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    “I’ll take nonsensical word salad titles for $200 Alex”
  2. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by TheDirtyWordII in What is your Pain Threshold(Draft Picks) for move-up for Ed Oliver?   
    Every player brings different skills/abilities...Oliver is certainly a guy who comes with a lot of positive attributes.  So do Wilkins/Lawrence.
    Simply think we’re talking more about a ‘6 of one, half a dozen of the other’ situation when it comes to DT and #14.
    I’d be more on board to package 45/79 to get back into the 29-30 range.
  3. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by FalconFanSince1970 in What is your Pain Threshold(Draft Picks) for move-up for Ed Oliver?   
    Baker is high on my BPA list. As beater. Gave up zero TDs in the SEC last year. He claims to be the best corner in this draft. Could be right. No UGA homerism here. Corner is a huge Dimi need IMO. Our biggest loss this offseason was Alf. TATF already penciled in Oliver who I believe is primed for an as beatin. Quinn and Dimi both love to draft corners. Won't be shocked if they go with Baker, Greedy, Murphy or Oru in the first with their needs based approach. At a minimum Rock, Mullen, Layne. Love or Johnson in the second. TATF won't like it until two years down the road.
  4. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by octoslash in What is your Pain Threshold(Draft Picks) for move-up for Ed Oliver?   
    I think we're fine with #14, there's a lot of talent out there.  Don't mortgage the future in this situation. 
  5. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by g-dawg in What is your Pain Threshold(Draft Picks) for move-up for Ed Oliver?   
        NFL Trade Value Chart - 2019 Version
    Classic Jimmy Johnson Valuation Model   1.4K RD1   RD2   RD3   RD4        RD5   RD6   RD7   PK/TM VAL PK/TM VAL PK/TM VAL PK/TM VAL PK/TM VAL PK/TM VAL PK/TM VAL   1  ARI 3000   33  ARI 580   65  ARI 265   103  ARI 88   139  ARI 36   174  ARI 21.4   215  TB 5   2  SF 2600   34  IND 560   66  PIT 260   104  SF 86   140  OAK 35.5   175  PIT 21   216  KC 4.6   3  NYJ 2200   35  OAK 550   67  SF 255   105  NYJ 84   141  PIT 35   176  SF 20.6   217  NYJ 4.2   4  OAK 1800   36  SF 540   68  NYJ 250   106  OAK 82   142  NYG 34.5   177  NO 20.2   218  OAK 3.8   5  TB 1700   37  NYG 530   69  JAX 245   107  TB 80   143  NYG 34   178  JAX 19.8   219  PIT 3.4   6  NYG 1600   38  JAX 520   70  TB 240   108  NYG 78   144  CLE 33.5   179  ARI 19.4   220  HOU 3   7  JAX 1500   39  TB 510   71  DEN 235   109  JAX 76   145  TB 33   180  NYG 19   221  CLE 2.6   8  DET 1400   40  BUF 500   72  CIN 230   110  CIN 74   146  DET 32.6   181  BUF 18.6   222  CHI 2.3   9  BUF 1350   41  DEN 490   73  NE 225   111  DET 72   147  BUF 32.2   182  DEN 18.2   223  CIN 2   10  DEN 1300   42  CIN 480   74  BUF 220   112  BUF 70   148  DEN 31.8   183  CIN 17.8   224  DET 1.7   11  CIN 1250   43  DET 470   75  GB 215   113  BAL 68   149  CIN 31.4   184  DET 17.4   225  BUF 1.4   12  GB 1200   44  GB 460   76  WAS 210   114  GB 66   150  GB 31   185  GB 17   226  GB 1.1   13  MIA 1150   45  ATL 450   77  CAR 205   115  CAR 64   151  MIA 30.6   186  ATL 16.6   227  WAS 1   14  ATL 1100   46  WAS 440   78  MIA 200   116  MIA 62   152  ATL 30.2   187  CAR 16.2   228  BUF 1   15  WAS 1050   47  CAR 430   79  ATL 195   117  ATL 60   153  WAS 29.8   188  TEN 15.8   229  DET 1   16  CAR 1000   48  MIA 420   80  CLE 190   118  GB 58   154  CAR 29.4   189  CLE 15.4   230  ATL 1   17  NYG 950   49  CLE 410   81  MIN 185   119  CLE 56   155  CLE 29   190  MIN 15   231  NO 1   18  MIN 900   50  MIN 400   82  TEN 180   120  MIN 54   156  DEN 28.6   191  BAL 14.6   232  NYG 1   19  TEN 875   51  TEN 390   83  PIT 175   121  TEN 52   157  TEN 28.2   192  PIT 14.2   233  MIA 1   20  PIT 850   52  PIT 380   84  SEA 170   