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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Geneaut in Does Matt Ryan Look Too Thin To Anybody Else?   
    No. Trained circus Freak at DE, DT, LB, or S. Extra points if they eat raw meat and drool during press conferences.
    Lather, rinse, and repeat down through the rest of our top picks.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to ROMERO in Does Matt Ryan Look Too Thin To Anybody Else?   
    Here we go again on the Ryan hate. Geez I bet yall spend all night trying to figure out what to hate on Ryan next. I never seen a fanbase hate their QB who done everything he possibly can to help this team succeed. BuT hIs CoTrAcT iS tOo MuCh.. NoOdLe ArM... LeTs TaNk FoR tUa....
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to TheUsualStuff in Does Matt Ryan Look Too Thin To Anybody Else?   
    Good Lord Almighty...

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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Pacific_Falcon in You think it’s bad now?! Hold my beer!   
    Probably post a wall of fractured, incoherent rhetoric.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to FalconFanSince1970 in This is What I'd Like To See Right Now   
    The Atlanta Football Falcons open a can of whoopass. Starting with the Aints. Never roll over for an Aint. I know most of yall are in tank mode but I aint. I don't think the Branch is either. Never tank. Still eight games left. In a watered down NFL. All these teams look like they could be had to me. I'd like to see us come out and run the table. Get to the second season and roll. We got the whole division ahead of us which also counts for conference games. We know how to play them. Run the table and get some rest. 12 straight!!! That's what I'd like to see right now. 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to JDaveG in Why am seeing people say Neal is "gone" after this year?   
    Honestly?  Because he has a $6.6 million cap hit and $0 dead money to cut him.  We can either draft or sign a replacement.  
    I like Keke.  But if he comes back it would have to be on a team friendly deal.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to WhenFalconsWin in DQ' presser today. The man is clueless   
    Him taking over as DC was his death knell. He wanted it and he got it. That exposed Quinn, and he should be fired sooner rather than later. Also, play our dayum draft picks, let us know what we have for the next HC. 
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    HouseofEuphoria got a reaction from WhenFalconsWin in DQ' presser today. The man is clueless   
    Yeah, this dudes brain is baked.
    Becoming D coordinator too....was he stoned? Obviously under-qualified to say the least.
    I mean...when your defense is breaking records in futility....
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Upstate NY Falcon in Matt Ryan frustrated as he tries to lead Falcons in lost season   
    For as much as this year has sucked, #2 has me eternally optimistic. This year is beyond shot, but I’m hopeful for next year. Our window is open as long as this guy is in a Falcons uniform. 
    Obviously just my opinion, and many on here want to move on from the ice man, but that’s my quarterback 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Goober Pyle in Matt Ryan frustrated as he tries to lead Falcons in lost season   
    Less than three years removed from going to the Super Bowl and being honored as the NFL’s most valuable player, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has had his physical and mental resilience tested this season.
    The Falcons are 1-7 as they come off the bye week. They’re near two-touchdown underdogs against their longtime rival, the New Orleans Saints, who would love nothing more than to extend the misery. Ryan has thrown for 300-plus yards in six of his seven starts, but he is coming off an ankle injury that caused him to miss his first start since 2009. He also has been sacked 14 times and hit 38 times in his last four starts.
    The Falcons have allowed the fifth-most quarterback hits in the league at 60, and that might be a greater indicator of quarterback duress than sacks. The six teams that have allowed the most quarterback hits this season — the New York Giants, Jets, Miami, Tennessee, Atlanta and Tampa Bay — have a combined record of 11-39.
    Back to Ryan. As one of the team leaders, he has pulled aside teammates at times this season to discuss what he considers shortcomings in their performance. He has done that in previous seasons, as well. The frustrating part for him is that the overall product hasn’t changed.
    When I asked him about the perception that some teammates might not be focused, Ryan told me: “Here’s the thing, Jeff. We haven’t gotten the results we’ve wanted. If you’re just going to point fingers and say, ‘He’s the issue. He’s the issue’ — there are a lot of issues that we have to figure out.”
    Ryan spent some time with The Athletic to discuss the Falcons’ season:
    Do you always stay in town during the bye week?
