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  1. Haha
    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Mister pudding in So who do we sign to replace Mingo on the roster?   
    When has Barkley lived up to that?
  2. Haha
    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Smiler11 in So who do we sign to replace Mingo on the roster?   
    Prince Shembo¬†ūüė¨
  3. Haha
    HouseofEuphoria reacted to ya_boi_j in Arthur Smith: Julio trade was win-win   
    There are no experts on this website. I cannot stress that enough. 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to dirtybirds233 in Calvin Ridley: Minor Foot Surgery   
    Foot surgery? 
    This isn't what we meant when we said Ridley needed to replace Julio
  5. Thanks
    HouseofEuphoria reacted to PokerSteve in Calvin Ridley: Minor Foot Surgery   
    Disaster? Disaster you say!? It's not a disaster until we all say it's a disaster! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? HelI no!¬† ūü§£
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to The Great American in Calvin Ridley: Minor Foot Surgery   
    The ultimate downvote!

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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to KRUNKuno in Calvin Ridley: Minor Foot Surgery   
    We kill the messenger round these parts
  8. Thanks
    HouseofEuphoria got a reaction from supercollider in I never knew this Falcons trivia...   
    Thx for posting!
    I remember watching this one live on tv. 
    We had been good for the last few years, but that was our best chance at a championship.
    The Dallas game still haunts me. 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to red falcon in Interesting Ridley stat ( 2020 )   
    All jokes aside his route running is elite. He's also smart by not taking so many kill shots, it will keep him around longer.
    Funny how playaction worked so well with no run gm.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to JDaveG in Interesting Ridley stat ( 2020 )   
    That's unpossible.  I heard Matt Ryan can't even throw it that far.
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to Hard Case in I never knew this Falcons trivia...   
    John Madden said more than once that year ,that the Falcons were the best TEAM in the NFL.  I'll never forget that game with Dallas , when we had them on the ropes. We had been a 4th quarter miracle team all year, coming from behind to win games.  Cowboy Drew Pearson had scored a TD to pull ahead, but we all knew that Bart would save the day, he had done it so many times before.  It was fourth and long and Bart went back to pass.  When it fell incomplete, the silence in the stadium was like a funeral. We couldn't believe it.  That one still hurts. 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to fuego in I never knew this Falcons trivia...   
    That '80 playoff game against Dallas was a real heart-crusher. I really think we had the best team in the NFL that year. If we win that game we win the SB IMO. I remember John Madden saying that year when he did the Atlanta/NE game that us in that game was the best team he saw all year. 
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to PokerSteve in I never knew this Falcons trivia...   
    I'm still bitterly disappointed the Bartkowski years slipped away and we couldn't get a Trophy. What a wasted opportunity.
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  16. Haha
    HouseofEuphoria reacted to theProf in Falcon tweets minicamp 5/15/21   
    Packers sign QB Kurt Benkert during rookie minicamp tryout
    Michael David Smith Sat, May 15, 2021, 2:56 PM     For the second time this week, the Packers have signed a quarterback.
    Kurt Benkert, who was brought in for a tryout during this weekend’s rookie minicamp, has signed with the team, he announced on Twitter.
    Benkert spent the last three years in Atlanta, mostly on the practice squad, and has never played in a regular-season NFL game. He played in college at both East Carolina and Virginia.
    Quarterback Blake Bortles signed with the Packers this week. The Packers also brought quarterback Chad Kelly in for a tryout at this weekend’s rookie minicamp, but there has been no word about him signing.
    The real question at quarterback for the Packers, of course, is whether disgruntled NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers will retire or try to force a trade. Jordan Love, last year’s first-round draft pick, would be the presumed heir apparent if Rodgers is not the quarterback in Green Bay this year.
  17. Haha
    HouseofEuphoria reacted to gazoo in Falcon tweets minicamp 5/15/21   
    The ‚ÄúStart Franks Philharmonic Orchestra‚ÄĚ has formed and will be practicing and ready to make their public debut¬†upon Ryan‚Äôs first interception of the year.¬†
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to jlrfalcon in Post-Schedule Release Record Prediction   
    With Julio - 10 wins
    Without Julio - 6 wins
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    HouseofEuphoria reacted to NorthGaBoy in 5 observations from rookie minicamp   
    Arthur Smith was a lineman.
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    HouseofEuphoria got a reaction from mar31985 in Jaycee Horn my favorite CB in the draft   
    Love this guy. Perfect for our defense.
    As a Gamecock fan, whenever he made a big play, i always said "He's a dirty Bird already"!
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