122  PIT 50   158  BUF 27.8   193  BAL 13.8   234  MIA 1   21  SEA 800   53  PHI 370   85  BAL 165   123  BAL 49   159  SEA 27.4   194  GB 13.4   235  OAK 1   22  BAL 780   54  HOU 360   86  HOU 160   124  SEA 48   160  BAL 27   195  HOU 13   236  JAX 1   23  HOU 760   55  HOU 350   87  CHI 155   125  DEN 47   161  HOU 26.6   196  NYJ 12.6   237  DEN 1   24  OAK 740   56  NE 340   88  DET 150   126  CHI 46   162  CHI 26.2   197  PHI 12.2   238  CHI 1   25  PHI 720   57  PHI 330   89  IND 145   127  PHI 45   163  PHI 25.8   198  CIN 11.8   239  NE 1   26  IND 700   58  DAL 320   90  DAL 140   128  DAL 44   164  IND 25.4   199  IND 11.4   240  IND 1   27  OAK 680   59  IND 310   91  LAC 136   129  IND 43   165  DAL 25   200  LAC 11   241  DAL 1   28  LAC 660   60  LAC 300   92  KC 132   130  LAC 42   166  LAC 24.6   201  KC 10.6   242  LAC 1   29  KC 640   61  KC 292   93  NYJ 128   131  BUF 41   167  KC 24.2   202  NO 10.2   243  NE 1   30  GB 620   62  NO 284   94  LAR 124   132  NYG 40   168  NO 23.8   203  LAR 9.8   244  NO 1   31  LAR 600   63  KC 276   95  NYG 120   133  LAR 39   169  LAR 23.4   204  DET 9.4   245  NYG 1   32  NE 590   64  NE 270   96  WAS 116   134  NE 38.5   170  CLE 23   205  NE 9   246  NE 1                 97  NE 112   135  IND 38   171  NYG 22.6   206  WAS 8.6   247  MIN 1                 98  JAX 108   136  DAL 37.5   172  ATL 22.2   207  PIT 8.2   248  ARI 1                 99  LAR 104   137  ATL 37   173  WAS 21.8   208  TB 7.8   249  ARI 1                 100  CAR 100   138  PHI 36.5          209  MIN 7.4   250  MIN 1                 101  NE 96                 210  CIN 7   251  LAR 1                 102  BAL 92                 211  CIN 6.6   252  NE 1                                      212  SF 6.2   253  WAS 1                                      213  CIN 5.8   254  ARI 1                                      214  KC 5.4            From being on these boards too much - LOL - I get the sense that most of you have "moved on" from the Ed Oliver talk as we have all realized he isn't dropping to #14 and might not even drop to #8 where the Detroit Lions GM has already been on record willing to move out of the pick.   As some of you may recall, I was even on record over a month ago perhaps even questioning whether Oliver was better than Wilkins.   Well, I have definitely flipped my thoughts since then  the more I have studied and watched him.   I definitely have man love for Ed Oliver.  The quickness and toughness is just rare for a man that size.  Granted Quinnen has these same traits but both of these guys are playmaking unicorns that are TFL kings and can cause havoc in opposing backfields.   I have been listening to a NFL podcast where they are doing a beatwriter's mock and cover two teams a day - tomorrow they cover Dolphins(#13) and Falcons(#14) so I look forward to hearing that one.  I have no idea who will be the beatwriter they will interview - hopefully the Athletic beatrwriter(Jason Butt) and not Ledbetter.    I haven't listened to all of them but heard #9(Detroit), #10(Denver), #11(Cincy) and #12(Green Bay)......every one of them wanted Ed Oliver for their team - in this mock, Oliver went #5 overall to Tampa Bay.  I am starting to form the opinion that Ed Oliver not only has risen up the draft boards but that Tampa could actually be as late as he goes - could see a scenario where Oliver goes ahead of Josh Allen - hard to say for sure and we are still over two weeks out.  When one of the beatwriters brought up OLIVER, the beatwriter said something to the effect of  "Yeah last year we had Ed Oliver going #1 or #2 in this upcoming draft and then he had a fight w/ his coach, declared early in awkward manner and some slight declines in production and now all of a sudden he's dropping down draft boards - then he has his pro day and his workout backs up his film on how quick and explosive a player he is?"  -  it has been a roller coaster of Oliver being at the top of the heap, supposedly falling and now rising back up - maybe he was always high w/ the NFL guys - maybe not.   Nevertheless, fairly safe to say now that Ed Oliver is in play early in the Top 10.   Anyway,  I'm bringing Ed Oliver back from the dead - not ready to "move on" just yet.   As you can see on the Falcons website   here is a pull quote from that article: "So, while the record shows Atlanta selected six players in the 2011 draft, the Falcons entered that year’s event with the same number of picks they currently hold."   I certainly can see the Falcons sitting tight or moving up/down the board and staying w/ the nine picks.   However, there is no denying the Falcons have enough draft capital heading into this drBuaft to make a move up the board if that is what Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff desire to do.   I know many on the board believe Dexter Lawrence is the 346 lb. unicorn we need and we could just take him at #14 or move down and take him - well documented I don't want to go that route but he is definitely a unique player w/ abilities that are needed - but I digress.   I really don't see Ed Oliver in play for the Falcons through the first 5 picks in this draft.   If EO falls to Tampa at #5 and they don't want him, I don't think they would trade w/ us in division anyway.  If he fell to #6, wouldn't be surprised if Giants(#6), Jaguars(#7), Bills(#9), Broncos(#10), Bengals(#11), Packers(#12) or Dolphins(#13) would.   I think the "Trade-Up" game for Ed Oliver would start at #6 overall.   Here is what I believe the cost would be at each spot from #6-#13 while using above-chart as a baseline reference:   TRADE SCENARIOS:   Picks #1-3 (Arizona/SanFran/NYJ):  You are talking about giving up both of your Day 2 picks and a 1st rounder in 2020 Pain Scale:  12(on scale of 1-10) Would I do it? H#LL to the NAW, naw, naw       Picks#4-5(Oak/TB): You are talking about giving up both of your Day 2 picks(2nd/3rd) and your first Day 3 pick(4th) and probably a 2nd rounder in 2020 Pain Scale:  10 Would I do it?  nope. side note:  this is probably where Ed Oliver comes off the board - my guess right now.       Giants(#6 = 1,600pts):    Falcons#1-014(1,100pts) + Falcons#2-045(450pts) + Falcons#5-172-comp(22pts) + Falcons 5th rounder in 2020 COST:  (Down 3 picks over 2 years) Pain Scale:  7 Would I do it?  YES.  This one would be painful as you are giving away a presumed future starter in your 2nd round pick.  That pick would likely be used on CB/EDGE or OT which are all positions of need.  If you believe Ed Oliver is a superstar and a player other teams have to game plan for, then the cost is worth it.   You just are now in a position you have to hope you hit gold with your 3rd and two 4th rounders.       Jaguars(#7 = 1,500pts) + Jags#4-109(76pts):    Falcons#1-014(1,100pts) + Falcons#2-045(450pts)  + Falcons#5-172-comp(22pts) COST: (Down 1 pick over same year) Pain Scale: 6 Would I do it?  YES.  While you lose your 2nd round pick which is painful, the Falcons have had a lot of luck finding starters in 4th round like Freeman and Campbell.       Detroit(#8 = 1,400pts) + Detroit#3-088(150pts):    Falcons#1-014(1,100pts) + Falcons#2-045(450pts) COST: (Not even down a pick, just weakening a Day#2 pick) Pain Scale:  4 Would I do it?  YES.  no brainer       Buffalo(#9 = 1,350pts) + Buffalo#3-074(220pts):    Falcons#1-014(1,100pts) + Falcons#2-045(450pts) + Falcons#5-172-comp(22pts) COST: (Not as far a fall on Day2 pick and down a Day#3 pick) Pain Scale: 4 Would I do it?  YES.  no brainer       Denver(#10 = 1,300pts) + Denver#6-182(18pts):  Falcons#1-014(1,100pts) + Falcons#3-074(195pts) + Falcons#5-172(22pts)  COST: (Lose a Day#3 pick in 3rd and barely weaken a very late pick) Pain Scale:  2 Would I do it? YES. no brainer.     