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  1. And apparently Laroy Reynolds just had one of the best off-seasons of any LB on the team. Sweet...
  2. I was more referring to a 10-12 year career with multiple pro-bowls, ring of honor, team leader and motivator kinda comparison rather than play-style, but Dawkins works too.
  3. He looks much bigger this year in the vid posted May 2nd? Dude could end up being our Ed Reed.
  4. DQ is stocking the cupboard right now.
  5. We're bringing a lot of fire to the team.
  6. We don't have alot of holes. And this guy fills Spoons spot from last season. Which was going to be back-up from the start.
  7. Don't know about pushing Campbell out. I think he's here to stay. But i love the added competition.
  8. Good player. Special teams is gonna rock and roll. This guy is solid.
  9. Tom Brady's lost SB jersey is the MVP of the offseason.
  10. 8 picks in the first 2 rounds of the next two far. Imagine what we could do with that...
  11. 2020 they should be in the SB. Good grief, give me GM with those picks and i can at the very least guarantee playoffs!
  12. I like this signing. He's a natural pass-rushing DE. Size and length and speed are all good. Under DQ this guy could motor. I'm not making any predictions, **** he could be released #1 from mini-camp. I'm just saying i really like the signing after watching his highlight videos. In this scheme he could over-achieve.
  13. Same here. I expect our division to make some splashes, like D. Jackson to Tampa. It's no biggie. They are forced to try to improve by spending dollars. All we need to do is resign our core players, and fortify in the draft. Free agency will be the bargain bin, as usual. But this time, it makes sense.