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  1. The hate goes waaay back...
  2. Yep. The fact that there is controversy and crying makes it THAT much better!
  3. There was also several times they were blasting music through the loudspeakers up until about 15 seconds left on the play clock. One of the reasons the Rams were having such trouble communicating on offense.
  4. I have the Rams in our $ playoff pool. I'll be screaming for them like a lifelong fan.
  5. Hopefully our player is there.
  6. We are in the perfect spot. Either our player is there, or somebody wants to move into our spot for awesome treasure. We'll trade 1st's, take a 2nd this year and a 4th next year to move back 5 spots. Should be fun.
  7. Edelman isn't that valuable. Only to NE. He'd be like a 5th option in our offense. Sure, let him return punts.
  8. Happy Birthday, Gritz!
  9. I'm 50% disappointed and 50% hopeful, if that answers anything.
  10. Good grief...
  11. Never said Matthews was a better pick. Just saying that at the time, we were kinda hamstrung into fixing our OL, otherwise our QB was gonna get killed. Donald would have been a head-scratcher at the time.
  12. It's obviously Fisch, but for what position? I could understand it for an assistant HC job, but for OC? I just don't see it. This offense needs a brilliant X's and O's man, nothing less.
  13. That's true, but you have to remember the situation we were in @ OL when that draft came around. Matt might not have made it through another season healthy afterwards. I think it was unanimous that we needed protection on the left side to start with. THEN we could focus on D.
  14. I seriously laughed my arse off...
  15. Gotta be in top 10 tackles by a kicker all time!