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  1. That's what the Pats said about Billy B after his stint with the Browns too.
  2. You know what's crazy? I left this board because I thought it was getting too toxic, and went over to reddit. Right now over there people are justifying that they can treat these football players like cattle because they have to go through the struggles of turning on a TV on Sunday. I'm back to the Falcons boards baby, somehow yall are the sanest Falcons fans there are.
  3. People were upset that year 1 Sark wasn't Kyle Shanahan year 2. Then when we got year 2 Sark, he proved he is a top Caliber coordinator that was hampered by that offensive line, but quinn cracked under the pressure to make a move, and now we're paying for it.
  4. Probably not a call that many people remember, but in 2008 the Falcons traveled to Philly to play the Eagles. Ahead by only 1 possession late in the 4th qtr, the Eagles had to punt to the Falcons, who were about to get a shot to win the game. Punt goes off and it's relatively short. Harry Douglas comes running towards the ball, but doesn't make it in time before the ball hits the ground. He does a very clear side step and lets the ball continue to roll, but the officials ruled that he touched it, and the Eagles recovered the ball and ran it into the end zone. Replay shows this was no where near close. I don't have the time at work to look up the video, but if anyone wants to find it, we can all relive those memories one more time.
  5. If this turns into something that doesn't pan out, I'm going to be convinced that there is someone in the Falcons building that trolls D-led with false info just to watch him trip over himself. My guess is Pioli.
  6. I'm not sure why I haven't seen this comment yet, but there's a reason a offensive coordinator can call a game as a head coach, but you never see a defensive coordinator do the same. I can't think of a single team today where the head coach calls the defense Did you guys see Sark have to explain to Quinn how he should call the timeouts at the end of the game yesterday? High school coaches know how a clock works, and yet Quinn's solution is to go in the opposite direction. The only way this works out is if we bring in Kubiak, who has the experience as a head coach. If it's some scrub like McCarthy or Bevell, I expect Quinn and TD gone by the end of 2019.
  7. The one thing I love about Sark right now is how humble is has been. Still deflecting credit very similar to Matt Ryan, and taking the blame when things don't go right. That's definitely an underrated component here especially since the two of them will hopefully be working together until Matt retires in the year 2030. Kyle was good, but he is an arrogant dude. That kinda stuff is important.
  8. Has anyone seen R the Great on these boards the past few weeks? Proofs in the pudding, Sark is the real deal.
  9. Mobile sent repeat messages
  10. Mobile sent multiple messages
  11. F bomb Who...WHO? Hoop! Are you f'ing kidding me.
  12. How would you get Reddit ?I'm very tech challanged