CONCLUSION: To me, this all comes down to how I feel about ED OLIVER and I believe it will come down to the same in Flowery Branch war room.   To many of you, it will be the same and some of you will come to the conclusion that no player in this draft is worth trading up for or that Oliver is not the perfect fit because he isn't a behemoth and duplicates too much of what Grady already does.   I respect all those opinions and just giving you mine.   I see a lot of value in the 4th and 5th round picks and comp picks that our 4 GMs + Quinn can cultivate some players with value late much like they did w/ Campbell and Kazee.      In all scearnios starting w/ a trade-up to NYG at #6, we aren't down more than two picks in 2019 - so we still end up selecting 7 new Falcons this year.      If ED OLIVER is not "their guy" then he's not worth any of these trades - if ED OLIVER is "their guy" and DQ/TD are crazy about him, then he is worth everything starting at GIANTS pick at #6.     If ED OLIVER is a serious want but not a must have, then I don't believe he would be in play until Detroit's pick at #8.  
    If Falcons "LOVE" Ed Oliver, I see him being "In Play" after Tampa Bay makes their choice if he is still on the board.
  6. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by Tim Mazetti in Ryan Is The Best Playoff QB In the Last Five Years   
    Monday, Apr 08, 2019 03:33 PM
    Here’s why Matt Ryan must be on the Mount Rushmore of current Ask any NFL fan to name the top quarterbacks in the league and you’ll likely receive a list varying in order but likely including the same names.
    That list would certainly contain Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson. Those four quarterbacks, with a sampling of other passers, are probably the consensus top-tier among a broad majority of those who follow the game.
    Matt Ryan, as most recently evidenced by CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, is not viewed to be in the same category as that Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks.
    But should he be?
    Well, if we’re objectively analyzing statistics of each quarterback over the past five seasons, the answer is a resounding yes.
    Sure, looking purely at black-and-white stats don’t necessarily tell the full picture. Garbage-time yards and touchdowns can skew a player’s on-paper greatness with his on-field prowess, and undefinable qualities such as how “clutch” a quarterback is won’t be reflected fully by numbers.

    There’s also the matter of a team’s performance, which is most closely tied to its quarterback. Fair or not, a quarterback’s reputation is partially colored by his team’s overall success – and each of the four quarterbacks previously listed has won at least one Super Bowl.
    Those wide-ranging qualifiers muddy the waters when it comes to judging a quarterback’s ability, but this piece is meant to put all of that aside for a moment. Ultimately, a quarterback can really control himself, and by extension, his team’s offense.
    So, let’s take a look at how Ryan’s total numbers over the past five seasons (since 2014) stack up to those mentioned above during that same time frame. 
    STAT TOTALS FROM 2014-2018
    Table inside Article Player Completions Attempts Completion percentage Passing yards Touchdowns Interceptions Yards per attempt Tom Brady 1,826 2,789 65.5% 21,365 158 37 7.7 Drew Brees 2,105 2,984 70.5% 23,356 157 56 7.8 Aaron Rodgers 1,615 2,537 63.7% 18,747 150 28 7.4 Matt Ryan 1,959 2,913 67.3% 23,248 142 56 8.0 Russell Wilson 1,586 2,461 64.4 19,149 144 44 7.8 Since 2014, Ryan has completed 67.3 percent of his passes, second only to Brees’ 70.5 percent. His 23,248 yards are just 108 shy of Brees’ league-leading mark over that five-year stretch and nearly 2,000 yards more than Brady’s total. And Ryan leads all qualified quarterbacks with 8 yards per pass attempt since 2014.
