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  1. With Ryan on fire and his weapons healthy we can play with anybody. It's really up to the improvement of the defense as to how far we can go this season. I can't wait for Debo to come back!
  2. Woohoo, i started McCaffrey in fantasy....!
  3. Vet minimum to be a pass rush specialist on 3rd, 4th down? Yes, please. Nothing more, nothing less. It might only be depth, but it would be GOOD depth.
  4. If those are our only 2 other losses, 10 - 6 might be enough for a wild card spot. Then, anything can happen.
  5. My son said "I hate it when he purses his lips like that, his mouth looks like an azshole" I said "It is, son, for some young cajun guy down on the boulevard..."
  6. I refuse to believe this is a lost season until 7 losses. One week at a time. I do believe we'll be 4 - 4.
  7. Bill and Brady fixing to school the youngster..
  8. Even if our offense is able to pull out the next few weeks and we go 4 -4 it's no guarantee this coaching staff will be free of blame. The defensive philosophy seems stale and unimaginative, at this point.
  9. They can't stop our weapons, we good.
  10. My humor takes no prisoners lol Teammates say he has the best hands on the team. That's gotta be fluff, cause we aint seen it.
  11. Giants suck ***. We should be 3 - 4 after next week, then get a bye and focus on the stretch.
  12. Him and his ISIS beard can gtfo
  13. Dam, i'd love that recipe!
  14. Don't even sign a kicker. Just force Sark and the Offense to have to go for it every time.
  15. I've seen all i need to from Justin Hardy over the last few years. Buh Bye.