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  1. Yep. But like somebody else said above, this might just be because he’s available to talk to now. And probably the Rooney rule.
  2. I know but I wasn’t speaking on the coaches, just the potential GM’s
  3. Because McKay likes to rely on past relationships which is why he brought back Webster and Emery. All of these guys have worked with people that McKay knows. Webster, Emery, Pioli, Ray Farmer, Lionel Vital, Jason Licht. So I think he will get their input on them and also they are the hot names for interviews and they have a lot of scouting/personnel experience. I would love to interview Hortiz as well.
  4. Borgonzi (KC) Dodds (Indy) Adam Peters (49ers) George Paton (MN) John Spytek (TB) Scott Fitterer (SEA)
  5. Tony Pauline said EB will probably hire an allstar staff of coaches and not necessarily people he’s connected to.
  6. GM:Jon Salge/HC: Smith GM: Ryan Cowden/HC: Smith GM: Rex Hogan/HC: Sirianni/Eberflus
  7. They are good matches tho for real. Another name to look out for as GM is John Spytek. He could pair with Daboll, Eberflus, Martindale, Bieniemy, or Sirianni.
  8. I’ll take either of the two. But my top choice is Borgonzi with Smith/Sirianni.
  9. Some say that Adam Peters is running the show and not Lynch. Idk. Peters with McDaniel could be a match. He’s also connected to Daboll, Martindale, Kubiak, and even Dennis Allen of the Saints.
  10. McKay will rely on Webster for the search. And I’m guessing Emery as well. With that said here are the GM/HC matches. George Paton: Eric Bieniemy Morocco Brown: McDaniel, Sirianni Dodds: Smith, Eberflus, Sirianni Borgonzi: Sirianni, Bieniemy, Daboll, Smith Lake Dawson: Smith, Daboll I still believe it will either be Dodds or Borgonzi. Like 1a/b. Paton would be 2.
  11. Louis Riddick would pair with Nick Sirianni or Greg Roman. Sirianni OC: James Urban DC: Mike Zimmer (if fired) Roman OC: Urban DC: ?
  12. Put him next to Foye and Jones.
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