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  1. Sean Bunting, David Long, or Corey Ballentine will be a Falcon. Maybe Trayvon Mullen. But one of the first 3 have a strong possibility of being in the red and black.
  2. Check out @JReidNFL’s Tweet:
  3. Check out @Rotoworld_Draft’s Tweet:
  4. I'm starting to really like this dude. Has the size and speed DQ likes.
  5. I would put him at CB. Check out @JimNagy_SB’s Tweet:
  6. Check out @BenFennell_NFL’s Tweet: Check out @BenFennell_NFL’s Tweet:
  7. I believe we are drafting him. But it's gotta be 3rd rd, because he's next after the top 3. And they all should be gone after the 2nd rd.
  8. I think you have to get Gaillard 3rd Rd.
  9. I think corner will be in the 3-4 rd. I don't like any of the so called top corners. The 3 I really like are Sean Bunting, David Long, and Corey Ballentine. Bunting and Long could possibly go rd 2. But we definitely can get Ballentine rd 3.
  10. Check out @BenFennell_NFL’s Tweet: Long is lock down!!
  11. I have been on the David Long train for a long time. Even before the combine. He is my favorite CB in the draft. I think he might go round 2 now. Dude is a beast. I also like Ballentine and Bunting. Check out @PFF_Mike’s Tweet:
  12. This is the high pick (2nd Rd) I want to compete with Sambrailo.
  13. Check out @CMU_Football’s Tweet: I think Bunting is gonna go rd 2. His stock is rising fast.
  14. Check out @fduffy3’s Tweet:
  15. I was thinking the same thing. If we don't go OL I think it's either Wilkins or Lawrence.
  16. Check out @JosinaAnderson’s Tweet:
  17. Deonte Roberts, a sleeper at the linebacker position, measured 6011 and 230 pounds, completed 17 reps on the bench and touched 33.5 inches in the vertical jump. His best 40 mark came in at 4.64 seconds and his three-cone timed 7.06 seconds. Roberts met with the Atlanta Falcons and San Francisco 49ers. http://draftanalyst.com/pro-day-report-–-rutgers
  18. DQ said they see him as having starting ability. That's not saying that he is definitely the starter. I believe we still draft a tackle high to compete with him.
  19. Check out @MaioccoNBCS’s Tweet:
  20. Check out @JasonLaCanfora’s Tweet:
  21. Check out @jeffzrebiec’s Tweet:
  22. I can see Corey Ballentine in the draft. ST guy to start out, but can compete later for a CB spot.
  23. With Carpenter, Brown, and Sambrailo it's not about the contract that makes them the starter. I heard a former player say yesterday that it still could be competition for these spots. At first he said the same thing you are saying about the money/contracts, but then he changed that tone.