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  1. I've said it a bunch of times, but after the season was over we as an organization realized how piss poor the offensive line was and signed 2 FAs and drafted two 1st round offensive linemen. Quinn even proclaimed that outside of LT and C "wipe it all clean." I understand that ultimately the responsibility lies with the person at the top, but if the entire organization realized we had a lack of talent on the O-line AND Matt was still able to put up MVP numbers, how in god's name did we decide to go out and hire Dirk Koetter? It seems like a move made by Arthur Blank, and honestly, I believe Blank took that into consideration as he pondered firing Quinn this past season. DQ even made a comment that "some inside the building" were asking if maybe they should've just kept Koetter instead of Quinn after the Bucs beat us at home to start the 2016 season. And an extra note, many people were calling for Josh McDaniels to come here as the new HC. The same McDaniels that called a Jet Sweep on 4th&1 in the playoffs after people still hold a grudge that Sark did the same for us.
  2. This completely. By the end of 2015 Peyton could probably throw the ball a max of 20-25 yards. Kubiak made Brock Osweiler look good and ultimately won a Superbowl with that team. To answer the initial question, if we are looking right at post Kyle timeframe, I think Kubiak would've been the best possible hire. Outside of him, I think Sark and Matt Lafleur were probably on equal ground with Sark being the better choice due to his experience actually calling plays. If we had won the SB like we should have, and everything else played out the same, Sark would likely have been here for a 3rd year, and Matt would've put up MVP numbers for the 2nd season in a row.
  3. First, if you want to argue something, learn to spell. Second, the information you are spreading is the same thing you are suggesting that the MSM is doing in the opposite direction for this Malaria drug being ramped up for Coronavirus. I distrust the MSM just as much as you do, I very much promise you that. Basically, every time a bunch of scientists come up with something, there is always 1 or 2 of them who go nuts and go the extreme opposite direction, put together a very shoddy study, and then report it as if it is a fact. I watched your stupid video, they talk about 1 guy whose data was peer-reviewed to be factually sound, but that doesn't mean he looked at all the right information. It's basically the same thing that happened with the Vaccine's cause Autism situation, and now you have things like Measles making a come back because of internet geniuses spreading fake news. Do your own research for once and realize climate change is very real. 11,000 scientists signed onto a peer-reviewed article last October calling Climate Change a global emergency. https://academic.oup.com/bioscience/article/70/1/8/5610806
  4. Does Nasa count as a qualified expert? And if not, who is qualified?
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, please do not take scientific information from a person with a Climate change denial video in their signature.
  6. Also, here is a link to show how the case number is growing on a country by country basis COVID-19 Growth by country. This information is brought to you by IBM, who is partnered with the Government on the issue. Again, putting politics aside here, it's literally a bunch of shouting at people "Hey take this seriously!" and other people are just flat out denying it. Like, even if the numbers are wrong, are you willing to be responsible for passing it on to your wife/children/parents/etc.?
  7. Another point I want to add here, is even if you want to make this political, the President has said that "100,000 deaths would be a very good job." and that the virus will "peak in 2 weeks."
  8. Your own link has now been updated by an extra 300 people. Well done in proving yourself wrong.
  9. Over 350 a day. I know you're out here trying to spread real information to everyone, so just helping where I can.
  10. He did his math from the top on the Year, literally refusing to open the link, or even watch the news to realize the US didn't start seeing cases until the end of February.
  11. It's right there in the link bro. Stop with your opinions and look at the facts. In the past 4 days (and remember, this is getting worse for the next 3 weeks at least) we have had over 300 people die a day as a direct result of COVID-19.
  12. Don't look now, but yes, the US has had the worst response. For 2 seconds take off your own personal politics hat and realize that we were incredibly late to respond, and do not have enough tests to even know what our numbers are. This is despite the fact the World Health Organization (Which yes, they have their own issues by bending over for China) had offered to send us test weeks before we took it seriously.
  13. And you are failing to understand why the usage of worst possible scenario is important in a time where we know so little. Right now the US has had arguably the worst response of any major country. As has been said in previous posts, people are flocking to beaches right now because there is lack of leadership at this time, and we don't have enough test kits to even know what our actual numbers are in the country. The top officials in the country estimate 200,000 people are going to die in the US alone, and that is due to our current testing process. Also, to answer @wartownfalcon's question from earlier about why this is a worse issue than the flu is because of a few main reasons. 1. Is the spreadability of the virus 2. Is the delay of symptoms 3. Is the most important, we do not have the medical items we need to combat this. A co-worker's wife died here in Metro Atlanta this weekend from a stroke because there is a shortage of ventilators (which is currently our most available response to the Coronavirus). Imagine this, Mcdonald's serves millions of Big Mac's in a year right? But if you went to a McDonald's on a random day and order 10k Big Mac's, how would they respond? The system is being overwhelmed by an unexpected threat and unknown threat.
  14. You know what is super frustrating right now, is that a bunch of people with no medical knowledge whatsoever are taking blurbs from unreliable news sources and pushing them out as facts. Here are some facts everyone needs to be clear on: 1. The current WHO estimates of death rate are 3.4% as of March 3rd. This is an estimate to adjust for the delay in response. The real rate is 4.5%. (https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-death-rate/) 2. The number is still going up in terms of both deaths, and reported cases. (https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/peteraldhous/coronavirus-deaths-by-country) 3. The US has had possibly the worst response in regards to testing of any major country (https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/03/24/820981710/fact-check-u-s-testing-still-isnt-close-to-what-south-korea-has-done) Now to step away from hard cold facts, estimates suggest the US has over 500,000 contaminated people right now with less than 70% of them showing any symptoms. So please for the love of god, if you have no idea what you're talking about, shut up and stop giving out fake information that could result in other people getting sick due to your negligence.
  15. That's what the Pats said about Billy B after his stint with the Browns too.