    But it’s not all positive for Ryan in this comparison. He has attempted the second-most passes of all five of these quarterbacks, so it’s understandable that his yardage total would be higher, but that does reflect positively on his completion percentage and average yards per pass attempt. What it doesn’t reflect well on is his touchdown total, which is the worst among this group at 142.
    Ryan has also tossed 56 interceptions since 2014, tied with Brees for the most in this batch of five.
    Yet Ryan is very much in the mix with all four of his contemporary quarterbacks, he just isn’t treated as their equals. An argument could be made that he’s been consistently great but maybe not able to hit the heights of the other four. But that argument doesn’t really hold water when looking at each quarterback’s best season in the last five years.
    Table inside Article Player Completions Attempts Completion percentage Passing yards Touchdowns Interceptions Yards per attempt Tom Brady 402 624 64.4% 4,770 36 7 7.6 Drew Brees 471 673 70.0% 5,208 37 15 7.7 Aaron Rodgers 401 610 65.7% 4,428 40 7 7.3 Matt Ryan 373 534 69.9% 4,944 38 7 9.3 Russell Wilson 329 483 68.1% 4,024 34 8 8.3 Ryan’s best season occurred in 2016, the year in which he became the first player in Falcons history to be recognized as NFL MVP. That year he completed 69.9 percent of his passes for 4,944 yards with 38 touchdowns and seven interceptions. His yards per pass attempt of 9.3 that season are the most by any quarterback to start 16 games in NFL history.
    Ryan completed a higher percentage of passes, threw for more yards and touchdowns with an equal number of interceptions compared to Brady’s best season over the past five years. The same can be said of Wilson’s best year, although he through one more interception than Ryan.
    Rodgers threw two more touchdowns in his best year, but had a lower completion percentage, fewer passing yards and an equal number of interceptions. And Brees had one less touchdown and eight more interceptions than Ryan but completed 70 percent of his passes and threw for 5,208 yards.
    So, a feasible argument can be made that in recent NFL history Ryan’s best season is more complete than the league’s pinnacle of passers. He was rewarded for that season with the MVP award, but that seems to be quickly forgotten.
    But what about postseason performance, surely that’s where the elite quarterbacks separate themselves from the pack? 
    Table inside Article Player Completions Attempts Completion percentage Passing yards Touchdowns Interceptions Yards per attempt Tom Brady 29.6 45.6 64.9% 339.6 2.1 0.9 7.4 Drew Brees 25.5 37.8 67.5% 305.0 2.3 1.3 8.1 Aaron Rodgers 24.0 39.6 60.6% 281.3 2.4 0.7 7.1 Matt Ryan 22.6 32.8 68.9% 288.4 2.2 0.0 8.8 Russell Wilson 17.9 29.1 61.4% 239.3 1.9 1.3 8.2 On a per-game basis in the postseason, Ryan has completed 68.9 percent of his passes, which is the best mark of this group. He averages 288.4 passing yards in the playoffs, which is third behind Brady and Brees but ahead of Rodgers and Wilson. Ryan is again third with an average of 2.2 touchdown passes, but he has been by far the most protective of the football and has not throw a single playoff interception in the past five seasons.
    If he’s not the best playoff quarterback of this group in the past five seasons, he is certainly right in the thick of the conversation. Sure, Brady has won the most Super Bowls in NFL history, which should not and could not be taken away from him. But Ryan’s performance in the most pressure-filled games speaks for itself.
    There are always going to be those who view Ryan below the elite tier of NFL quarterbacks, including some right here in Atlanta, but it’s quite plain to see the numbers speak for themselves.
  7. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by A Pimp Named Slickback™ in WR Jones not worried about contract situation   
    No doubt. He'd have the rest he wants. That we all want.
  8. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by vel in WR Jones not worried about contract situation   
    You'd think otherwise if Kyle ran the ball and settled for a FG to ice the SB that Julio made a once in a lifetime catch to put us in that position. 
    But carry on...
  9. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by vel in WR Jones not worried about contract situation   
    I hope all of yall come in here eating crow like OP. Second offseason in a row we've spent listening to people drag this man's name and character around like a selfish primadonna WR when he's shown he's anything but. 
  10. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by Xfactor in WR Jones not worried about contract situation
    "Me, personally, I don't really care about as far as being the highest-paid receiver, man," Jones said. "It's a number. We've got some other guys on the team. If we can do it in a way to get all the other guys to stay on the team ... it's a lot of ways you can do money."