    It depends on the year. Sometimes when you’re nicked up, I’ve had bye weeks where I’ve been here. Sometimes when I’ve been healthy, we’ve had bye weeks where I’m able to get out and disconnect for a few days. One year we went back to Boston. I went to a B.C. game and had my jersey retired. Mostly when we leave, it’s to see my family or Sarah’s family or just to catch up with somebody someplace on the East Coast.
    Did you do anything to decompress?
    We had Halloween. That was our big thing with our (1-year-old twin) boys. We took them around to three houses in our neighborhood. But that was it. It was cold.
    Did they go as Matt Ryan?
    No! They went as Ninja Turtles. They loved dressing up. We kind of practiced walking up to the door and knocking on it. We had a little game plan going into it, and they executed it pretty well.
    OK, shifting gears. You’ve been part of a couple of pretty bad years here. But is this the worst, not just because of the record but the expectations?
    It’s definitely been the toughest start to the season, for sure. There was an expectation for us to be productive. We haven’t been able to play consistently across the board. It’s been frustrating and disappointing. But you have to find a way to get through that and to continue to have belief you’re going to play better as we move forward.
    Has it been mind-boggling, to some degree?
    One thing I’ve learned in this league is that it’s tough to win. The margin for error is small. The line between wins and losses is very fine. So to a certain extent, nothing shocks me. But at the same time, we haven’t been as productive as we’ve needed to be. That’s the part you rack your brain about. Why? What’s the why?
    But when you go from a presumed playoff contender to 1-7, that’s significant, even in a league in which most games are decided by a touchdown.
    I hear ya. Some years, two or three games go in the other direction and you think, “OK, we’ve kind of weathered the storm.” Then you go on a roll. But you have to find ways to win those tough, ugly games. Good teams I’ve been on have found a way to do that, and we have not done that this year.
    What, in 2016, beyond just the offense being on a roll, went right? What made that season work?
    A lot of things went right. You talk about being opportunistic as a team. Capitalizing off turnovers and scoring points off that. Creating explosive plays. And we didn’t put ourselves in situations that were difficult to overcome. This year offensively there have been too many times where we had penalties that set us back in drives and prevented us from getting into a consistent rhythm. That’s not something that happened back then (in 2016).
    Do you take it more personally when things fall apart and spiral because you’re one of the team leaders?
    Absolutely I take it personally. You’re invested. You’ve invested so much in this. You’re committed to trying to make this as successful as it can be. So when it doesn’t go right, it hurts. But you have to persist. You have to find a way to get through it and beyond it. That’s where mental toughness and grit and things you’ve worked on along the way help you out.
    What are some of the different ways you’ve tried to lead the team this season? Have there been times when you jumped on a table or called a team meeting? I know sometimes that kind of stuff gets overblown.
    I always feel like that overreaction kind of stuff — you know, that’s a Band-Aid. In order to get things right, you have to do things right all the time. It’s not a speech that changes things. It’s not one specific act that changes things. It’s consistent effort over a long period of time that changes things. That’s the message more than anything that you try to stress and get over to guys. You have to do things right all the time just to give yourself an opportunity to be successful. That’s my approach to it. It’s less about being rah-rah than it is having the right approach every day.
    Have you felt the need to pull guys aside this year?
    Absolutely. But I’ve been doing that my entire career. For sure, as this year has gone on, I’ve said things like, “Stay the course,” or, “You need to be a little more consistent,” or, “You need to do things a little bit different.”
    But that’s not working this year.
    The results have not been there. I’m a believer that there’s these four quadrants of performance: You can have a process and bad results, a bad process and good results, a good process and bad results or a good process and good results. Right now our process is actually OK but we’re getting bad results, and that’s the toughest quadrant to be in.
    But when a team consistently underachieves in a season, as yours has, there’s a perception by some that some guys in your locker room aren’t focused, for whatever reason, and their minds are elsewhere. And as you know, it doesn’t take a lot of players doing the wrong thing for a season to spin off the rails.
    And that’s the thing: It’s got to be everybody — all-in, all the time, across the board.
    So have you seen that? Do you think there’s an issue?
    Here’s the thing, Jeff: We haven’t gotten the results we’ve wanted. If you’re just going to point fingers and say, “He’s the issue. He’s the issue” — there are a lot of issues that we have to figure out. But to me, it’s not guys not caring or not being invested or the day-to-day mindset not being there. We’ve just got to find ways to take what we’re doing on the practice field and in the meeting room and make it work in games. To me, it’s not about guys being distracted. We just need to play better.
