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  1. Ditto...and IMO...really a shame for Andrews as I consider him one of the best NFL rb's I have ever seen play the game. Had the size of Earl Cambell with homerun breakaway speed.
  2. I saw one game of Peter's college career.....his senior season game against UGA. He owned the entire UGA oline and the offensive coaching staff..all by himself on a bad Kentucky defense...all game. I was "All-IN" just on that one game. TD and Smith watched every snap of his college career. Picking Peters in the 3rd was a "No Brainer". Peter's strength isn't physical...He was blessed with an abundance of natural born football intelligence. He didn't need much teaching to transition from NCAA to NFL Dline play. He plays smart. At this point, he has more than earned his 3rd round draft position. I'd lay a nice, fat stack he will blossom under Nolan's more complex, dynamic scheme into a pro-bowl level DT.
  3. Me too Jbo. Hawley is being groomed to replace McClure, and IMO, has the potential to be much better than McClure. Johnson will replace him at RG after he heals. Personally...I'm good with that.
  4. I agree. When Mularkey was first hired....how many Steeler fans came here and told us "He's good for developing a young qb, but after the third year, everyone knows how to stop him because he gets predictable." They called it on the money. His playcalling this season was atrocious. There was no flow, there was no rythym. I think there was pressure from the top to be more cough, TD, cough, "explosive"....To try and justify the Julio trade. I also think Mularkey's passing offense..his flexibility in route design...or lack thereof...allowed good teams to memorize our route combos. The saints and giants shut our passing game down because they knew exactly who was doing what. BVG.....I believe Coach Smith was the reason we went to soft zone vanilla defense. Against the Saints, Packers, and Giants the defense came out playing well and mixing up blitzes/coverages untill the slightest thing went wrong, then back with play after play of vanilla. You CANNOT do that and expect to beat good teams/qb's. You have to mix it up and be deceptive. This leads back to Coach Smith. I love Smith. He's the best Falcon coach ever. But he's gonna have to learn you cannot coach scared. You cannot play vanilla all the time. You have to take risks. For example....after that blown 4th and 1 against the saints....Against the giants on that 1st 4th and 1....play action fake fullback in the flat. You KNEW they were keying on Turner. You had them set up. Sean Peyton turned momentum in their SB win with that onside kick. No one had done that before. I'm 45, and that's the flat out ballsiest call I've ever seen any coach make. Sometimes in life and football.....you gotta put your sack on the table.
  5. Just wondering....What is it about Decoud that makes y'all wanna get rid of him? I mean...he's no superstar...but he did lead the team with 4 int's. This with Moore missing half the season, Grimes missing games, and a pass rush that wiffed more sacks than they got when they did get pressure.
  6. All I know is...in big games the defense would come out blitzing...mixing it up and playing well...then would go vanilla. Same as the offense. Like they were coaching scared and/or trying to justify the Julio trade. I put it on HC Smith. For example: Vs. Greenbay With a nice mix of run/pass the offense put up 14 quick points in the first half. The defense was shutting down the pack. After back to back sacks...the defense gave the o back the ball with 5:26 left till half. Score was 14-3. This is time to run the ball...Right? Turner was gashing the pack to this point. The pack was getting the ball starting the 3rd. Nope. 3 straight pass plays. 3 incompletions. Punt. The pack get a FG before half to make it 14-6. Second half...the defense goes vanilla(scared)...the offense stops running the ball and doesn't score again. The falcon defense held the saints to 10 first half points in the first game... The falcon defense was whooping the giants early in the playoff game....after getting a safety and giving the ball back to the offense...the o did jack squat. When he was allowed to...BVG's schemes got free runners to the qb. Now one thing I do blame him for is the high number of whiffs after getting a free runner at the qb....going back to last years playoff loss to the pack. Other than that BVG did a good job. I wouldn't of had a problem keeping him. Mularkey was the one that needed to go.
  7. Don't kid yourself into thinking Peyton hasn't been holding back for us. He's the premier offensive mind in the game right now. There's some formations and route combos they ran last year that they haven't ran yet this year. We will see them. That being said, Smitty and BVG know this offense just as good as the saints.
  8. To those who want to fire Bobo..go ahead..it won't change a thing. Yeah, he's not a good playcaller, but he should've never been doing it in the first place. He's just not qualified. And Richt taking over playcalling isn't gonna help much. We are running his protections, his route combinations, his audibles, his gameplans now. That's the problem. Richt needs to hire a legitimate OC and let him go. Give him your basic scheme and philosophy, then let him go. There's no way Richt can do his job as hc and try to be OC at the same time, and expect to have a chance in heck of beating really good teams. He cannot out scheme and gameplan a team of assistants, no matter how good he is. The days of the supercoach are over. Freeing Richt from the offense will allow him to run the team the right way. And it will improve our predictability.
  9. When I say fear...I don't mean I don't think we can lose, I just don't fear them. I think we match up very well with them head to head and I honestly think we have a good chance of beating them Sunday.
  10. I'd say so. Ryan still needs to get the over throwing bug out of him. He got better since the last game, but he won't get away with much of that against the saints secondary. I know the cards are not the same team without Warner, but that defense isn't bad. Mularkey and Ryan attacked that secondary perfectly. Most don't know this about Mularkey, but Mularkey deserves some of the credit for Ryan's low INT's his first season. Mularkey will hold stuff back until later in the year when the players timing is better, because of the risk in the plays. We are not working with a full playbook yet. More will be brought out against the saints next week. Yeah, it has limitations, but I can understand.
