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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Spts1 in FALCONS OWNER ARTHUR BLANK I CAN SEE FANLESS NFL GAMES IN 2020 ... Shorter Preseason Too   
    They can now get permission  to pipe in crowd noise...
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Domed Outter in FALCONS OWNER ARTHUR BLANK I CAN SEE FANLESS NFL GAMES IN 2020 ... Shorter Preseason Too   
    I would be wary of believing anything to do with China right now.
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    HouseofEuphoria got a reaction from Emmitt in Kirk Herbstreit says....   
    Here in Columbia, S.C. it's the same thing. 
    State is on lockdown as of midnight sat, but there were more people on the roads today than i've seen in a week.
    Most people here are ignorant of the danger.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to gazoo in Kirk Herbstreit says....   
    Why do so many believe the narratives the hostile, activist media spins on a daily basis? They pushed the fake Russia collusion narrative for over two years when I could see about 3 weeks into it it was a hoax. Yet, the media  never apologized, they just jumped to the next hoax which was the call. I knew within moments the “whistleblower” was just a set up to start a fake impeachment.  Why do people keep believing the same news that hoaxed them out over and over with the walls are closing in he’s about to be removed? He was NEVER close to being removed. All that stuff was designed to damage him politically.  Well, the Mueller investigate was a set up to try and create an obstruction case, but early on I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Mueller knew before the investigation started that Russia collusion narrative was fake.
    the business insider is overtly hostile to the current administration spinning one narrative after another, just another of several. 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Emmitt in Kirk Herbstreit says....   
    I guess if we can believe China, that it will pass in a month or two. Plus,  the vaccines are fairly close to being ready.
    My fear is that we start doing this kind of thing every year. You are right, this could get very bad. There will be a point where people stop listening and do what they want.
    Part of the problem for the US is that we are free. When China told people to quarantine, they did. Here not so much.
    I live in Gwinnett which is supposed to be locked down. The local parks were full of people and so were the Home Depot this weekend. Half of the population is either to stupid to understand what is going on or thinks it some kind of conspiracy. I have a feeling the US will not be rid of this as soon as China.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to g-dawg in Kirk Herbstreit says....   
    From the top, we were one of first countries to put a travel ban on China - and that decision didn’t come without criticism when it was made.   That decision alone did a lot to help bend the spread down more than it ultimately would have been.
    The situation has been handled fairly well and will continue to be more than many countries.   I am amazed how quickly we got to where we are in a free society where everyone has a car and is mobile.
    This is not a political argument and that can be seen in polling.   Most believe the response has been rather decisive.    
    America wasn’t ready for a pandemic and no other country was either because this is unprecedented.   Even though many will die and that is a tragedy,   this is a time for America to come together.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to tl;dr in Kirk Herbstreit says....   
    Man I really do hate how this has become such a political issue to lots of people. The goal of this shouldn't be "ha! I told you this would be bad!" It should be ensuring people are safe and that we can put a rapid end to this virus. 
    I can already tell that the virus is going to be such a political weapon come November. Probably by both sides too. 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to g-dawg in Kirk Herbstreit says....   
    “Worst response?”
    Don’t look now but your politics are showing.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Tandy in Falcons Former QB, Bobby Hebert's Father Passes Away From Coronavirus in New Orleans   
    Stay safe and be careful out there!
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to FalconFanSince1970 in Falcons Former QB, Bobby Hebert's Father Passes Away From Coronavirus in New Orleans   
    My condolences to the Hebert family. The Virus is real folks. Stay safe.
    Loved getting Hebert, Ironhead and Mort from the Aints and sticking it to em.
    Will never forget the Hebert to Mathis Christmas Eve Miracle against SF in 1995 to get us to the playoffs.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to PokerSteve in Falcons Former QB, Bobby Hebert's Father Passes Away From Coronavirus in New Orleans   
    I saw that on the ESPN crawl a minute ago. Sympathy to his family. Losing your father is one of the hardest things you ever have to deal with.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to FalconJim in Falcons Former QB, Bobby Hebert's Father Passes Away From Coronavirus in New Orleans   
    He was 81 yrs. old. 

    Bobby Hebert played QB for the Falcons from 1993-96 and made the Pro Bowl in '94.  
    He said his Dad is the reason he "made it" in the NFL, and was an LSU fan to the core! 
    Condolences to Bobby and his family ---   

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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to FalconFanSince1970 in What if BPA results in offensive heavy draft?   
    Never fall into a needs based trap. That's how you end up with Jelly instead of Clay Matthews.
    Don't be afraid to go BPA even at a position you're loaded at. Fill needs with FAs.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to The Great American in What if BPA results in offensive heavy draft?   
    When did we start drafting BPA?
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to 32wood84white in Kendall Sheffield   
    Getting in some more free Gamepass. I suggest anyone that has the time to watch it get it while it’s free. Outside of games they have some very good Falcons featured videos.
    Anyways, I wanted to watch Lindstrom vs the Niners and ended up watching Sheffield. Played every snap but two, one I know for sure and the other was goal line before the half and I may have just missed him. He was in on goal line late in the game.
    3 targets, two receptions allowed. One vs Kittle and he was making the hit as the ball arrived, the other Shanny got him with a motion, then bootlegged back out with that WR running underneath the oline forcing Sheff to cut back into the linebackers.
    Obviously the target rate was impressive enough but consider Jimmy G threw it 34 times, the 5th most in a game all season and post season, it’s even more impressive.
    In two WR sets he lined up outside, three WR sets Blidi would come in and kick outside and Sheff would move to the slot. Thats impressive as **** for a rookie and I think we got a big time player in round 4. He def has the speed and quick twitch TD and DQ like. He looks to be a big piece of this D as well as Kazee moving forward.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to SoCalFalconFan in CBS 7 Rounder.   
    Look at the source: CBS. I loathe CBS on all fronts. 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to MoFalconsFan56 in Edmond Robinson signs with Falcons   
    THE Edmond Robinson? Lucky us
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to MayorWest13 in Edmond Robinson signs with Falcons   
    HEIGHT6' 4
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Ezekiel 25:17 in New uniform date??!!   
    I must admit, getting a second receiver is great for you guys! 
    Now all y’all need is a QB that can get them the ball now and y’all are set! 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to King Jigsaw in New uniform date??!!   
    If I had to guess, I would say April 4th. Why? Because 404 (4/04) is the Atlanta area code. 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to octoslash in NFC SOUTH IS ABOUT TO BE A BLOOD BATH   
    Same here.  I know we need defense but fact is, Ryan is without question the most valuable player at the most crucial position, and the front office has been pretty lame when it comes to building his protection.  
    My opinion is, having a stellar O-line for Ryan to work with is far more valuable game-wise than drafting a kid who might or might not be able to rush the other quarterback.  
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to FalconsAllDayUrDay in NFC SOUTH IS ABOUT TO BE A BLOOD BATH   
    I wouldnt be mad at all if we took a Guard in Rd1 with everyone in TB coming back. Cant use all this talent if our QB is getting pressured throughout the game and HB is getting met at the LOS/ backfield
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Ovie_Lover in NFC SOUTH IS ABOUT TO BE A BLOOD BATH   
    You're out of your mind.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Butudontseeme™ in (Saints or Bucs) which one is the biggest threat to the Falcons?   
    The falcons are the biggest threat to the falcons. 
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