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  1. The same things were said about Mario Williams last year. Jake Long will get a kings ransom because all it takes is one team to love you.
  2. Which will be something that the TE will add to our game. Not to mention we can also add an RB to our roster with the pick that we'll save.
  3. Leftwich never happened it was just a bad nightmare that took us a while to wake up from.
  4. From a sheer talent side of it Harvin at this point would be better but adding a big body TE will be big for us in the red-zone where we will miss Gonzo the most. Matt is an accurate passer that will make a 6'6 TE almost unguardable if he has good hands. He knows where to put the ball where it will either be a TD or a drop. I think adding one of these young TE's will be better for the roster and for our cap.
  5. I am sure we are gonna draft a Rb and possibly a TE which would make our offense even better than what it was last season and if Gonzo somehow comes back with those added weapons then all bets are off the table.
  6. Really doesn't make sense to spend a pick on our strongest position by far. Even if we lose Tony our passing game will still be fine. I would rather spend a 2nd or 3rd on a TE, Rb, De, DT, Cb, LB or RG before we go after Harvin. With the injury history and the new contract he will want it just isn't worth it.
  7. It will take a combination of a big TE and a slot receiver. I think the good thing about getting a rookie TE is that playing with Matt Ryan he will throw him open. If you give him a big guy who can go up and get the ball he will get some scores in the red-zone. As far as 3rd downs I think Julio and Roddy will find a way to make up for Tony a little or they will make our slot guy a lot better.
  8. I wouldn't mind it if it means we still draft a young DE. Nothing wrong with having depth on the D-Line But I hope we don't bring him in as a stop gap guy and avoid finding a replacement for Abe.
  9. I can't remember the last time I've been looking forward to the start the season more than this year. I love this team and I hope Smitty and Co. are as aggressive during the season as they were during the playoffs. I think Our offense with the added threat of a speed rb is going to be dangerous. Matt Ryan on 3rd and short is going to tear apart defenses. Julio Jones & Roddy White are unguarable and I hope we keep taking shots down the field. If we add any type of pass rush next season I think our whole team will become better. Less time for the corners to cover means more pass breakups, incompletions and interceptions. The possible return of Grimes will be huge if not I understand the financial reasons. As for ST's there is no way they can't get better adding a new returner will give us better field positions and some extra points on the board. Matt Bryant is the most reliable kicker in the league and I think he will make more big kicks in the playoffs. As a whole I think we have a nice core of players regardless of what transpires this off-season. With the way TD has been working no reason to think we can't get better. I think with how this season went I would love our chances going up against any team in the NFC whether we are on the road or at home.
  10. You put any other #3 wr. behind Roddy, Julio & Tony then I'm sure it will be hard for him to get looks.
  11. I like it, get aggressive with the D-Line. Which one of the top 3 guys you think will be starting in Sept? I also love the Ace Sanders pick what's the chances he falls to the 5th though? Only fix is one of the top picks should go to G or TE.
  12. He can tackle I've seen him make some tackles, the problem we have with all our Db's is that they always go for the big hit and don't wrap up. The only person I don't mind doing it is Moore because he seems like he racks up FF's with his hits and he actually excels with it. He is a great pass defender and racked up plenty of ints no way Decoud is getting cut.
  13. Beast mode Jones! He makes everyone better on the offense because there is no way you can guard him 1 on 1.
  14. I don't care when someone picks against us that's fine, I hate just hate when they bash the team and later on give them props for the same qualities that they used to bashed them with.
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