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  1. The first half was a little better on pass rush and overall play in some regards, but the first half has rarely been the problem, for us or any team, the second half is where teams implement half-time adjustments, third quarter has long been an achilles heel for us, and fourth quarter is where we, and everyone else tend to lose football games. To me it looked like we got out-coached, and out-played, particularly in the second half, where it always matters most. We do not look like a sixty minute football club atm.
  2. Some things never change, for example, our organizational claims that we will win the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, be tougher, run the ball, disavow our gimmick-ridden finesse style of football, tackle, play defense, etc., etc. We do not draft well, we do not hire well. What our front office has is a talent for dissembling, clever talk, marketing schemes, and maintaining a precise level of mediocrity. Mr. Blank has fired Dan Reeves and hired Bobby Petrino... over the phone. Mister Dimitroff has a gift for gab, his talents speak for themselves. Rich McKay is an excellent,
  3. For me Sunday was the epitome of WTF. Rocket surgeons and brain scientists will study film for two weeks. I pray they find some answers. I am not a smart man but I know what love is, however I have no idea what HC and OC are thinking, I do hope they are capable of arithmetic. Now to the opinions with absolutely no facts: - Off the top of my head I think we ran the ball 12 times (too lazy to look up the numbers-correct me and flame at will please) and passed 45 times. Again off the top of my head I think that is about 75-80 percent pass. Last season we were about 66% pass (off the top of my
  4. Thanks for Playing "who's the biggest a.h.o.l.e. " I think you have a shot...
  5. Zelenka--excellent long snapper with him Bryant is money Harry D--everyone knows he is awesome and MM is gone Eric Weems-- Smitty said in the presser he was the most consistent ST player Grimes--everyone knows he is our best corner Walker--he plays hard someone else will get cut Lofton--what is the alternative? Sanders--depth and versatility Snelling--Ovie will be gone snelling can play fullback and catch passes out of the backfield Abe is gone i hate it but it is what it is... what about the rest of the DE's? Beats the H.E.L.L out of me... McClure is gone...sad but it is what it is...
  6. I agree with this statement plus with Man Genius all your players get negative two awareness
  7. Agree--Predictability bad. Deception good. Spread the ball arounda little bit more too
  8. I wouldn't mind Singletary as a consultant to come in on Monday's after a bad performance and Moon the team.
  9. That is just the simple truth right there whether you liked the play-style/philosophy or not. Kerry may or may not be good--after the Julio draft though he became mostly a casualty/afterthought
  10. It is my perception that O lineman--good ones that provide an upgrade-- are few and far between. We might be able to upgrade coordinators and running backs before we can legitimately upgrade the O-line. When Turner first came here he could make something out of nothing. Now maybe not so much. He definitely carried the team on his back. I think we wore him out.
  11. It strikes me that with Turner's stats this year a good salesman could rook some lesser team into giving us two picks... How about a 3rd and a 6th? 4th and a 6th? just a third maybe?
  12. Knight I definitely get what you are saying. Do you think that he has any trade value?
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