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  1. Adarius Pickett Also played RB... DQ loves versatility.
  2. Michael Gallup.....yes sirr
  3. Florida redshirt senior S Marcell Harris will miss the 2017 season after tearing his achilles on Wednesday. Harris was expected to take the next step for the Gators, following in the footsteps of Keanu Neal and Marcus Maye. Harris was participating in team run activities before injuring his right achilles. The back half will continue to be reshuffled for the Gators, an area of the team that has been a strength for years. Source: Gators FB on Twitter Jul 20 - 11:25 AM
  4. Washington and Pettis also look good... especially Pettis because he looks like he is also willing to block.. Roddy was also a good blocker.
  5. One of the plays that convinced the Falcons that Takk was their man came against Colorado. Takk took off from the left side and shoved aside a cut-block attempt. He hit quarterback Sefo Liufau as he threw. The ball landed in the hands of UCLA linebacker Jayon Brown, who took off running. Then Takk got up off the ground and sprinted about 30 yards downfield to spring Brown with a block on the back end of a 49-yard return. "He has amazing pursuit and passion," Coach Angus says. "He never gives up on a play." Saints coach Sean Payton says Takk had the best motor of all the pass-rushers who were in this year's draft. Falcons coach Dan Quinn says his team gave Takk one of the highest "CT" (competitive toughness) grades in the draft. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2721727
  6. IU football WR Simmie Cobbs arrested in Hamilton County http://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2017/07/16/iu-football-wr-simmie-cobbs-arrested-hamilton-county/482933001/
  7. I'm liking Simmie Cobbs... good pick
  8. Daylon Mack gets off the ball fast for a big man too. Also in 2012 when DQ was at FL they were trying to recruit him. Right now Payne and Mack are at the top of my list.
  9. Listed at 6-195, but I think he's 5-11 195
  10. He only visited 2 teams before the draft, us and Philly. He met with Manuel on his visit and said that Manuel called him right after the draft and told him we would be signing him. We also will try him out all over the secondary including safety. So we will have Reynolds, Rico, Kazee, and Poole at the FS spot.
  11. FS Sean Chandler Temple
  12. Matt Miller said watch out for this dude... but we have our SS already.
  13. Not Dollar?