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  1. So, you guys are ready to bench the team leader in tackles? I look at those film clips and see Takks fault on one, Jones' fault on 2 others and one just an unlucky missed tackle on DeVondre. Credit the receiver. Everyone just seems to be trying to find blame somewhere. Throwing darts, but hitting nothing.
  2. So many of you are so quick to judge, or jump on some random hater bandwagon. SMDH DeVondre is 5th in the league in tackles w/ 57. Behind Kuechly and Hicks. He's also tied for 7th in the league in Forced Fumbles. Tied with Jarrett for the team lead as well. You should be hating on Deion Jones for doing jack squat after a big contract extension.
  3. We'll see. Still plenty to play.
  4. Somebody else will be more popular come April.
  5. John Abraham. Can't name many others... We were ok...which is all you need if your offense is prolific. Can't seem to get a tackle now when it's all we need. Put the O back on the field!
  6. Lmfao. You need to drink more,
  7. Agree. But we have this season. It was all about "this year" all off-season, so keeping him made sense. Also, Sanu's presence on the field opens up alot of those Hooper catches. Gotta give credit where it's due. He's also a heckuva downfield blocker. He knows his days are (probably) numbered, but the guy is an excellent teammate and player and never lets it affect his play. He's 100%.
  8. Sanu has shown more heart than our entire defense. Crawl back in your hole.
  9. Bwahahaha Well played, sir...
  10. Sean Payton says send him 4 of your hairs and 2 droplets of blood from a virgin Falcons fan. He knows a guy...
  11. Or we could finish 12 - 4, starting with this game.
  12. You're wrong. Micheal Vick packed the GA Dome. Atlanta is fickle.
  13. "We love this guys length...."
  14. We gave up 37 points yesterday. In the 2nd half. It's deeper than just coaching. Something bad going on.
  15. Too early to say yet. We have sooo many defensive weaknesses, it'll take a while to sort out which one takes precedence. CB, SS, DT, DE, OG, get a freaking FB somewhere and use him! Our draft should be mostly Def though.
  16. I betcha we draft defense in THIS freaking draft!
  17. You gotta be a real lowlife to troll players on social media. I could see this kind of locker room disruption being used by rival teams using trolls to try and destroy chemistry with another team through social media. Sean Payton comes to mind. Freakin' lowlife.
  18. Until this season, our kicking game was solid. Not really even mentioned or discussed. Now, suddenly the legs are giving out. Heck, we got lucky they resigned Bryant, but even he looks fallable at this point.
  19. I've been around, just don't post much. I think Takk has been playing well. The sacks will come. We all predicted our defense would be playing better later in the season anyway. Of course, the Neal injury sucks, i thought he was working well behind Takk when he threatened in the box.
  20. Not yet. Hope it doesn't spiral down. This team is better than that.
  21. Actually, this ain't bad. We've got tons of talent. There's room for a turnaround. But thinking "This is the year!!" and going 6 - 10 or 7 - 9 was the norm for around 30 years there, man. The back to back winning seasons thing was an awful hard burden to overcome. This ain't nothing.
  22. OMG why didn't i see this before!? Takk is the Elephant in the Room! Not 28 - 3, Dan Quinn, TD or Oliver, or injuries or coaching changes or working out the early season kinks or leading the league in's Takk. Gosh, why didn't i see this before?? /Purp Very poor effort, OP.
  23. So, we're 2nd in pressures? Opposing QB's are almost 100% at avoiding our pressure and making a jaw dropping play..
  24. Cheapest seats i saw that were decent that weren't up in the rafters were around $260 - $275. With parking, hotel, food, and travel expenses (gas) it's $500 plus for me to go see my Falcons and i'm only 3 1/2 hrs away. That's not bad i guess, if i made a lot more money