    I'm man enough I apologize Julio
  11. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by Goober Pyle in Quinn talks contracts for Jarrett, Jones and ‘changes’ for Beasley, McKinley
    PHOENIX — The clock is ticking in terms of locking up a long-term contract with Grady Jarrett. While the Falcons expressed optimism for some time about a deal, one hasn’t appeared close to materializing. Perhaps this is a classic game of hardball, where one side waits as long as it can before going to the bargaining table. And if you’re Jarrett’s agent, it’s hard not to try an approach that will ensure the most money for your client.
    For now, Atlanta has given Jarrett the franchise tag. And that appears where things will remain in the short term. At this year’s NFL owners meetings, Dan Quinn was asked how confident he was in a deal getting done before the July 15 deadline. He offered a lengthy response filled with hope. But that was about it. For now, it’s still very much a wait-and-see ordeal.
    “You know what, here’s what I can say: Through the years, Thomas (Dimitroff) and his staff have had a good track record of identifying the guys and going to get there,” Quinn said. “(Jarrett’s) agents are good football guys. Thomas and his group are good football guys. Usually people who stand for the right stuff get together, you keep hammering away, and you get there. We’re hopeful.
    “We want to do a long-term deal with him and have him a Falcon. I hope he never graduates. He’s a really impactful guy on our team, both on and off the field. I think his leadership and how he’s emerging in that way, he’s a real factor for us.”
    If Jarrett is unable to get a long-term deal before OTAs begin, it will be interesting to see if he reports. The same could go for mandatory minicamp. The risk of injury on a franchise tag is a major concern for any player. Sure, $15.2 million is a lot of money for one season. But there is no guarantee beyond the tagged year.
    Of course, the Falcons want to get a long-term deal done with Jarrett. And the Falcons have a history of paying their best players handsomely. Julio Jones (more on him in a moment), Devonta Freeman and Matt Ryan all have been rewarded with big-time deals. Jarrett, a fifth-round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, is next in line to receive a big contract.
    Quinn and Dimitroff stated Jarrett would be the team’s priority signing once the offseason began. With talks being where they are, however, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the franchise turn its attention to Jones, who has long been budgeted for an extension in 2019.
    “I think that comes along with the territory of utilizing the franchise tag (on Jarrett),” Quinn said. “I’m not going to say it’s hitting pause, but life does go on. Yeah, for sure, the negotiations and discussions with other players move forward. We know no matter what we’re having Grady back (in 2019). That’s a good thing. We’re hoping we can do it long term where it would help on both sides.”
    As for Jones, when a deal gets done, it very well could be among the richest in league history for a wide receiver. While no numbers have been agreed upon yet, the Falcons do seem plenty confident on working something out with Jones.
    Quinn smiled when asked whether Jones was set to land one of the richest contracts in league history for a wide receiver.
    “As you’re going through and negotiating with who we think is the best receiver in the game, quite often, those conversations lead that way,” Quinn said. “He’s a fantastic guy, and another example of his agent and his representative, Jimmy Sexton, they have a longstanding relationship with the organization. Like I said, most times when football guys get together and have a real plan of how to do that, we know the impact Julio has with us.”
    ‘Changes’ coming to elevate Beasley, McKinley
    Everyone and their distant relatives were aware of Atlanta’s pass-rushing woes in 2018. The Falcons finished 22nd in the league in sacks with 37. It marked the second consecutive season that no Falcons players reached double-digits in sacks — Adrian Clayborn almost did in 2017 with 9.5.
    After his team finished 7-9 and 28th in total defense (384.5 yards per game), Quinn decided to part ways with Marquand Manuel and make himself the defense’s play-caller. The hope is that this, combined with his background in developing defensive linemen, will help get more production out of defensive ends Takk McKinley and Vic Beasley. McKinley finished the 2018 season with seven sacks, and Beasley had five. Four of Beasley’s sacks came during the final five weeks of the year.
    Quinn said the plan is to use some different techniques at defensive end, which he believes will feature the two pass-rushers in a better manner. That could come through certain alignments and with the usage of various stunts.
