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  1. John Johnson or Tre Boston and Lawson or Houston
  2. No Syracuse fan should be surprised by Trill Williams’ declaration for the 2021 NFL Draft. Over the past three seasons, most of the draft hype surrounded All-American safety Andre Cisco while Williams served as a lockdown corner and safety in the shadows. That doesn’t mean Williams didn’t make any noise. The Yonkers, NY native logged 4 interceptions on the Hill and returned three for touchdowns. However, the most impressive part of Williams’ game was the lack of targets. He often eliminated the top receiver, which will always turn NFL heads. https://orangefizz.net/2020/11/evaluating-tril
  3. https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/2021-nfl-draft-scouting-report--cb-trill-williams this says man or zone and any scheme
  4. Mid round pick. Very physical and versatile. Runs in the 4.3’s
  5. I say 8-9. Still get a top 10 pick and I want to start in the trenches with LG and get Slater. My second pick is definitely Williams. After Williams I would go DL with McNeill. I want to finally start up front with both lines. Hopefully in FA we can get a FS and a pass rusher.
  6. I’d rather have Robinson on the other side of Terrell and somebody else in the slot.
  7. Realistically I want either Williams, Sermon, Hill, or Jefferson in that order.
  8. I’ve come to this conclusion. It’s either Sewell or Chase. If not one of them it’s a trade down for Slater.
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