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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to MD-FalconFan13 in 'Dream' Scenario Offseason   
    - I absolutely LOVE the OL additions in Brown and Ford. They'd rejuvenate the run game and give us a definitive upgrade on offense. 
    - Giving Grady a partner in Dexter Lawrence. He's a massive NT that will get Grady back to his natural 3T position more often and help plug up the middle of our defense.
    - The addition of criminally underrated Kwon Alexander to our LB core. He'd be an outstanding addition and help immensely next to Debo
    - Cutting Fusco, Alford, Schaeder and Reed frees up about 23.5 mil. We're only bringing in Brown and Kwon? 
    - Specifically cutting Alford creates a starting vacancy. What's the plan to fill it? Start Oliver? And if that's the plan, Johnson is not enough depth at CB. I'd like to bring in a vet with more experience that 1 year to compete for the starting gig instead of handing it to Oliver, who didn't look that great last season. Concerned we'd be cutting Alford a year to early. 
    - Don't feel we'd be doing enough to upgrade the pass rush. Vic has woefully under performed and Lawrence, while a good run defender with potential to be more, has not shown enough pass rush prowess. Winovich is a decent prospect, but I'd rather bring in someone with experience. We had the 2nd worst pass rush in the league. It's an area that will need more than a 3rd rounder to fix. 
    Overall a decent draft. I'd add some numbers to the moves to give more context and consider more to address the needs at CB and pass rusher. 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to NeonDeion in 'Dream' Scenario Offseason   
    Alford was on the verge of breaking out....before we got decimated with injuries.
    Some guys will just look bad when things around them fall apart. Field a full roster and watch Alford return to form. 
    Trufant will likely never get back to Trufant of old, but he can definitely bounce back to a very solid CB. 
    We need line help more than anything. Both lines. Let’s keep everything else intact.
    My dream offseason is Beasley re-signs for 5M/year prove it deal and all of FA and draft is OL/DL. 
    Edit: put a guy like Fletcher Cox next to Grady and both Tru and Rocky become instant Top 10 CBs imo. That’s how much DL matters (or missing pressure matter. No pressure = bad DBs) 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to LaurentRobinsonDaGawd in 'Dream' Scenario Offseason   
    So, I thought it would be fun to try and come up with a 'Dream' off season, while trying to keep it as realistic as possible.
    I had multiple scenarios going through my head, but this is the one I think would fix our short-term, and long-term, problems the quickest. 
    RT Ryan Schraeder
    CB Robert Alford
    DE Brooks Reed
    OG Brandon Fusco
    RT Trent Brown - Gives us a young bookend OT to pair with Matthews for the foreseeable future. IMO, Brown is a consistent Pro-Bowl/All-Pro caliber RT, and is just starting to reach his prime. Had great success in SF before moving on, and dominating for NE.
    LB Kwon Alexander - Alexander would bring his playmaking ability and athleticism to a LB group that already has 2 athletic freaks in DeBo and DeVondre. He has a real nose for the ball.
    1) Cody Ford OG Oklahoma - Ford is the type of OG talent that is capable of being a Pro-Bowler from day 1. Brings a much needed toughness and grit to the interior OL.
    *TRADE* We trade our 2nd, a 4th, and our 2020 3rd to move back into the 1st.
    1) Dexter Lawrence NT Clemson - Lawrence is the perfect NT to slide next to Jarrett. His ability to collapse the pocket and command double teams will open things up for the entire DL, while also allowing our 3 freaks at LB to flow freely to the ball.
    3) Chase Winovich DE Michigan - Winovich has the type of character that passes the Falcons Filter with flying colors. His motor runs hot, and is never low on fuel. Winovich is a great compliment to the current DE group, and could be the long-term replacement for Vic Beasley. 
    4) Lamont Gaillard G/C Georgia - Gaillard's versatility give him an edge with this pick. I honestly believe he could compete for a OG spot from day 1(and win), and also possibly be groomed as Mack's replacement at C.
    5) Qadree Ollison RB Pittsburgh - Ollison is the perfect compliment to Freeman and Ito. Ollison is a pure power back with great vision, fluidity, and has deceptive breakaway speed. 
    5) Isaiah Johnson CB Houston - Johnson has only played CB for 2 years at Houston(WR his first 2 years), but he has quickly learned the nuances of being a CB that excels in press man coverage. He has exceptional length, and has the background that Quinn loves to work with. 
    6) John Cominsky DE Charleston - Cominsky is a DE that can rush the passer, but also is a devastating run stuffer. He has all the tools to be a base DE in our scheme. Has a high motor, and is a locker room leader.
    7) Easton Stick QB NDSU - Stick has the numbers to back-up his versatility and high potential. He has the ceiling to possibly become Matt Ryan's long-term replacement, and his ability to run the ball would add a whole new element to this offense down the line. He very well could not be groomed as Matt's replacement, but his skillset would be interesting to see if he is the man to be the heir to the throne. 
