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  1. Yeah you can best believe his son or some up and coming DC will take over. So we won’t have to worry about losing a 70something DC going to be a HC.
  2. He’s worked out at the same place with Matthews. He mentions his short arms which is perfect to plug him at LG with his versatility.
  3. Wes Durham said today that we could possibly draft Sewell and move Matthews to LG.
  4. Why does everybody keep thinking I’m talking about at #4? I keep saying trading back.
  5. My mock draft I had him in a trade back. But who knows with TF. He’s a BPA guy. At any position. Depending on their board. But we really need to start drafting up front first on the OL and DL.
  6. Somebody is thinking just like me with my favorite OLineman in the draft. Falcons Rashawn Slater OT, Northwestern Okay, everybody calm down. Here’s what I’ve got. I’ve got Daniel Jeremiah, who’s a great barometer for the league, ranking Slater above Penei Sewell. I’ve got Lance Zierlein, another league barometer, agreeing with him. I’ve got Matt Miller, who’s always well-sourced, saying multiple scouting directors and area scouts prefer Slater to Sewell. So I’m thinking there’s a good chance that Slater goes ahead of Sewell come draft day. That’s no
  7. Regarding Fontenot, it’s notable (and laudable) that the Falcons did not let the fact that hiring Fontenot would result in Atlanta handing extra third-round picks to their arch-rivals in the next two drafts. (A 2020 NFL rule, in an effort to stimulate minority hiring, rewards teams with two late third-round picks for developing minority coaches and GMs.) Two reasons: Fontenot was a candidate for several jobs, and he could easily have been hired elsewhere, meaning the Saints would have gotten the picks anyway. And if you don’t hire a GM you love because you don’t want to give a rival the 100th
  8. The Saints have definitely drafted a lot of O Linemen in the first round. The Titans have drafted a few early as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if Fontenot and Smitty go OL early.
  9. Please nooooo. Especially Wash. Might be able to deal with Gray
  10. Ok my brother, but if Smitty has to check with his DC first, then we really got a weak HC. As Blank said, I would hate to see him report to McKay. I’m just throwing out some names. It ain’t that serious.
  11. The DC doesn’t make the hires, the HC does. It’s not about who the DC is connected to. So AS has to see who his DC is connected to and feels comfortable with? C’mon man
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