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  1. The smoothie is going upside the head before i ever throw a punch lol
  2. Only player in history to hit an in the park homer and run back a kickoff for a TD in the same day.
  3. I have never been more into sports than when Deion played for the Falcons and the Braves. Aaaahh, good times.
  4. Yeah, when you've got O-line issues, blocked punts and a problem stopping the run.... Well, that's pretty much a wrap. Hope they look completely different this week. I'll be getting my drink on, cooking out, and dressed in red and black, regardless!
  5. Deion Sanders right now. Ryan will own that mark eventually. Mount Rushmore - Sanders, Nobis, Ryan, Julio.
  6. Shiz is perfect in the dome, homeboy.
  7. DQ preaches it's not about what they do, it's about us. lol Rah rah coach fittin' to be embarrassed again.
  8. 0 - 2 will be fatal in a division with the Saints this year. Straight up. Saints are going hard for the title. ****, i thought we were?? Even if we made a wild card it's road dog for playoffs. Which is doom and gloom. Imagine matching up against the Saints in the playoffs in their house? I'm looking at Sunday night as a serious benchmark after that awful performance in Minn. After all, we came into this season believing we are talented SB contenders. Gotta get home field and/or division for that to happen. This belief could change quick.
  9. It seems like Quinn is still back in pre-season evaluating the defensive players and how they fit into his scheme. Talking about being a teacher and lessons and such. Other "Head" coaches are playing chess, exploiting other teams' weaknesses, but this guy hasn't even broke out the checkers board yet.
  10. 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 = 28. It was straight idiocy to go for 2. And he did it twice. The numbers to go for 2 at those points in the game don't add up to a win, no matter how you want to spin it. He refused to kick the field goal in the SB and we directly lost because of it. I have a feeling this really is Quinns' last year at the wheel. Just too many bonehead mistakes.
  11. Old guy tired. Young guy fresh.
  12. Looked to me that Neal just didn't have the speed yet. Poor angle due to expecting gear 5 but he could only reach 4.
  13. Dabo Sweeney! He's just down the road!
  14. Meanwhile, Minnesota went straight up running game on us. And we had no response... Woulda loved to have seen Ollison or Hill on the play that Freeman fumbled instead... sheesh...
  15. Quinn took over the defense and Vikes coaching staff quickly made him look inferior. We got 29 gottdam ex head coaches on our team and we can't play chess? Depressing.