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  1. CB Isaiah Oliver He's only a junior but dude can really play. If we needed CB help I would love to have him. Another long CB.
  2. Check out @RobRang’s Tweet:
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  4. Yeah I been liking Watts since last year before he got hurt. He's a baller. But I think we go DL or OL with the first pick. I also believe Kazee might be our future FS.
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  6. Neasman is just fine as our SS backup
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  9. Colts claimed Desir. Per Schefter Check out @AdamSchefters Tweet:
  10. Browns claimed five players on waivers: WR Reggie Davis, DB Michael Jordan, NT TY McGill, WR Kasen Williams, QB Josh Woodrum. Per Schefter
  11. Goodwin did not have a good preseason. He looks like he has regressed from last year.
  12. Spot on
  13. Rico is a student of the game and knows the defense, but he's still not a true playmaker. The way DQ always preaches about the ball, I think Kazee or maybe another draft pick next draft will be at FS. Also DQ seems to love to pair guys together from the same school. A guy I could see in the draft at FS to compete with Kazee or maybe Rico is Adarius Pickett from UCLA. Has that CT DQ talks about and versatility. And he has that connection with Takk. I would look out for him. Fast forward to the 2:36 mark on the first video.
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