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  1. Both players broke NFL and team records. Don't know what you're talking about.
  2. Our defense held them to 15 points. Should have been a winner. With our Offensive talent? js
  3. 10 freaking points. Dat **** hurts, bro.
  4. I love the offseason. Anybody but the Saints!
  5. Rise up!!!
  6. He'll either have a huge game, or a we'll turn the ball over 5 times...
  7. So frustrating this season.... One week we are sure handed and the next we're off. Looks to me like it's just a case of 1st year OC / everyone getting on the same page.
  8. 11:57 left in the 3rd Qtr when we scored our last FG. I still find it hard to believe with our offense we couldn't do anything.... Count the dropped passes and penalties though...sheesh. Intimidated?...i don't think so. Unprepared? Maybe. There were no adjustments at halftime for sure.
  9. Yes. Much better than last year. Our D will have their hands full. But they still can't stop us.
  10. Just like last year, the young'uns are getting reps. We're gonna be strong down the stretch.
  11. He could get 2 more in reg season. And then turn around and score the most post-season TD's ever. Stay tuned.
  12. We need this win pretty f'in bad. I'm breaking out all the good luck charms, jersey, hat, etc. Get this one, then we can worry about the 3 game home streak.
  13. I refuse to believe this group of players will give up. Win this week and next @ Seattle and you'll all be saying 11 -5 and playoffs.