    I hear those narratives a lot. But clearly something is off on Sunday.
    There’s a handful of really good things we’re doing at certain times. That’s the standard we have to find a way to play at consistently.
    There’s obviously a lot of speculation now about Dan Quinn possibly losing his job. As someone who’s been with him for a while, what are your thoughts seeing him go through this?
    It sucks. It sucks. You understand it’s a production-based business. But he’s a **** of a coach and as consistent a person as I’ve ever been around. That’s the part — as players, you want to find a way to make these plays because you love the guy. That’s the part you take personally. He’s given so much to this cause.
    Sometimes players love a coach so much that they take advantage of that.
    That’s you saying that. I can only speak for me. You want to find a way to make plays because he’s a **** of a guy and a good football coach.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins in DQ' presser today. The man is clueless   
    My only guess is that DQ has found out, this year, that head coaching is a LOT HARDER than he thought, and he knows he doesn't have what it takes (yet anyway), and he's eager to go to a smaller role somewhere else that he knows how to handle.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Friendly Folk in DQ' presser today. The man is clueless   
    But the stupid part is when he said we have to focus on what we are doing well. Well, that probably took about 2 minutes to cover. 
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    HouseofEuphoria got a reaction from Flying Falcon in Dan Quinn moves Raheem Morris from offense to defense to fix Falcons’ secondary   
    So much idiocy being displayed.
    I can't believe the "We know it's all about this year" crap.
    ****, they believed in the team more than we did! Talk about blind....
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to TheUsualStuff in Dan Quinn moves Raheem Morris from offense to defense to fix Falcons’ secondary   
    Just thinking about this makes me more pissed at DQ than I already was.
    DQ even seems to know this was a no-brainer move....
    yeah, it was so no-brainer you never should have had him as receivers coach anyway you blockheaded dingus.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to athell in Dwight Freeney Interview - Comments on Super Bowl Loss to Pats   
    Kneel down.  Pats burn time out.
    Kneel down.  Pats burn time out.
    Kneel down.  Pats burn final time out.
    4th and 13 from the 25.  Bryant kicks a 43 yard chip shot to go up 11.  Falcons hold on to win.
    I've thought about this more than I care to admit.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to athell in Dwight Freeney Interview - Comments on Super Bowl Loss to Pats   
    What's still crazy to me is you would think Quinn of all people would have realized how dangerous it is passing the ball late in the game in the Superbowl when you should be running it instead...dude didn't learn.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to TheUsualStuff in Dwight Freeney Interview - Comments on Super Bowl Loss to Pats   
    Well there goes 1.5 years of therapy... right down the toilet..
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to atljbo in Dwight Freeney Interview - Comments on Super Bowl Loss to Pats   
    I don't get how y'all read this then say fire Quinn... Lol... Quinn will be gone after this season but this is is 100% on shanny..... 
    You have to run the ball.... You have to.... 
    28-3 don't bother me seeing that but I will never get over that game.... If the game come on I can only see the first half
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Hard2BaBirdWachr in Dwight Freeney Interview - Comments on Super Bowl Loss to Pats   
    Shanahan loses his bag with his game plan inside before the SB...gets Patriots backup QB Jimmy Garoppolo the next season as his starting QB. Hmmm 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to schwarzenegger321 in Dwight Freeney Interview - Comments on Super Bowl Loss to Pats   
    BC, it's worse than that.  If all things were equal, and I realize that they wouldn't be, but if they were.  All we had to do was run the ball four more times the whole second half and the time it takes off the clock would have won the game.  Even if we didn't make a yard on any of those runs.  Now, NE would have played more up tempo if they were running out of time, but if any of those four runs lead to a first down and we had a new set of downs, we win easily.  If we ran say eight more times and got two first downs on any of those three and outs, we would have won by two scores.
    I lost all faith in DQ after that game.  I always new Shanahan was a great OC, but still thought he was an *******.  That game confirmed it.  I also lost a lot of respect for Ryan that game.  He should have been able to feel the shift in momentum and knows the game as well as anyone on the sideline.  Just call a running play.  He knew the playbook well enough to figure out a run that would have been effective.  Going into the fourth quarter, everyone knew that Shanahan was on a ego trip.  They weren't going to pull Ryan out of the game and even if they did, we would have had to run anyway.  Ryan should have manned up and called his game.  It's his team.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to BCEagleATLFalcon in Dwight Freeney Interview - Comments on Super Bowl Loss to Pats   
    He's writing exactly what we all have been saying on here for 2.5 years. Interesting, though not at all suprising, to hear that he was having those exact thoughts ("Run the ball, and it's over ... wait, what the **** are we doing?) IN the moment. 
