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  1. Thanks for posting, Goob. Look forward to seeing Gurley ball out for the ATL this season!
  2. Very Nice! A great man-cave addition!
  3. Hope you're wrong, but i could see it. The media driven panic being the main culprit.
  4. Too hard to nail down what kind of season this is gonna be. But coaching has been a very low rating for this team since after the debacle of 2016. If it's an issue again, it'll be high noon.
  5. He's earned MVP and made the SB before. He knows he can do it. It's all about the team, health, and luck at this point. Just got to hope that the team believes in it, works hard, and we can bring it home.
  6. They definitely have to sorta self bubble, and hope all teams do the same. NHL with 0%. We can do this...maybe. 2 or 3 negative tests in a row, barring illness, and these guys will be back. Or it could have just been tracing concerns. Either way, i'm hoping for the best.
  7. As the old Wendy's lady used to yell: "Where's the beef?"
  8. Quinn has the hottest seat in the NFL. I have faith he can pull us out of this tailspin. Prays Hands for the defense.
  9. Disagree completely. He hasn't looked as good the last couple of seasons than he did when we drafted him. I think it has to do with the absence of Neal, as well as D. Jones looking kinda thin.
  10. If we're the 7th best Defense we're Playoff bound. And then some. 😏
  11. Disagree with you wholeheartedly. What do you mean by, The NFL? The league is owned, operated and run, by literally thousands of people. They don't care? Every NFL team does great things in their respective communities.
  12. It'll be the last team standing Lombardi. Just gotta bubble man, and we're a serious contender.
  13. Signing Fowler Jr., drafting Davison and seeing Takks' offseason conditioning, i'm expecting big things. Grady really drives it all. Such a great leader by example! If Keanu returns in form, look out!
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