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  1. I just posted a thread in draft/FA about LB'er Mack Wilson and how I'm not sold on Riley. I'll just say it, I think he's a bust. LB'er is my biggest concern on defense.
  2. Idk about y'all but I'm not sold on Riley. I wasn't a fan of his coming out of college. Just never saw him making plays. I would love to draft Wilson if we could.
  3. I truly would like to see trufant in the slot and Alford and Oliver outside.
  4. I'm also looking forward to seeing what JT does. He might turn into a good backup plan. Also at FS I wanna see Marcelis Branch. They are my 2 PS guys to watch.
  5. Beasley was not an experiment, he had to move b/c of injury. McClain was just not a fit in WAS. The jury is still out on Riley.
  6. Skip to the 1:49 mark.
  7. Check out @Damontaekazee’s Tweet:
  8. I'll take White or Wilson. We are looking good up front and in the secondary. Add one more piece to the LB group. Unless Riley steps up. We shall see.
  9. Devin White is a beast. And we love LSU players. Especially ones recruited by Frank Wilson.
  10. DT Dre'mont Jones Devin White
  11. I was on him back in September. Also Senat.
  12. Personally I think Alford is a better CB than Tru. We know that he can play outside and the slot, but I would rather have Alford outside with Oliver and put Tru at NB. Imo Tru is really not a press CB like Alford is. Ideally you like for your outside corners to get up and press, which is what Oliver and Alford can do. So I think Tru should move to NB. I know he would be a high paid NB, but NB is considered to be a starter.
  13. Matty Ice gets his big contract. Minnesota couldn't host the SB in their home stadium, but we do in 2018-2019 against Tom Brady and NE. We dominate and seal the deal this time to become the first team to host and win a SB on their home turf.