    I'll never be able to truly wrap my head around that game. It doesn't hurt like it did right afterward anymore, but it will NEVER stop being absolutely bewildering to think about. We had it. WE HAD IT. Run on every single play after 28-3 to bleed the clock and you probably win it even if you do go 3 and out every time. Run on the 3 plays after Julio's miracle catch and you certainly win it. The '16 Bryant wasn't missing that thing.
    Shanahan got arrogant and cute, and Quinn should have overruled him and didn't. "Play aggressive, that's what got us here." Great. We did play aggressive. We had a 25 point lead over the freaking New England Patriots. You don't have to be aggressive after that. You have to be smart.
    Just mind-boggling.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Goober Pyle in Dwight Freeney Interview - Comments on Super Bowl Loss to Pats   
    I've just included the comments pertaining to the Super Bowl loss. Sorry to reopen old wounds, but it's eye opening coming from a player. 
    After that decision was made, the Colts had to reach the Super Bowl, which they did. But Freeney was injured in the AFC Championship Game against the Jets and was deeply limited in the Super Bowl loss to the Saints …
    “You know how that happened?” Freeney said. “It was on a screen pass and I was trying to avoid the quarterback because if I’m remembering correctly, that was the year they put in all those rules on how not to hit a quarterback. So, I was trying to avoid him, so I jumped over him and somehow somebody hit him from the other side and he rolled on my ankle. And that was in the fourth quarter when we were up (13 points).
    “Dealing with that ankle was horrible. It was non-stop rehab. I’d wake up at 8 a.m., do beach stuff, chiropractic work, soft tissue, acupuncture, muscle activation, electrical stim, hyperbaric chamber. Every day we did that. …
    “When the Super Bowl started, I was good. But halftime destroyed me. Believe me, I did everything I could to keep on going, but when I got back out there, it was a flat tire. I had nothing. And they (the Saints) changed the game plan. It was all three-step throws, some five-step. Even if (Drew Brees) was holding onto the ball, I don’t know if I could have gotten there (to the quarterback). Now, it doesn’t trump what I experienced in Atlanta (when the Falcons blew a 28-3 Super Bowl lead to the Patriots). For that one, I still wake up in cold sweats.”
    Well, since you brought it up …
    “We forgot, from an offensive perspective, that we had the clock on our side,” Freeney said. “Those three-and-outs were killing our defense. We were out there for 90 plays, and they’d pass every play. That’s draining. The Patriots were taking out their starting receivers and putting in backups to run routes, then pulling them and putting the starters back in, so they’re fresh. Still, that whole game, I’m thinking, ‘We have this game. We have it. All we’ve got to do is run the ball and the game is over.’”
    Freeney takes a moment, collects his thoughts, stabs a chunk of stone crab.
    “And we don’t (run the ball). After Julio (Jones) made that catch, we had it at the (New England) 22-yard line, now, all we’ve got to do is run the ball and the game is over. And we decide to pass it. I couldn’t believe it. (After a Devonta Freeman run that lost 1 yard on first down), we take a freaking sack that pushes us out of field goal range. Then we pass again and we get a (holding penalty on Jake Matthews).
    “I couldn’t believe it. What were we doing? That’s the one Super Bowl that will haunt me forever, absolutely forever. Thank God I won one, right? After that game, it was hard for me to eat, drink. … I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was thinking, ‘Maybe if we win this Super Bowl, I’ll retire on top.’ Nope. It didn’t happen.

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    HouseofEuphoria got a reaction from Vandy in Sell Me On Chase Young   
    Gotta be Keapernick....
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    HouseofEuphoria got a reaction from PokerSteve in What happened to the Falcons team that beat the Eagles in week 2 and looked really good?   
    We just signed our 5th punter of the season....8 games in. 
    That's just a drop in the bucket, i know.
    But our buckets' pretty full.
    If we had lost that Eagles game, not sure i would feel any different right now.
    What i see on Sunday is a team with not much heart or outstanding talent.
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