Atlanta is that Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers offense was approaching perfection after the 1st quarter themselves.

    Every fan complain about the refs. I left the dome thinking the game was called pretty fairly. That is until I got home and watch that 4th and 4. Roddy had no chance of catching that ball with the LB draped all over him. He was holding on for dear life. Wow, oh well.

    It is LEGAL to hold onto a WR in the box 5 yards past the line of scrimmage like he did. However, as I showed in my screen cap, when the ball was in the air, he WASN'T holding White. He was reaching around him to hit the ball with this left hand, while his right hand was out in front in the air, not even touching White.

  5. I could understand it if there were actually a series of penalties called on the Falcons that drastically affected the game, like in the 2005-2006 Super Bowl. But when your team is called for TWO penalties? You've got to be drinking something really strong to believe it was "fixed."

  6. i dont agree the falcons lost cuz of refs. but last year's stanley cup final in LA and the 2006 Jerome Bettis Bowl were pretty blatant. just bad. not saying anything about tonight but man my heart goes out to those athletes that were never given a chance because of an agenda. but, other than the pharm industry nothing generates more $$$ than entertainment. and sports is part of that. just makes me bummed when you can see within 10 minutes the fix is in.

    again, not saying anything about tonight's game. I really do hope you are having fun, enjoying yourself, but also being safe (for the record not arguing that those things go together LOL).

    Of course. And the 49ers having twice as many penalties called against them than Atlanta was more of the refs fixing the game for the 49ers. Remember that holding call against San Francisco that took away a big gain to Vernon Davis? There was a defensive holding/facemask by the defense that wasn't called. Yeah. The game was fixed. /sarcasm.

    Are you incapable of using your mental faculties -- using reason and logic. How could you plan multiple playoff games? Pay Peyton to throw an interception. Tell Matt Ryan to fumble at the end of the game. Make sure that Ryan's pass on the Falcons last third down was blocked by Brooks. Wake up.

    This. Come on, man...

  7. apparently didn't matter, did it?

    That's the extent of my response to the trash talking from ATL fans regarding the 49ers blow out loss to the Seahawks. As I said before, the league is about match ups, and the transitive property doesn't apply. I would be talking about serving crow about it, but that would be cannibalism.

    That said, Atlanta has the best offense I've seen in a couple of years. You guys will be fine next year, even without Tony. Defensively, you are still good enough to win it all. A couple of upgrades and you guys will have a very good shot.

  8. Robinson's antics didn't have much to do with the Falcon's loss in that Super Bowl. They were simply unfortunate to be playing against one of the most complete teams in NFL history. Even if Robinson had been a model citizen, Atlanta would have lost that game. The 98 Broncos were just too good. Not a single weakness on that team, in fact, they were the best or near the best at almost everything.

  9. Still doesn't negate it being out there and the distraction that it creates. Unless this "49er source" works for the DA's office I'd say hold that thought.

    Apparently he had a witness the entire time. This seems to be a scorned female trying to get some money, attention, or revenge. **** hath no fury. (or she's a Falcon Spy...)

    *Seriously, you can't say H E double hockey sticks here?

  10. Vick set this precedent they arent wrong when this is mentioned. "New breed" is just a media tag line, the reality is, vick had a cannon and ran like a wide out, Kapernick is similar and hopefully his accuracy improves downfield over time, but vick began this trend without a doubt in terms of letting a guy with 4.4 speed burn it up at qb

    Vick is barely 6 feet tall and constantly injured. That's the point of all this "new breed" talk about Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick. That they're like Vick, but big and strong.

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