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  1. Thx for posting! I remember watching this one live on tv. We had been good for the last few years, but that was our best chance at a championship. The Dallas game still haunts me.
  2. Love this guy. Perfect for our defense. As a Gamecock fan, whenever he made a big play, i always said "He's a dirty Bird already"!
  3. Learn to hate the Aints and keep your eye on Terry who's an Aint. 🤣 Deprogramming may be in order...
  4. It still could be a QB, but i don't think it'll be at 4. If we take a QB, i think we'll be moving up 😇
  5. No, wait...i'm out. Misunderstood the challenge. Chase is too small for my liking at 4, even though he plays bigger than he is, kinda like Diggs. I do like Surtain. I think we can trade down a few spots and really take advantage of this draft, gain a couple extra, what should be, important picks.
  6. Falcons by 17. Flush that draft pick. Happens every time.
  7. Another solid Clemson pick. This guy is only going to improve. Quickly.
  8. Dam, i feel for OZ. He's looked great this season with the looks he's gotten. I've been bragging on him all year. When he makes a play guys are like "Who"? 😆
  9. All we can be is spoilers at this point. There's nothing we can learn about this team or Morris that we haven't already learned. I don't see "momentum" even being in the discussion going into this off-season, no matter how it plays out.
  10. New coaching staff incoming. Whitt and Ulbrich the only possible guys to stay. We need new blood.
  11. Cowher is interesting, but Harbaugh has a lot of good backers and coaches that would follow him.
  12. That's why i say we roll with what we got on offense next year, and pump all of our resources and draft into bolstering the defense. One last hurrah.
  13. One of our best defenders this season.
  14. Basically, we just sabotaged whatever team picks him up. Locker room cancer, worse than a couple cases of Covid. Hopefully to an NFC rival.
  15. Yep, quit the dig routes and hit him in stride.
  16. Actually, i don't even see Ollison as getting credit for a carry in the game. Must've been Powell.
  17. One play. Gotta keep pounding. Burn clock. Make defense commit. There's a strategy here.
  18. If Morris runs the table, you'll eat those words. I doubt it happens, just sayin'.
  19. Why not try out Ollison in the 4th? If Gurley needs rest and Hill is predictable by then due to crappy personnel groupings, why not give it a go??
  20. You're one of the few "fans" out there still waiting for Ryan to suck and he just keeps proving you wrong.
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