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  1. Come on, man... Quit "smoking in the boys room", and you won't have to go to summer school.
  2. Clemson and Gamecock side by side on a DL???? No way! Unheard of....and borders on blasphemy!! Sh*t, let's do it...Just to see what happens
  3. Prayers for you and your family, Gritz!
  4. It'll be June before the curve has flattened. July 4th the country will come out of their caves, squinting at the sun. Hopefully we can have a season! I expect at least a 12 game season, if not more.
  5. He could be good, knowledgeable depth. I wish him the best.
  6. I'd rather have the #1 safety over the 2nd or 3rd best CB or 4th best DL #2 OLB might be equal value considering the candidates.
  7. Testing shouldn't be a problem by fall. Should be readily available everywhere by then. But I could easily see them having the full season without fans, we'd all be at home watching anyway. But the chances of crowds at the games are slim. It's depressing, to say the least. Wanted to visit Benz stadium this year...
  8. Here in Columbia, S.C. it's the same thing. State is on lockdown as of midnight sat, but there were more people on the roads today than i've seen in a week. Most people here are ignorant of the danger.
  9. These will be epic match-ups!
  10. 3 out of 4 yes. Sorry Carolina...
  11. I could deal with a 10 week season, if needed. Hopefully it's not pushed back that far, or God forbid, cancelled. No Falcons football? Kill me now.
  12. You lost me at "LA Times..."
  13. If anything, a move up in the draft i could see. Or late scrap pile pick-up. But we're not overpaying for the early FA extravaganza.
  14. 6'4" 232. Led the team in tackles the last two years. Fans think he's gonna be easy to replace. I just roll my eyes and shrug.
  15. Hopefully, he has a much better off-season than he did last year. Dude looked small last season, and played like it.
  16. Not sure bout converting, but i do like the player. Honestly, he could play multiple positions. Bring back the iron man...
  17. Never gonna happen. Unfortunately.
  18. He'll go top 10 after that combine. Size, speed, arm strength and accuracy in a pro system...what's not to like? He can learn to operate under center, easy.
  19. I'll go on record as saying Herbert will have the best QB career out of this draft class.
  20. $2 Million dollars, and he'll never be a part of the Falcons future. At 40 yrs old, he'll just fade away. I see absolutely no point in this. We're in cap ****. Etling and Benkert would be way more exciting in case of injury to Ryan.
  21. Every year a team practices with, and eventually adapts, an identity. Not sure what ours has been the last two seasons. I do know, it aint foolin' anybody.
  22. It won't be easy to replace him, in this system at least. Dan Quinn relies on lighter, faster, lengthier athletic DE's/OLB. It's not just trying to match VB's 8 sack production, it's about improving it.
  23. His blocking will get waaay better. Again, he's 25. It's not like he cant block at all lol, just needs improvement to get us home. Short of a 1,000 yards, yes, but he did miss several games with injury. More than likely would have hit that mark if healthy.
  24. Haha Hopefully he's doing leg presses right now!