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  1. I like the fact that Raheem didn't give politically correct or dodgy answers. Raheem is gonna have this defense top 5 as the season goes on. He is the least of my worries at the moment.
  2. Maybe the DB's are having to play coverage for to long since the DL can't get any pressure?
  3. For all intensive purposes, the season is over. Quinn's (and possibly Dimitroff's) tenure with the Atlanta Falcons is over, it's only a question of when. When the new head coach takes the reigns in 2020, with his own direction for this team, does he add and subtract a few pieces on the defense, or will he keep only a few of our impact player (Jarrett, Jones, McKinnley)? Will he bring in his own OC, or allow Dirk Koetter to keep his job? Does he attempt to shop Matt Ryan out of Atlanta or does he let him finish out his contract? Or does he take a sledge hammer to the offense only keeping the stars of the offense? Just curious to know the thoughts of other fans on the issue of what happens next season.
  4. On one play, I saw Grady get knocked down but he was facing a double team, Takk beat his man one on one and began chasing the QB to Vic's side of the field, only to see Vic being blocked by his guy with no hope of escaping the block. It was embarrassing to say the least. Opposing teams have no fear of Vic Beasley, no matter what side of the d-line he plays.
  5. No, because fan's should already know that Arthur Blank doesn't fire coaches before the end of the season, no matter how much that coach may deserve it. Just get ready for a long season.
  6. If Quinn gets the axe, I believe a lot of other coaches will get the axe right along with him. Koetter too!
  7. Sink or Swim, Quinn will be here the end of the season. This organization doesn't have it in them to fire a head coach mid season.
  8. Going into this season, I used to think that in order for Quinn to save his job, all he'd have to do is make it to the playoffs and make a good show of things, even if we didn't win it all. After watching these last 3 games, anything less than a Superbowl victory, and Quinn's head will be the first to roll. It's only been 3 games, but I got this gut feeling that the Falcons will be cleaning house at the end of season.
  9. I won't say Oliver is a bad player. I will say has a big ole' bullseye on his back, and opposing QB's are targeting him ALOT!
  10. We traded sound football for toughness and grit. That trade off cost us this game today.
  11. We got Ra'Shede Hageman coming back game 3. Maybe the Falcons renig on the 1 year deal?
  12. Season ending Injuries in key positions including QB. Remember what happened when a few of our key guys went down last season.
  13. We need at least 2 or 3 more seasons to fix the major holes on this team. It's bad
  14. Sarkisan has improved somewhat from last season. But that ain't saying much.
  15. Matt ain't going anywhere with that massive contract, and we can't afford to let Julio walk. Everybody else is expendable. Coaches and GM's included.
  16. Looks like he's been on vacation. I hope that NFL money lasts while he out there having a good time!
  17. Does anyone know what time and channel the Falcons/Chiefs will be on or if it will be televised at all? I'm in Hoosier country but I still need to rep my Birds!
  18. Kazee has been the only bright spot on the team during this game
  19. To get a guy of that caliber in a trade is going to cost us more than what I'd be willing to part ways with
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