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  1. I don't think we have any possibility of replacing Kaleb/adding that high a pick to the OL in the draft. We legit have 0 safeties on this roster right now and until we see the restructures actually happen, the cap isn't in our favor to fill them in FA.
  2. This may sound weird, but as much as I was a fan of Quinn, the more I heard him talk, the more I thought something was off about his broken record mannerisms that he repeated. Arthur seems a bit rough around the edges, but you can see he's giving thought to his approach, and I think that mentality of thinking through every detail will ultimately lead to prolonged success as opposed to a flash in the pan type situation.
  3. The NFL has this issue of hiring the same dudes over and over again for jobs, as if being experienced has anything to do with being good. Brady is as much a risk as any of the other guys, and tbh, a young person may actually know how to operate a game clock better than all these other millionaires who are confused by clocks at the end of games.
  4. With however many billion people there are on the planet, it's tough to know exactly who you want to hire for X job. But when there are 32 of a single position available, the situation becomes a bit different. It's like when a large organization needs to bring in a new CEO. There is a lot more involved with a much smaller pool of candidates.
  5. Everyone is obviously entitled to their own opinions, if you want to post a bunch of stats about this and that, by all means go ahead. I don't think Zach Wilson will be good, and yall can feel free to come correct me if I'm wrong, no skin off my back. If the Falcons take him of course I'd want him to be the best he can. But lets never forget that Mitch Trubisky went before Patrick Mahomes. That one seems like a head scratcher now, but all I can say is if I was an NFL GM, drafting a QB would be something I would not do for as long as I could (ie. Draft other players until you find the
  6. Zach Wilson reminds me of Sam Darnold. Accurate, sure. Arm, yeah. Is there anything special about him? Absolutely not.
  7. I still believe the reason Dirk is here is because Blank/McKay wanted him here. There's a lot of little nuggets over the years that would suggest that to be the case.
  8. The fact this dude is being considered a Top 10 QB is on par with Mitchell Trubisky and Daniel Jones being considered Top 10 QBs. It's a joke is what it is.
  9. I'm not typically in the business of rumors, but word was that he had a little salvia trip and went crazy for a minute and then came back down. If anyone here has ever used the drug, sounds about right based on the small amount of details that came out from the incident.
  10. No it didn't, it comes out in 8 days on November 10th. But I'll allow it because your football takes are solid.
  11. Yes, he did, did you understand what I'm saying though? Mike Smith and or Mike Nolan were the ones who were hands on with him. If a coach tells a GM "this guy is a top 5 player in the NFL" you think the GM doesn't take him? There has to be agreement on the decision.
  12. Joke post? This past Sunday was the first time I've seen us keep the foot on the gas in a long long time. There was 1 incredibly blown coverage through half-*** effort by Isiah Oliver (surprised?), but as soon as their offense scored their second touchdown, our offense went out there and answered with another TD. The big issue that we struggled with in the other blown leads was that offense and defense fall off a cliff together. At least as soon as the defense showed signs of slowing down, the offense showed signs of speeding up this past game. It was 1 game, but if you watche
  13. For sure, I understand your comment now with more context, and that makes sense, certain players are just too dang determined to be held back. With that said, I have despised Mike Nolan's defense as soon as I saw it on display here when he was DC, and it's all starting to show with the Cowboy's defense going from a good-not great defense, to the worst in the league. If I was looking at the Cowboys defense for the first time (not knowing some of the bigger names) I would think there are 11 dudes who should never have made their way into the NFL right there. I guess a coach has to be obno
  14. Vandy, big fan, but my opinion is that you're putting blinders on in this situation. If coaching doesn't matter, why did we fire our coach? If Grady was on the NYG, would he still be Grady Jarrett, or would he be one of the thousands of NFL players who have an average 3-year career in the NFL, put up nothing special, and no other team signs him? If coaching doesn't matter, why is Wes Schwetizer kicking *** in Washington when we all wanted him gone here? Why did Ryan Schrader fall off a cliff skill wise as soon as Kyle left the team? Why do the Patriots seemingly get
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