  11. The cardinal front 7 ain't a bad group either. Glad to see the team, but especially the oline, come out and play angry after last week.
  12. To be honest..and I don't mean to sound like I'm talking out my azz because we won big today...I've put a lot of thought and research into this opinion since training camp...but I ain't scared of the saints..at all. Lemme tell ya why. 1. While they are a prolific offense, with some balance in the run game, I believe our defense is optimally built to defend the saints style of offense. With the improvements we made on defense, we will cut down on cheap deep completions, rb's catching the ball out of the backfield and running free, and they will not run the ball on us. Just won't happen. Yes, they will get their passing yards. They will score some points on us. But they will have problems scoring on us from the 10 yard line and closer. If they don't score from the 15 out...they'll be kickin field goals. Historically, teams that make their living passing the ball have issues scoring close to the goalline, which compresses the field making the secondary's job much easier. Now, the saints do execute their short passing game well close to the goalline..but against teams they have run the ball well against. 2. While the saints improved their dline somewhat, they did not improve at LB, and they are not deep at DT. I have all confidence that we will be able to run the ball on them...without a problem. And if the run game is going...Ryan will execute the passing game well. He just needs to watch the int's. IMO..He's gonna throw less int's this year, but all the balls thrown high vs. Pittsburgh had me concerned. He has to correct that, or int's will come by the bushel, especially against the saint secondary. We will have to put up 28+ points to beat them. We have to maintain possession...I believe we can do that. 3. The comedown factor. The saints have been on a streak of all good since the SB. They rolled through the playoffs, the SB, and on into this season with no team challenging them at all...they faced no adversity for a minute. If we go in there and smack em in the mouth early...they will have somewhat of a comedown. How much is in question, as they are a tough, resilient, team that ain't gonna lay down for nothing, but when anyone has gone through a period of good, easy times, a sudden dose of bad, hard times can be difficult to deal with. It's been a while since someone smacked em in the mouth on their home field. 4. Coaches.. I believe that the Coaching battles between Smitty and Peyton, one an offensive guy, the other a defense guy, are undereported and overlooked. These two seem to be at their best when going against one another...both bring their A games and their lunches. If you pay attention, you'll notice that both will install plays and schemes that haven't been seen yet on film when they play. It's a chessmatch between one of the brightest designers of offense in the game, and a solid, experienced, defensive coach who isn't flashy or counted amongst the greats, mainly because he believes that teams that run complex ever changing defensive scheme's are more prone to make mistakes. The saints have been the best offense in the NFC south since Smitty and BVG got here. Therefore, the saints get the most attention from the d coaches. IMO..Smitty and BVG know the saints offense almost as good as Peyton does, and they know how to go about minimizing the saints attack. Last year the defense actually showed flashes of this against the saints. I believe they now have the pieces on defense to attack the saints how they want and need to. And I'm sure they are sick of getting their azzes whipped by Peyton too. 5. Schedule: Even if we lose Sunday, the end of the schedule really isn't pretty for the saints. Mostly road games against playoff teams where weather could be a factor. They finish with: @ Dallas @ Cinci vs. St. Louis @ Baltimore @ Atlanta That's not pretty. A big dose of physical running teams with good defenses. Not the type of team the saints are best at beating. To conclude: While the saints have all the appearance of a juggernaut with their gaudy offense and a defense that led the league in turnovers last season, they do have weaknesses that can be exploited. They are not unbeatable. I believe they are the style of team that we are best built to play against. And while we have proven nothing yet on the field, I am optimistic we can beat them on their field Sunday. I don't fear them..at all.
  13. Note to Lombardi: MB posters are not members of the Falcon Organization.
  14. 5. The blue collar guys are either working, or deer hunting. Bow season just opened up, and deer hunting is huge in Georgia. 6. Many of the locals still have a bad taste in their mouths from the strike. Unions are not very popular around here.
  15. We're about to find out what this team is made of by how they respond to this loss. However... Going against lesser defenses.. The vaunted saints only scored 14..at home. The vaunted cowboys only scored 7.
  16. Go watch the play again. There was a rb..WIDE OPEN...in the middle of the field, with nothing but open air in front of him...on a first down play. Ryan stared White down the whole way. Now..Troy baited him, and he's the best safety I've ever saw play the game, but that INT was on Ryan...period.
  17. Heard that too...wow. Now let's GET SOME!
  18. Speaking of freakin *******... Snip.. By 1840 New Orleans had the largest slave market in the nation, which contributed greatly to its wealth. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Orleans_in_the_Civil_War Snip... Before you go calling people *******..maybe you should take 5 seconds to educate yourself..******.
  19. It's also gonna take time to get the personnel needed to play good run d in the 3-4...a huge NT and bigger ILB's.
  20. Yep... The dawgs better get their safety play improved or Mallet will have a field day.
  21. Thanks...hopefully the injury gods will be kinder to us this year. I sacrificed a pig just in case.
  22. That's what the longhorn fans said. And please...beating that mighty Florida...State at home wasn't all that. Nice win...but it's the acc man.
  23. I heard Paterno got a nice ovation from the bama fans.
  24. I used to think so too...Maybe Smart uses Saban's basic blueprint..but the fact that Smart stayed at Bama over his alma mater, where it would've been all his baby, is rather telling.
  25. I don't see anyone coming close to beating bama in the SEC. They are deep and balanced. Gamecocks? Doubt it. Saban will not allow Lattimore to beat him..Garcia can't. Gators? Not even close. Auburn? See gators. Disclaimer: I am an UGA fan.
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