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  1. And draft Hurts... It won't hurt!
  2. I read this and thought it was really cute!!! He has to hype himself up for this drubbing they are about to take Sunday night! This guy is going to need some serious comfort!
  3. This is not good..... #56 has been cursed since KB left... Especially with those Achilles injuries. That's a 12 month process regardless... Prayers for Steven!!!!
  4. The best one I've seen this far!!!! Love it....
  5. Lol!!!! I hope not, seriously. It's ridiculous to even indicate that.
  6. Carlos Merritt.... Safety for Atlanta. Ball Hawk... We need another...
  7. What are we doing? Why let production leave that wants to be here... Sheesh!
  8. Walker just came off of groin surgery. Didn't think he'd run. Probably the most underrated pass rusher in the draft! We definitely need to keep that kid home.
  9. I like these guys anywhere we can get them... Just get them!!! D' Andre Walker DE/OLB - https://youtu.be/XnQogSguUy4 Jeffery Allison LB https://youtu.be/uwjGQsGgQLc Keion Davis RB/KR https://youtu.be/rIztvTCH6Vk
  10. Please... His "dog" mentality would do wonders for our "young" defense.
  11. Please add Eric Berry to this list and we are set... And ready to draft Young Falcons...
  12. My thoughts exactly!!!! Love it...
  13. Preach!!!!
  14. He's a dog... Should be a tight race because Ridley is also putting up big numbers and doing "unrookie" things...