    “Beasley and McKinley, we’re really going to feature these guys in a good way this year,” Quinn said. “We’re excited about some changes that we’ll make with how we’ll play those two.”
    Beasley, in particular, has been a hot topic this offseason. While he only has posted double-digit sacks in one season, the Falcons elected to keep him on his fifth-year option worth $12.81 million. The team was never going to ask him to take a pay cut — both out of principle and because of the future investment it would mean from a years standpoint. On top of that, Beasley is repped by the same agency that has Jarrett, Jones and Ryan as clients.
    Considering he’s basically on a one-year deal — worth a lot of money, mind you — Beasley is entering a make-or-break season. While he recorded 15.5 sacks in 2016, Beasley has 14 sacks in his other three seasons. Quinn hopes this new approach will increase his production.
    “He is one of the guys this year who has a lot to prove,” Quinn said. “We’ve had some production and one year of really good production. We’re going to work like crazy to get the things he does best out in the forefront to help our team play like we’re capable of.”
    Oliver the starter
    As it stands, Isaiah Oliver is expected to be one of the two starting cornerbacks in 2019.
    With Atlanta parting ways with Robert Alford shortly after the season ended, Oliver was considered next on the depth chart to step into the role. Quinn expressed a lot of confidence in Oliver when asked about him while confirming he is slated to run opposite of Desmond Trufant.
    “When you saw him towards the end of the year, you saw quite a bit of (improvement),” Quinn said. “There’s some on-the-job training he had to go through, like all rookies do, and that’s an important step you can’t miss. I’m glad we got that done. It’s the length and size; he’s really patient at the line of scrimmage, and he’s really been putting the work in this offseason to get himself into that space to play really well.”
    Cornerback is still a position of need for the Falcons, considering the depth that is needed. Behind Trufant and Oliver are Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Ryan Neal and Taveze Calhoun. Trufant is the only one on the roster with multiple years of experience as a starter.
    Quinn, however, said he believes that Oliver can get the job done and offered high praise for the player the Falcons took in the second round of the 2018 draft.
    “When you know, you have to say, ‘This guy can do it.’ That’s part of believing in the player,” Quinn said. “If I didn’t believe in Isaiah, then you’d have to go (elsewhere). When you have real belief they can get the job done, you’ve got to trust your instincts to say, ‘We took him for a reason, and we’re developing him for a reason to do this.’ If you didn’t have the confidence, then you have to go make a move. That’s not the case with Isaiah. We have lots of confidence in Isaiah.”
    Big, but agile, guards
    Jamon Brown (6-foot-4, 340 pounds) and James Carpenter (6-5, 321 pounds) are bigger than any of the guards Atlanta had on the roster last year. But based on the evaluation he has made, Quinn said these two interior linemen don’t play as big as they are.
    As a result, Quinn believes Brown and Carpenter are ideal fits for Atlanta’s offensive system, which will undergo some tweaking under new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter.
    “I think it’s important to note that although they are bigger, they have really good movement,” Quinn said. “That’s what you’re looking for with their athleticism.”
    Quinn said the two players have experience in similar schemes. Carpenter played for the Seattle Seahawks and New York Jets, which used zone runs. Brown got this experience when he was with the Los Angeles Rams.
    Quinn said Atlanta runs the wide zone about 50 percent of the time. He noted that while some minor changes will be made with Koetter calling plays, the system will feature the same ideas.
    “The philosophy of how we play isn’t changing,” Quinn said. “We’re still a zone team, but we’ve added some elements to our game, for sure.”
    That said, Quinn is happy with the size of his new linemen when it comes to pass protection. Last year, Atlanta started six guards: Andy Levitre, Brandon Fusco and Wes Schweitzer all missed games due to injury, and Ben Garland, Zane Beadles and Ty Sambrailo also earned starts.
    Regardless of who started, Ryan was sacked 42 times, which was the second most during his career.
    “When you’re really stout inside, you’re obviously able to hitch up onto your throws in the pocket,” Quinn said. “Quite honestly, in the NFL today, there are a lot of throws that are quick throws. It’s a quick game. I’d say 70 percent of the throws are at 10 yards and under. It’s a lot. To have really stout, physical guys right in front is a big factor.”
