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  1. You guys seem to forget that Adrian Peterson fumbled the ball more than most HBs on the field. He will get right.
  2. Excited about him he is my cousin Jessie Tuggles son
  3. First of all he can tackle then look at this Safety Dezmen Southward had an outstanding performance in physical testing at Wisconsin’s pro day today, but whether that will move him up much in the NFL draft is another matter. Southward has good size for a safety – last month at the NFL scouting combine he measured at 6-0 1/8 and 211 pounds – and ran and jumped better than any of the safeties who participated in the physical testing at the combine. Southward didn't work out at the combine because of an injury concern. Tony Pauline of walterfootball.com said Southward ran the 40 in 4.37 seconds, and a source who had been apprised of the results confirmed that time and said Southward had a 42-inch vertical jump. Comparing Southward’s 40 time to players who ran at the scouting combine can be problematic because pro day workouts usually yield faster times for two reasons: the FieldTurf running surface at the combine is a little slower than many of the surfaces players run on for pro days, and the combine is timed electronically, which also usually yields slightly slower times than hand timing. The man is a baller and would have moved up the board if was at the combine. You guys just hate when you dont know a name. Guy is fast can play on corners and tackle better than decoud already
  4. Holmes did screw up when he got lost and ran right into Sjax
  5. Yeah i fish at this nice PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL down the street too
  6. 55 tackles, including 13.5 tackles for loss and 9.0 sacks in 2011 got doubled in 2012 and hurt he is good
  7. You must have never been to the strip club....
  8. and you have proven you have no insight in life.....
  9. Its his personal opinion and he does have his freedom of speech. I disagree with the whole gay community but that's my opinion. Do i hate them.....no I have friends that are gay and we discuss this all the time. People think that because someone gets a little fame that they should be robbed from their freedom of speech. SMH We are all entitled to our opinion.
  10. PFT has Grimes rated the 2nd best CB in the league. He is a dang good corner that gets underappreciated because our fans like to criticize every mistake our guys make. Hall of Fame guys made mistakes too. Deion is considered one of the best CBs ever but yet he was bad at tackling. People dont know talent when they see it here in Atlanta. Its a shame the way we treat out guys. The way the league is now every corner gets beat but Grimes does **** i only see great CBs do PERIOD.
  11. Hated the Thug threads ugh please dont tell the noobs about it
  12. Miko is actually a really cool person. Met her in person at the dome even been to one of her basketball games. People just attack her on twitter but she is really cool. People attack her but they dont understand she isnt under some contract that will be on NFLN if she attacks back. So she comes back at you as she should...
  13. you forgot the link http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/dc-sports-bog/post/laron-landry-is-looking-quite-large/2012/02/23/gIQALf0YVR_blog.html
  14. I hate the moronic posters here. I love the great fans that know what they are talking about but the reason I stopped posting here are because morons trolling that have no football common sense. Grimes is rated the top CB in FA, He is a top teir CB, He was in ZONE on the Calvin TD thats why he bit for inside run or pass because Decoud was supposed to be up top in zone. People come here trolling and have no idea what they are talking about. Makes it just terrible for true fans to see this nonsense. Grimes needs to stay and is a great player for this team. He is also a top 10 CB in the league IMO top 5
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