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  1. TD selects Amari Cooper. Dan Quinn dies a little on the inside.
  2. Ryan homer syndrome. Everything is a slight against Ryan.#insecurityissues LOLOL
  3. TD really did a good job convincing the fan base that the 2013-2014 debacle was all Mike Smiths fault. It was Smith's fault that we brought in those players and that it was Smiths fault we neglected DEs.Yet prior to 2013-2014, personnel decisions were made "together"... Snakes will be snakes
  4. LOLOLWe are overdue for a Superbowl like we are overdue for a 0-16 season.
  5. people just feel threatened by him. Either that or just deep jealousy
  6. One day that defense will be gone so it will be up to Wilson but he may have 3-4 rings by that time. It took Brady a few years to finally take over. Wilson's just waiting for his chance
  7. can't wait till they give him a 1a wr and have offense run through himWilson - only does everything
  8. And still throw ball deep when it mattered to win game #boss
  9. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d806313ff/article/falcons-hire-jaguars-defensive-coordinator-smith-as-head-coach
  10. Yeah but I don't consider their teams 'tough' teams in terms of physicality. They'd run, but I feel like only after they are up by a decent amount. Or the running game is just working out too well that day. But if the running game is so so, I see them err more on airing the ball out.
  11. Well Belichick is one of the greatest coaches of all time, and I know Brady, who's also greatest of all time, helps alot but I'm more impressed by his ability to adjust and just constantly change the offense up. With Moss and Welker, they aired it out. Then with Gronk and Hernandez he went to mostly two TE sets. Sometimes, Belichick feels like he needs to run the ball 40 times. Other times, he does what you say, substituted running game with short passes.I kinda treat Belichick as an exception.
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