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  1. What if we draft his brother Alec and have an OL of Matthews, Henny, Alec, Chris, and McGary.
  2. I think he can play FS and SS. But with the signing of Bucannon we don’t have to move Neal to LB. He’s not a thumper like Neal so I think he eventually takes over for Allen. If we go with 3 safeties we will have 2 ball hawks in Hawkins and Kazee, and Neal as the thumper.
  3. Everybody is talking about how good he played last year and he could possibly make that leap this year. I know he has to actually go out and prove it on the field, but listening to Whitt and Schiano (his former coach at Ohio St) they say the same thing that connects to Sheffield. Watch these 2 videos. Starting at about the 7 second mark. At about the 1:02 mark
  4. My biggest concerns are Fowler and Terrell. I think Fowler is good but really not that much better than VB. IMO Terrell was a reach. If they just wanted a tall long CB at 16 I would’ve taken Johnson. I think DQ and TD get caught up too much on speed. Yeah he’s faster than Johnson, but Johnson can also play different schemes as well. Oliver and Johnson ran the same time (4.50) at the combine. Hopefully Whitt can get the best out of him.
  5. If we could get 2 vets for a good deal I would have to go with a pass rusher and a CB. If they continue with former 1st rounders I like Matthews, Talib, and Ogletree. Talib played for Morris in TB. Another obvious vet would be Tramon Williams. I would be happy with either of them.
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