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  1. Teach your Oline to run block and they can't pass block. Teach them to pass block and they can't run block. You can't have both.
  2. How can you tell he's sneaking back? I do agree with #1 that we need to ban Matt Ryan and Dimitroff talk or just make a separate forum for discussion of those two. Those two guys are just too polarizing.
  3. How about this? Mularkey draws up the plays and if our offense executes, the win is credited to the team for executing and Mularkey for making the right plays. If the offense does not execute, the loss is credited to the team for not executing, but NOT to Mularkey because he only drew up the plays.
  4. Lions have 1 good WR. We have 1 good CB. Dallas has 3 good WRs. We have 1 good CB. Robinson with Owens covering him is going to be a party.
  5. You want to talk about choking in the playoffs? That would be an interesting match. Ryan vs. Romo. Who chokes the most?
  6. Laurent Robinson, Miles Austin, and Dez Bryant will abuse our secondary. You better hope they are injured if we play them. I think we match well against San Fran.
  7. You mean if Turner was the RB of the Broncos.
  8. Maybe he's running for a contract extension. Gotta get that last payday before his legs run out.
  9. These Ryan Apologizers... Ryan>Team. It takes an entire team to execute during wins. If our linemen moved prematurely, all that yapping by Ryan at the LOS would have gone to waste.
  10. Maybe we should just ban discussion on TD and Ryan since they are such polarizing figures. There would be no trolls at all since most 'troll' topics revolve around those two anyways. Either that or create a separate forum just to discuss those two guys.
  11. Then who would you attribute the credit to then. Is Van Gorder more deserving of our B2B2B seasons or Mularkey.
  12. Well, wasn't entirely his fault for trying. Our GM goes and spends 5 picks on a WR we use him like we would Jenkins? Of course not. We had to use Jones or we'd look stupid. TD must have put pressure on him to make Julio look good so TD can look smart. Our entire FO was explosive explosive explosive. Even Roddy White got caught in the propaganda and started saying greatest show on turf.
  13. Vanilla or not, he gets results. Ever since Julio Jones came in and started trying make the offensive become creative, we've regressed. Last time I checked, Ws are what matter. Not how 'creative' a play looks.
  14. Look, we went 11-5, 9-7, and 13-3, all under Mularkey. He's what got us so far. No help to BVG because we've been complaining about the defense since the beginnign of time. Every time we lost is because the players did not execute. I.e. if Turner didn't fumble or Ryan didn't throw an interception.
  15. Nah, make 13M and retire healthy without messed up knees. I like that plan.
  16. Speaking of winning, who do you think will win a Superbowl first? Ryan or Tebow?
  17. Have to disagree Supes. Not much to talk about Ryan this week because he played well. Not a lot of mistakes. Here's to hoping Superbowl will be Tebow vs. Ryan.
  18. I'm starting to hear an echo in here. Echo chamber any one? "Ryan's cool. Yep, Ryan's cool. I think Ryan's cool..."
  19. Jenkins going to tear it up! 80 yards and touchdown that'll be reversed.
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