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  1. Jason Whitlock sucks... at least he didn't play the race card.
  2. Stanford Routt can't play zone defense, can't locate the ball ( sound familiar? ), and is heavily penalized. He's a fit on a lot of teams, but not this one. Oakland dumped him because of salary cap, KC dumped him because man coverage is all he does
  3. Nothing new, Harbaugh loves to say dumb crap to take the focus off his team. "Alex Smith is one of the top 5 qbs in the NFL" "Randy Moss is the best receiver on our team" "We never tried to sign Peyton Manning"
  4. Vic Tafur, Raiders insider on 95.7 the Game hinted that the Raiders will be running "early and often" and also to "not be surprised if you see some old power plays from the Hue Jackson playbook" to help get the ground game "kick started" Sounds pretty clear what they are trying to do, come to ATL and establish the run. Will be a good game if they can run the ball, an embarrassing blowout if they can't. Go Falcons
  5. lol you guys are silly. Dmac is a terrific back, but not so terrific in the ZBS. Last year in Hue Jackson's power running scheme he ripped the league apart before his Lisfranc injury. His rookie year he struggled in the ZBS, then led by Tom Cable and that guy we all love Greg Knapp. Guess who is the Raiders offensive coordinator? Falcons in a laugher.. 35-10 and it will only get to that because mike Smith is a class act, not Sean Payton. I remember the last time we played the Raiders, I attended the game at O.CO and couldn't get excited during the game because it looked like the Falcons were playing against a high school team.. it was really that bad. Meangelo's last game in silver and black, if I remember correctly.
  6. He couldn't figure out 3rd and 15 but somehow knows what plays the Eagles are running.
  7. hes still a joke who doesnt take his craft, the game, or his fans seriously.
  8. Dude, take a look at your title, in Dmitroff I trust. Please trust that the man knows what hes doing, and if you think that he'll pay superdupermillions to Peppers just to get him you are wrong. If hes attainable for a reasonable amount, a reasonable incentive laden and front heavy contract, theres zero reason to not want him. The dline would instantly be improved over drafting a rookie / waiting for Anderson to wake up / or some other alternative. This move if done the right way, (which I believe is the only way our FO currently operates) its a win win for everyone.
  9. All due respect to ray edwards, but hes not the athlete peppers is. Edwards benefits from being on the opposite side of Jared Allen. Peppers has just himself.
  10. His career has sported over 10 sacks every year but 2. but maybe you're right, I should only count the games against the Saints and those 4 playoff games, cuz that would tell the whole story.
  11. division rival games rarely pan out how they "should" the mans body of work for his career speaks volumes. Familiarity with the opponent, coaching and schemes all help in reducing his impact.
  12. Loved Schaubie when he was here, very glad hes performing at a high level. I personally am not feeling bad we moved him. There again, if we had drafted Dorsey at 3, Im sure Id be singing a different tune
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