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  1. Because of the connection to the coaching staff I see Jabaal Sheard. The connection to TF is Alex Okafor. I’ll throw in Justin Houston.
  2. I really think Moreau is our CB2 opposite AJ, and we have enough slot CB’s. If we sign a vet CB it might be somebody that could play outside. If we had the money I personally would like Bashaud Breeland with Moreau in the slot.
  3. Jonathon Cooper, Tay Gowan, Khalil Herbert, Chris Rumph, Elijah Mitchell
  4. I’m hoping for Adebo, but I can see Gowan getting back with Grant. Or maybe Perkins or Meinerz.
  5. First of all DEN is as far back as I would go. But the key is which QB are the 49ers taking. If they take Lance then DEN would probably move up for Fields. But if they take Fields it’s probably a wrap for trying to move back because DEN could stay at 9 and get Lance or Jones. I would take Horn all day long at 9. We need his attitude and toughness back there. And plus the best TE in the draft said he was his toughest CB. If a CB is mentioned in the same sentence as Ramsey and Talib I gotta have him.
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