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  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What the **** is a message board for? Just wondering what kind of attendace Falcons games get because I HAVE NEVER BEEN TO A NFL GAME BEFORE. What complete losers. Sorry to clutter up your board of oh so much knowledge.
  2. Attending my first ever Falcons game Sunday vs Tampa Bay and was wondering what to expect attendance wise?
  3. Who is the overall best player on our defense this year?
  4. Rather than starting another thread I'll just ask in here. Which other NFC team do you see competing for the Wild Card? (Assuming the Saints win our division) Cowboys Eagles Packers Bears 49ers Cardinals
  5. What do you attribute Atlanta's defense being 4th in points allowed but being 24th in yards, 21st in pass yards and 23rd in rush yards. Good red zone defense?
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