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  1. What are we doing? Why let production leave that wants to be here... Sheesh!
  2. Walker just came off of groin surgery. Didn't think he'd run. Probably the most underrated pass rusher in the draft! We definitely need to keep that kid home.
  3. I like these guys anywhere we can get them... Just get them!!! D' Andre Walker DE/OLB - https://youtu.be/XnQogSguUy4 Jeffery Allison LB https://youtu.be/uwjGQsGgQLc Keion Davis RB/KR https://youtu.be/rIztvTCH6Vk
  4. Please... His "dog" mentality would do wonders for our "young" defense.
  5. Please add Eric Berry to this list and we are set... And ready to draft Young Falcons...
  6. My thoughts exactly!!!! Love it...
  7. Preach!!!!
  8. He's a dog... Should be a tight race because Ridley is also putting up big numbers and doing "unrookie" things...
  9. Happy happy Joy joy!!! Feels like when we moved up to get Vick... Dancing in the streets.
  10. What he said....
  11. So!!! We got Bruce and Debo back in practice... Nothing can still my JOY right now...
  12. Ok... You're correct. 2 out of 100+... Success rate of 2%? Where do I sign up... Paaaalease... We aren't successful because we are afraid of change and risks.
  13. In other words, we are in frugal mode and not "win-now" mode... As a life long Atlanta Falcons fan, this is what frustrates me. I'm left again, praying that we can win/compete for a "ship" NEXT YEAR!!! Just make A move... Getting practice squad guys from other squads just isn't going to cut... Never works out.
  14. Was just having the same exact conversation with my brother... Something has to be done. And now!!!!
  15. But for how many plays? I love Big linemen, but I love Big Mobil linemen better that can play all three snaps for the duration of the game... The bigger they are, the less snaps they account for. Great in power, short yardage, and goalline packages... But with the speed of the game and the tempo sets, don't wanna get caught with a 1 down lineman on the field for 3/4 quick snaps...
  16. Sony Michel, Bradley Chubb, and Lamar Jackson
  17. Happy Egg Day and April's Fool Mock The Georgia Edition (UGA and bonus pick from Georgia) ***** Parental Advisory on the music***** Enjoy!!!! Round 1 Guard Round 2 Running Back Round 3 EDGE Round 4 Defensive Tackle Round 6 Defensive Tackle Round 7 Wide Receiver Round 7 Safety (Bonus)