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  1. It's this. Too many fans made baseless assumptions about the kid, forgetting that he is the only guy in college football history with 10,000 passing yards and 4000 rushing yards, forgetting that since he began starting, he has been NUMBER ONE in the NFL in Total QBR (that's right, ahead of Brady, Ryan, Rodgers, Brees, and every other elite QB). It is the surprise at seeing that 49er fans were right about him: he is a DIFFERENT kind of animal. Look at the film, and look at the stats. Next season Kaepernick will be discussed among the best. What are you going to focus on to stop? He can beat yo
  2. There is no shame in Kaepernick consistently beating your defense. Next season he will be in discussion for the MVP award. Remember, this was his NINTH game, and he's already playing like a Franchise Quarterback. This is Robo QB, folks.
  3. SF, Baltimore and NE all run 34 defenses. The kind of tackles they want would be different from the kind that ATL wants. The 43 that ATL runs wouldn't be as effective with a massive slow guy in the middle as a somewhat big but more agile guy like Jonathan Babineaux. Unless you're talking about changing schemes.
  4. Most of your guys have. I have been very impressed with the sanity of many of the posters here. The fact is, Atlanta is a very good team, and if this game is played 10 times, I think Atlanta wins at least 5. I think you guys all vastly underestimated Colin Kaepernick's ability to throw from the pocket, and I think he was the real difference in this game, but the Falcon's offense looked completely unstoppable. The only thing that stopped the Falcon offense was the Falcons. Even on that last pass: it was BEHIND. Had Ryan led the WR, that's a first down or more. The thing is, perfection is hard t
  5. Prior to the ball being thrown, he was completely legal. When the ball was in the air, he was no longer impeding White's motion, which means it wasn't PI.
  6. I could understand it if there were actually a series of penalties called on the Falcons that drastically affected the game, like in the 2005-2006 Super Bowl. But when your team is called for TWO penalties? You've got to be drinking something really strong to believe it was "fixed."
  7. Of course. And the 49ers having twice as many penalties called against them than Atlanta was more of the refs fixing the game for the 49ers. Remember that holding call against San Francisco that took away a big gain to Vernon Davis? There was a defensive holding/facemask by the defense that wasn't called. Yeah. The game was fixed. /sarcasm. This. Come on, man...
  8. My team lost therefore the NFL is fixed. Seriously?
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