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  1. Devonte Freeman... We will resign him at cost... And he will have one helluva season not being the MAN.
  2. I was just having this conversation with some friends... We believe that the stadiums have the power to release tickets based on seating arrangements and gate entrances. Closing off certain amenities in some stadiums will be vital to everyone's safety, but it could be done. Yes the stadium population decreases tremendously as well, but it's a better option against an empty stadium. Empty stadium games to the players, well I can tell you from experience, are a wash. And I can see masks being a requirement in every public venue for the next 12 to 24 months.
  3. NT? What in the 1997 are you referring to? Tyler Davison is the closest thing you're getting to a large DT. We needed strength moreso than size... Marlon Davidson 225 x 41::::: hmmmmm, I'd say check on that.
  4. Akeem Davis- Gaither Amik Robertson Chauncey Rivers And we have great solid depth to compete... All 3 plays with an edge and have chips on their shoulders...
  5. If you don't like this pick, then you truly don't know football or you've been under a rock. This kid is a baller. Yes... He had a time during the national championship game, but who didn't against that squad?
  6. Mike Lee ::::: Kansas :::::DB
  7. I read this and thought it was really cute!!! He has to hype himself up for this drubbing they are about to take Sunday night! This guy is going to need some serious comfort!
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