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  1. Go re-watch the games from last year to this year, our O-line has been miserable in comparison. We barely run the ball to the right.
  2. I don't know what games you're watching, but he's made up for his 2 missed tackles this season with plenty more.
  3. I haven't seen if anyone else has debunked this, but I can tell you as part of a very small cog that went into the MB Stadium, the concession prices are something that was put together by an outside firm that Blank was all about. Theoretically, Atlanta's stadium can't really be replicated elsewhere with some of it's amenities. Long story short, food prices are not only hopefully going to provide fans a better experience, but Blank should make more money in the long run by being able to source the amenities from local Atlanta businesses, pumping money just back into our city, pumping more fans back into the stadium.
  4. I understand such is the life of football, but can we not talk about Matt not playing anymore once we get there? The Man just had his best season as a professional athlete.
  5. Sorry, but I call BS on this. 355lbs at a weight of 185? That's legitimate powerlifting type numbers with a body fat percent below like 2%.
  6. I will continue to inform people who continuously bash Jay Cutler, but the guy has Type 1 Diabetes, disliking his face is a pretty mean thing to say about someone who really change his face.
  7. I'm not sure it has been confirmed up until this video, but Dan Quinn said he was okay with the reporter mentioning that he was the defensive play caller in the Second half of the season. I know it sounds crazy, but that's probably the most exciting part for me. I was wondering if our defense got hot, or they matured, or the schemes changed, etc. While the answer is obviously a little bit of everything, it's a good sign that things didn't just happen by luck, but rather through Quinn's vision.
  8. Hold up hold up, where is Ya_boi_Jay? I was reporting on this back in July and he blasted me for not having a source.
  9. Do you think this is funny? Death isn't funny.
  10. Interesting, I'm located here (boston). All we can really do is smile and say, "yup Brady is the best." It feels like destiny was ripped from out hands. Thankfully I'll have the office to myself from 11 - 1, so hopefully you'll get some peace then too.
  11. Oh yeah, guys if this really offends anyone, I'll take it down. I just think it's a poke, but not a stab, at the pats fan base. Matt Ryan in a bra is on the front page of reddit, I think taking a little heat when there's mutual respect/tension is part of it.
  12. But our president has called out Atlanta again. ^ THIS TWEET IS FAKE, Made up by an over excited fan who thinks he's funnier than he is.
  13. Why is everyone forgetting about Tony Martin?
  14. That's why there's always a crowd of people who've never been to a football game always cheering when we're on offense at the Dome. It drives me nuts, and I fear it's something Atlanta sports are burdened with considering how big of a transplant city it is.