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  1. Ok I just saw that the Eagles signed Noel Devine......I guess he wont be a Falcon
  2. what suprised me the most was that we are at the bottom of the league when it comes to 20+ yds passing...wow that shows you that besides White we dont have anybody that can spread the field. Also Rodgers team is built better to play in Domes than the Falcons and it showed yesturday. I guarantee you that if they would of played the bears at chicago it would of been a different story.
  3. Falcons need a change of pace RB that can catch the ball on 3rd downs, and some WR with speed jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. well we have 3 ( I didnt include Ryan) Gonzo is not a playmaker anymore he more of a security blanket., he can still beat you but he is not that go to guy he use to be.
  5. LEts face it our offense is not that explosive, we have 2 playmakers. SO YES I AM CONCERNED ON OUR DECLINING OFFENSIVE NUMBERS...this is not the time to all of a sudden lose our running game, cant find a passing game....etc.....cause it doesnt matter how good our defense is getting if we cant score more points than the othe team we are not going to last very long in the playoffs....
  6. I mean the 3 best things we do , we didnt do on monday and thats why we lost.... Fumbled lost TOP Couldnt run the ball....
  7. I feel your pain !!! I was ticked when i saw that......Honestly i have to admit it was the offense that caused us the game the inability to adapt to what the Aints were doing was bad...I was really hoping they came out passing in the game like they did againts the Ravens I knew the Aints were going to concentrate on stoping Turner. I was really praying for a Flee-flicker for the first play of the game, I bet it would of worked even if we didnt complete the pass. It would of put some dought in their heads before they commit too many people at the line... but oh well.....
  8. I really thought we were going to start the game with some passing first, the way Rice destroyed the Aints on the ground, MM should of known they were going to consentrate on stoping the run this week. I was really hoping some play action passes right from the beggining to catch them off guard but that didnt happen and our offense became pretty predictible once they stoped our run. Our offense should of played like we played against the ravens.
  9. THey punted cause we couldnt do **** on offense so Smith figure our D has a better chance of scoring tonight.
  10. If he refers to "success" not winning a Championship OK i can deal with that...but 3 straight winning seasons that sounds like success to me...It blows my mind that a franchise with a history like the aints would think that they are GOD GIFT TO FOOTBALL just cause they finally won a superbowl blows my mind......AINST FANS WHEN YOU BUILD A DYNASTY LIKE THE COLTS,COWBOYS,49ERS,PATRIOTS..THEN COME TALK CRAP...
  11. yea , he is but a 7 round tight end could of done what Kelly has done on his career. Wich is NOTHING!!!!
  12. They felt flat cause Jamal Anderson blew his knee, Reeves traded our 2nd round pick to pick up Reggie kelley ( complete bust) and we lost one of our wideouts (cant remember his name, Martin I believe).
  13. Yea i have to agree, I wouldnt be surprise if the Aints win it all again.
  14. Is funny to me how a sorry franchise like the Saints finally have a couple of good winning seasons and now they think they God's gift to Football....Aints fan do what the Pats have done or the Colts and then talk all the crap you want. Saint Anger I didnt know you played for the Aints...Can i see your trophy?
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