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  1. I love how physical the 49ers play on Defense. Sets the tempo for all 3 phases of our game really. You put a strong defense behind your offense and ATL will be right back amongst the top tier of the NFC.
  2. Brock made a good play on the ball. Douglas had his hands on the ball but Brock just got his hands in there and tipped it up.
  3. Good game guys! Was definitely entertaining!
  4. How's it feel knowing the last team we ever beat at Candlestick will be the Falcons on National Television LOL. It's so fitting though considering our past back in the day. Good luck!
  5. Not all 9er fans are as you portray us to be. All teams have idiots amongst their fan base, let keep it real.
  6. Just read every page of this thread. You guys have a pretty awesome forum here! I just want it to be a good game. Of course one we win but I hope it's competitive, wanna get primed for the playoffs. It would be nice if both our teams were sitting among the top in the NFC again. I can't stand sheattle.
  7. Thanks for all the responses! I still can't believe what a year can do to a franchise. Seems like just yesterday the 9ers were losing in the 3rd quarter during the NFCCG. Crazy! Hopefully you guys can turn things around next season. I'm a homer for my team at times so let me ask you guys a question. Do you see the 49ers making it back to the SB? Keep in mind we beat Seattle 2 weeks ago.
  8. Whatever you posted isn't showing on my tablet lol... what's "gyfa"?
  9. what's up everyone! Firstly I want to say that I come in peace! Just wanted to talk about our upcoming game against your Falcon`s! I for one can't understand what happened from last year's Atlanta team compared to this year's team. Did losing Julio really make that much of a difference? Would love some feedback from you guys as to why your team has underachievied in such a big way. Also has your team continued to fight or do you believe they've thrown in the towel? This is a big game as a 49ers fan in many ways. This will be the last ever home game at candlestick park which will give our players a lot to play for besides playoff implications. I'm just curious if you guys see any advantages you can exploit against my 9ers. Any matchups you guys like? Is there any young up and comers on your squad I should keep an eye out on? Hopefully it's a good entertaining game in which no injuries occur! Good luck! Score prediction 34-17 49ers
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