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  1. Thanks. Either him or Billy Price in rd 1.
  2. I'm really liking Taven Bryan 1st rd. Especially since Wilkins is returning and Vea and Payne are probably off the board.
  3. These are just highlights, but to give you an idea.
  4. Check out @ClemsonFB’s Tweet:
  5. 1. DT Taven Bryan 6-3 291 I don't think Payne, Vea, or Wilkins will be there. Haven't heard if Wilkins has even declared yet as of 2:40 EST. Has until 4. But Taven is good against the run and I see Hurst as more like Jarrett. 2. OT Brian O'Neill 6-5 305 Very versatile and athletic. Can move inside to guard. 3. CB Kameron Kelly 6-1 200 I don't like Poole. He can't cover anybody and is only a good tackler. Kelly does both and is bigger. Another option here is Devron Davis 6-2 210(remember that name) 4. WR Steve Ishmael 6-2 209 Gabriel might not be back and Ishmael catches almost everything. He's physical and wins a lot of 50-50 balls. 6. RB Justin Crawford 5-11 200 7. ILB Kenny Young 6-1 235 SN: I thought about Billy Price in the 1st and RJ McIntosh 2nd.
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  7. Tremon Smith Check out @_Tre_Smith_’s Tweet: Devron Davis Check out @BKvisionary’s Tweet:
  8. Kameron Kelly, DB, San Diego State With the build of a safety (6'2", 200 lbs) and experience at every spot in the secondary, Kameron Kelly has the versatility to be a matchup player in NFL secondaries. Teams running the Seattle-style defense (Jacksonville, Atlanta, San Francisco) should be all over Kelly given his ability to play outside cornerback at 6'2" and with the length to jam up receivers at the line of scrimmage. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2753645-scouting-notebook-who-are-the-biggest-early-2018-nfl-draft-sleepers?share=twitter
  9. I think the further we go in the playoffs we might not have a shot at Vea, Payne, or Wilkins. I'm starting to look more at Taven Bryan.
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