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  1. You guys seem to forget that Adrian Peterson fumbled the ball more than most HBs on the field. He will get right.
  2. Excited about him he is my cousin Jessie Tuggles son
  3. First of all he can tackle then look at this Safety Dezmen Southward had an outstanding performance in physical testing at Wisconsin’s pro day today, but whether that will move him up much in the NFL draft is another matter. Southward has good size for a safety – last month at the NFL scouting combine he measured at 6-0 1/8 and 211 pounds – and ran and jumped better than any of the safeties who participated in the physical testing at the combine. Southward didn't work out at the combine because of an injury concern. Tony Pauline of walterfootball.com said Southward ran the 40 in 4.37 seconds,
  4. Holmes did screw up when he got lost and ran right into Sjax
  5. Yeah i fish at this nice PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL down the street too
  6. 55 tackles, including 13.5 tackles for loss and 9.0 sacks in 2011 got doubled in 2012 and hurt he is good
  7. You must have never been to the strip club....
  8. and you have proven you have no insight in life.....
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