    Let me know what you guys think. I had another scenario where we trade back and pick up another 2nd, while taking Lawrence in the 1st, but I think this scenario would bring us the biggest talent increase at areas of long-term need. 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to athell in I love the Falcons , just to make it official.   
    How did I just see this thread?!?!
    I feel like I got kicked in the stomach, I can't even...
    RIP Slappy.  You will be missed.  Wish I could have said goodbye, you were a great man and great fan.  We lost one of our brothers tonight
    Prayers up for Slappys family and friends.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Slappywhite in I love the Falcons , just to make it official.   
    Yeah , I guess , I kinda owe you guys a backstory ,  I was diagnosed with liver desease back in 2008, I needed a liver but had a problem , I had cancer , so I spent  the next year in UNMC in Omaha , Ne , and was pronounced dormant, I got put on the midwest Transplant list , but the  cancer came back again only 2 months later, back to USMC , for more chemo, after 6 months of chemo , I had beaten it again , I had been away from home for nearly 5 years , missed my family.  So I transferred back to Ga and on the transplant list , I waited almost 5 years to get a transplant , When I got the transplant , the Drs noted that it was already in rejection , the rejection kept getting worse , despite the treatment , only person I told was @SkerFalcon8710 because he was going thru  cancer of his own , Emory tried to put me on Hospice last year , but I said no , and wasnt ready to give up, My kidneys have now come into play , so theres no more fighting back , They vow to keep me comfortable , they eased the mind of me and my wife , so I know its the right move .   I appreciate you all , for the laughs , the discussions and the freindships Ive built , I dont want any pity , but I'll take each and every prayer , and TY beforehand , The botched transplant , still was blessing in its own way , I got to see 4 more Grandchilden born , I got to see my daughter marry a good man after seeing her heart broken by losing her husband in Iraq , I got to meet you all. 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Slappywhite in I love the Falcons , just to make it official.   
    Hey Guys, just got back home from Emory Hospital after a week long visit. I'm afraid the news is not very good . They've deemed me incurable ,  my liver is shot and my kidneys are following suit. I've been sent home to finish up my life on Hospice , theyre job is too keep me comfortable.  I wanted to take this time to say Thank you . to each and every one of y'all, our discussions and rants kept me entertained since the noicsseason , had I known about this page , I would have been here sooner, I wanna say a special Thanks to the people Ive gotten closer too @SkerFalcon8710, @Knight of God, @James Powers  and a cpl freinds that , I cant remember their nics on here, but we've become FB freinds   Maria McDuffie and Charlndes Soles . Ive met so msny nice people on here , I cant namer a em all. @Vandy,
    Emmitt , thanks for all the laighs , Paytons Forehead , for all the knowledge , Just thank you all, , I appreciate you , And Go Falcons !!!!!!
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to CraigSmackDaddy in Julio Jones Has Highest Receiving Yards Per Game In Nfl History   
    Julio's gonna get paid by the Falcons period. Playing the what if we didn't game is just irrelevant at this point. Can't beleive this thread is 30 + pages...
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted in You People Need To Chill Out.   
    There's always a simple solution: Leave.
    When there wasn't enough moderation on this forum I just took an extended vacation. Didn't stay and cry or point fingers....just left, checked in every now and then to see if it was any better.
    It got better and seemed like it was a good place to spend some time again.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to phattywankenobi in OFFICIAL TRAINING CAMP OBSERVATION THREAD   
    Well since there's not an afternoon pin here's my plethora of observations and comments. It was good to see Tandy and her husband again yesterday AM. Much like today Owens and Franks both play tight in Go routes tipping passes but get juked time to time but both have good recovery speed. One funny observation yesterday was in passing drills WR's were shadowing other WR's, Roddy was playing CB against Jenkins and it was as if he knew Jenkins rounds off his route and knew precisely when to cut in for the interception but dropped it. Spoon was flying around yesterday. Dunta played the ball pretty well but did have some moments to where he got beat slightly (good ball placement) in some crossing routes.
    I was standing next to Stats most of the afternoon practice today. Wolfe is still a physical player. Grimes still makes very athletic plays in the short to intermediate routes but got beat a couple of times in the deep fade routes. DeCoud played Gonzo tight and physical a few times, I think to the point of causing Gonzo to hear footsteps on a perfectly placed ball with the headhunter breathing down his neck. Sorry Chevous Jackson but I don't think you are going to pick things up it seems. Meier seems to have potential. Bergeron made some nice catches. Jenkins drops a couple of passes trying to arm catch as usual but made some nice fake steps to fool Franks. Turner definitely has that speed to get around the ends. You know that thing Dunn lost in his latter years that he made his bones from.
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