    Quinn: Crawford played up to potential in 2018
    Jarrett is a powerful presence inside. But multiple times during his hour-long interview at the NFL owners meetings, Quinn brought up Jack Crawford as a player who could wind up with a bigger role in 2019. Crawford, 30, totaled six sacks as a rotational defensive tackle in 2018. He came up with his first career interception against Carolina in Week 16.
    When going over the season’s tape, Quinn said Crawford continually stood out.
    “Every time you want to go through the season, you want to see who played up to their potential,” Quinn said. “That’s ultimately what you’re trying to do. Jack was one of those players who I thought really played up to his standard we set for him and for what he set for himself, as well. I was really pleased to add that kind of pass-rushing ability inside. He’s an important piece to what we have. I love putting him inside in pass-rushing situations.”
    While the Falcons are confident in Crawford, his contract will be up after the 2019 season. His presence won’t deter the Falcons from drafting another defensive tackle, perhaps even in the first round.
    “We’ve got to add to that group,” Quinn said. “There are three defensive ends now who we have confidence and trust in, and we have three defensive tackles. We’ll definitely add to that group moving forward. It could be through free agency as we’re still going. It doesn’t end; it just keeps on rocking. We’ll be strategic as we go, but there’s also a good draft this year that’s deep at two of those spots.”
  12. NeonDeion liked a post in a topic by HouseofEuphoria in Rashan Gary - Let's at least talk about him (Falcoholic Article)   
    Would not be fond of this pick @ 14. 
    He's got body and athleticism, but that's about it.
  13. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by gazoo in The Falcons should bring back hageman!   
    Dude made. Mistake and paid a massive multi million dollar fine, fired for two years from his job, ousted from his career for two years in his prime....I’d say if a man has paid his debt and is sorry for what he did it’s not right to destroy him for life. There’s got to be a pointsociety forgives that man and gives h8m a second chance.
    There are a lot of dudes in prison that did some bad things but deserve a second chance. I know, because I’m allowed to go into the prison system in GA and speak with many of them. 
  14. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by Knight of God in The Falcons should bring back hageman!   
    I have been critical of him. Give him a chance.
  15. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by etherdome in Rashan Gary - Let's at least talk about him (Falcoholic Article)   
    Physically, Gary has what it takes to make an impact in the league.  The real question is whether he truly has the desire to be the best. 
  16. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by FalconsIn2012 in Rashan Gary - Let's at least talk about him (Falcoholic Article)   
    But you have prospects who produce tons in college and we still hate on.  Zach Allen being one.  100 tackles, 58 pressures, 16 TFL and 6.5 sacks is one **** of a year for a 285 DE who sets this edge and still effects the QB
  17. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by MD-FalconFan13 in Rashan Gary - Let's at least talk about him (Falcoholic Article)   
    I don't usually hate prospects. I usually have some I like more than others, but rarely do I absolutely loathe the idea of my team selecting a specific player. 
    Rashan Gary is the exception. I would throw up in my mouth and lose all confidence in the team if they select this guy with the #14 overall. He's a more athletic version of Rashede Hageman. Except that speed only shows up when he's got a head of steam or is completely unblocked. Not what we need from a DT at all and has no bend to get to the QB so he can't play DE. We need a pocket pusher that can hold at the point of attack. 
    I'd stay far away from him unless he falls to the second round. Even then I'd consider other candidates. Just don't like his film or production. 
  18. HouseofEuphoria liked a post in a topic by Atl Falcon in Rashan Gary - Let's at least talk about him (Falcoholic Article)   
     Boom or bust describes him well....I’d still take Wilkins or Oliver
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    Check out @MatthewTabeek’s Tweet:
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    Might have to trade up ahead of Lions to get oe of these prospects.
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    You wan a trade up? For a game changer like he or Oliver, just might put the Falcons' over the top at the DL.  And good times stopping the run.
    Prolly give a second? Is it worth it.?
    I think yess..siding with Vandy here, as I learn.
    It may be worth it.
    I hate to give a second in this draft. Good players.
    But DTs are what the Falcons's need In the rotation.. And this is not a needy team, so this will be gravy.
    GJ and Senat.
    Yes, they need a rotational player at DT, but also at DE..